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Samuel(Sam or sammy) Brother to Bailey, and boyfriend to Diana.

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Chapter 4

Bailey's POV

"So Scott….I didn't know you go to school here." I said. I twirled my hair like crazy, I do that when im extremely nervous or worry. I play with my nails, hair or fidget when im stressed, worried, or very nervous especially when the hottest most greatest gamer guy of all times is taking an interest in me. Me! The girl who is talked about very negatively around the school.

"Well Bailey it's kinda the only school here." He smirks. Oh you stupid! How could I ask that. I frowned at how dumb I can be but what brought a smile to my face is when Scott took a lock of my curly hair into his own hand and complimenting it by saying. "I never noticed how pretty your brown hair is."

"Well I get most of my looks from my mama." I smiled I leaned against the locker standing really close to him, or he got close to me at some point. I pulled my hair away from his grip and asked. "Scott….what happened to me…when you found me and before I woke up in your room."

Scott stared down at me with his silvery gray eyes, having his jaw set tight he answered. "Truth or lie?"

"Truth of course."

He looked away from me with pained eyes as if it hurts him to remember. "I found you naked and beaten. It was disgusting what those bastards did to a pretty girl like you."

"You mean I was-"

"I heard one of my friends talking about it after the night you left my house, when I was at school and you wasn't I heard him tell all his friends all about it….he was there when it happened and sadly bragged to me about it….look Bailey can we not talk about this? I don't want to upset you."

I bit my lip and nodded, understanding what he was getting at. "Thanks for telling me at least that."

"Well no problem." I smiled and sucked up the courage that I had and kissed his cheek. Feeling really jittery inside. I never felt this way towards any man. Is this what love feels like? No it couldn't be. He smiled down at me. Lifted himself from the locker and came in front of me putting his arms on each side of me, caging me in like a bird. I blushed at he leaned down closer. Feeling of familiar pain swelled inside me, knowing he didn't like me in the way I do. He only wanted my body and god that feeling hurt. I pushed him back a little and stared at his confused face. "Don't kiss me."

"Why not? don't you like me?"

I didn't want to answer that cause if u I said yes then he would put thoughts in my head that would lead me to his bedroom later on. I can fall for a guy fast and every time I do it hurts more and more. I bit lip trying to choose between a lie or the truth…..maybe have it neutral? "Bailey? Are you okay?"

I shook my head. "No. Look Scott your great but im not looking for just sex in this and if you are then just go now okay. I never asked for fan boys…." I looked down but dared a glance at him.

Scott widened his eyes and shook his head. "No. no bailey I promise I would never. And I didn't mean to call myself your fan…im kind of you admirer. I like you for you. Your very pretty, beautiful even. You could be on the next playboy."

At that comment my mouth dropped and he said that. "T-that isn't what I meant."

I frowned and shook my head. "Save it. All im good for is porn and sexing guys….just face it that im the schools slut." I couldn't deal with this I grabbed my bag and shoved my away through the walking students and away from him. I found the closest bathroom fast and sat in one of those handicap stalls. I hugged my legs and laid my head in my lap. The tears let out just like a water filled storm cloud. I was the storm cloud releasing my rain drop tears. I should of known if I went along with that dudes lie my rep would be devastated. Truth is…..I never did it with anyone but that guy who did it with me unprotected. And that time hurt like hell. I laid on the bathroom floor looking up at the dark dull ceiling. I closed my eyes and let my tears consumed me, letting my mind get lost in memories that I never wanted to remember again.

"Bailey are you okay?" My mother asked as I was hunched over the toilet at 5 in the morning. I looked up at her and smiled.

"Yeah just not feeling well."

She eyed me in a suspicious way and she was about to leave when my dad came up to her all sleepy eyed. "Bailey why are you up this early? You don't have to be at school till 8."

"She isn't feeling well." my mom answered for me. Oh no I felt another wave of nausea and stuck my head in the toilet. I felt my head being pulled back and thinking it was my mother or father I was surprised to see it was my brother. I wiped my mouth with toilet paper and flushed the toilet. "Sammy? Why are you up?"

"Mom woke me to stay with you. She and dad are going to run to the store to get you some meds. what's wrong with you? You been like this for 2 weeks now." Its true. Two weeks of sickness and hiding it from my parents and hoping my brother but he found out in half a week.

"I don't know what's wrong with me Sammy. I feel so sick and I don't want to do anything…."

"We should take you to-"

"No. No. no freakin doctors."

"I was going to say uncle Aiden."

"Definitely not! Do you know how bad that would be! He would tell Aunt Betsy then she will tell mom. Mom will tell dad and then im grounded for the rest of my life."

Sammy rose a brow and stood up. "Just be careful okay. That means no more going around school….doing it."

I laughed and said. "That's a promise I tend to keep."

We both smiled at each other and for some reason I felt better. Sammy just knows how to make me feel special. that's why I adore him being my little snot nose brother. I wouldn't have it in any other way I say!

When I got to school I saw kids running towards the court yard with smiles on their faces. I wondered what was up but didn't bother following. I got to my locker and had my books in my hands when I heard a deep familiar voice come up from behind. "Bailey?"

I turned to see Scott, and he was holding….a bouquet of flowers and not just any flowers but Cherry Blossoms. My favorite kind. I looked up at him, giving him a curious look.

"I didn't get a chance to clear my name of what I said to you two weeks ago."

"Oh forget it." I looked down. Stuffed my books in my bag I slammed my locker and was about to be off to my next class but I was caught by Scott. I stared at him very hard trying to figure him out but wasn't succeeding.

"I wont forget it Bailey. Look I said some stupid things….and you are so much more than just a girl who can have fun in bed….."

I shook my head thinking its just the same old guy trick. Say a few words to make the girl fall for him again, get her in bed then dump her. "You don't think that's true?"

"I know its not. Guys like you don't like girls like me. No guy likes me….its been proven with the boyfriends I dated before."

"Your 14! Way too young to be thinking like that dear. And you don't know me…..I like girls like you. Any guy would be lucky to have you….and…I wanna be that lucky guy." He confessed handing out the flowers.

I blinked at him and took the flowers. "For me?"

"That night when we first talked…you told me you liked these kinda flowers and they were rare to find in the US. So I had my mother bring some back from Japan 2 days ago. I wanted to give them to you but you weren't here."

I blushed really hard and was about to say something but we both were interrupted by my two best friends and cousins Nataile and Summer. They both were panicked at talking at the same time. "Guys!" I shushed them down with my call and smiled apologetically to Scott. I looked back at them and asked. "One at the time….what's your issue."

"Your brother is taped to the flag pole!" Summer yelled.

"In his boxers too!" Natalie added. I dropped my mouth and put the flowers in Scotts hands.

"Hold these." I commanded than ran off with Summer and Natalie but ran back to him to give him a kiss on the cheek and to tell him I'll be right back.

Once I got through the big crowed of people I found myself standing around Benito, Samantha and two of Sammy's friends, laughing their heads off and then there was the Diana chick who I seen Sammy hanging out with like all his life, staring in fear.

I stared up at the pole to see my brother taped all over and had his eyes covered. He was yelling out for help. "Sammy!" I yelled.

"B-Bailey! Help me! Get me down from here."

"Serves you right you brat!" I heard Zack yell, one of Sammy's friends. I stomped over to them and lifted Zack up by his shirt.

"What the hell does that mean!"

"He hurts me I hurt him. That brat should pay."

I gleared into his eyes. I finally dropped him deciding that he isn't worth my problem right now. All I need to do was get Sammy down.

"Summer get some rope that you carry in your locker."

Summer stared at me with a 'did you have to point out me?' look but nodded after Sammy calling for Ben now.

"Im here buddy hold on!" Ben yelled.

"Ben go get the teacher." I turned to Zack and the other kid I forgot his name again and said. "You two little brat will deal with me later."

Zack smirked. "With you baby I would love to deal with you any day… long as I get my 50 bucks worth." I fisted my hand and raised it up making the guy cringe but as I was about to go for it I felt a hand on my arm. I turned my head up so I could snap at the person who was holding me back but that intention cleared when I saw it was Scott. "You handle your brother….I will handle these kids for ya." He gently pulled me out of the way and grabbed both the boys by their collars and walked off with them. I blinked in puzzlement. What the hell just happened?

"Bailey!" I heard Summer and got myself back on track. I grabbed the rope from Summer's hands and to tie it. "What are you going to go?" She asked.

I looked up at the huge tree that stood beside the flag pole and smiled. "Gonna save my baby brother of course." walked up to the tree and tied the rope around my waist and grabbed the tree.

"Wait! Bailey you cant be serious! That tree is high! If you fall then you will-" Natalie said.

"I know Nat but im good at things like this don't worry." Glad I wore pants today cause I wouldn't do this if I was wearing a skirt. Or anything that could earn me as the -I see London I see France I see Bailey's underpants- girl. Not again. I climbed the tree and once on the branch I tied the rope around the branch. Tight. I bit my lip and got to my feet, trying not to look down I balanced one foot in front of the other till I got inches close to where the branch stops, luckily for me the pole was right next to the branch so I carefully stretched my body towards the pole and once I was leaning on it I grabbed some small scissors that I carried with me. Thank god it was trim my hair day or I would have been screwed.

"B-Bailey?" My brother called out again. I knew he was scared. Sammy was always scared when it came to heights, he was one of those boys who tries to act tough but when it comes right down to it….they are little scardy cats. Not saying that my brother is not a risk taker….he can be….when it doesn't involve anything that would make him pee himself….

"Your doing fine little brother. Im getting you down okay."

"B-be careful."

"You got it babe. Im almost done." and I was. Thank god for my sharp scissors.

"C-could you untie the blindfold on my eyes?"

"Uhh Sammy I wouldn't-"

"Please?" I bit my lip and tried to reach over to him, failed by almost falling off the branch so I clung on to the pole for dear life.

"Hold on bro." I sliced the last piece and grabbed his arm. He started to scream bloody murder when he started to fall and I was losing my balanced. I grabbed his other arm fast and pulled him into my arms putting all my strength into it but falling on the way. We both screamed at that point. I thought fast and grabbed onto the branch. I heard Sammy sobbing like hell. I would too if I was in his position. I was gasping for air when I heard a snap. "Uh-oh."


"You don't want to know. Grab onto my neck tight." He did which left me hands free. I used my other hand to grip the rope but I saw it was snapping.

"Oh no!" I heard Sammy exclaimed. I looked down to see his eyes were uncovered and he was looking at the snapping rope. I swallowed and looked down. A fall from this level could kill us. Think fast Deans. I looked around fast to see what I could grab onto. That's when I caught sight on the rope of the flag pole. You know the ropes that you tight to keep the flag up and all. I reached for it as I heard another snap. I missed a few times but once I grabbed it that's when the rope tore completely. We let out screams as we fell. I gripped tighter to the rope even though at the speed we were going that I was getting rope burn. Finally we hit the thing where you tie the rope around to tie it together and fell onto the grass. Hurting I coughed out some grass and glanced over to see my little brother doing the same.

Once on my feet I pulled my brother to his. "Sister your hands they're bleeding."

I stared down than back up. With a smile I hugged him. "Im glad your okay little brother."

He hugged my waist and laid his head on my shoulder. "Thank you…"

I pulled away and smacked him on the back, with a laugh I said. "Anytime little brother."

Before we could walk to the crowed we both got pummeled by our friends.

All in all the day didn't seem bad. Okay not so bad.

Benio's POV

"Pregnant!" Natalie screamed. I was kinda used to surprises so really this didn't surprise me. I knew my mother was sick and know that I knew it was due to pregnancy….I can die a happy man. Not literal.

"Yes pregnant Nat." My mother sighed with a frown. Nat and mom have been at it since the day my sister found her rebellious side. Before my sister could say anything I covered her mouth and smiled at my mom.

"Congrats mom. We cant wait to greet our sibling." I saw my dad was smiling in approval. But of what? Who knows. I smiled and took my sister into the living room. She slapped my hand away. With glares from her eyes she gave me an evil look.


"You just have to be mister perfect don't you?"

"What do you want me to say? Oh im sorry but we don't want a sibling so could you abort it now?"

"That would be a start."

"No way Nat. I know you and mom are in a fight here but you cant be serious. We both aren't putting that on mom so no means no you hear me….tell me you are not going to say anything."

She was silent. "Natalie!"

"Chill out bro im thinking god!"

"No thinking just promise! Mom hasn't been this happy in years not since-"

"She had me. I know." Natalie glared. "Whatever, the more kids they have the less attention I get…which is my style so I don't give on crud about it." She stalked off steamed as ever. If she was telling the truth about not wanting attention then why did she always dress like that, or make trouble….something tells me that she just wants mom to love her like she did with me.

I bet money that's what it is…

Natalie's POV

"Mom hasn't been this happy in years, not since-" My brothers words rang in my head like a annoying alarm. not since she had me….. my thoughts finished his sentence. I laid on my bed thinking of my life now. For 8 years through my life….I couldn't remember one moment that my mother hasn't shown her true smile to me. Sure my mother was happy but that's when Ben or my father is around. When we both sit near each other or alone at the house….she doesn't smile or even look at me. Was something wrong with me? Did she not want me? I always asked myself these questions but never once were they answered. And now that a new kid was coming…..I was sure to be lost in this world and forever alone. My family doesn't get me at all and I cant talk to anyone but my friends. But even they don't get the real me. I sighed, got up from my bed and walked the hall. Lost in thought I sat on the stair step, staring into the dark living room. Why did she have me if she really didn't love me?

"Why am I still here?" I asked myself knowing I wouldn't get my question answered. I looked over my shoulder to see my parents room door closed. I wonder what they are doing…..sleeping duh. I frowned feeling unsettlement inside me. I sighed again and got up I went back to my room and got dressed, looking at time it was 5. They would wake up in an hour, I wonder if they would notice that I would be gone…..probably not. I grabbed my jacket, shoved my books in my bag, grabbed my skates and I was out the door….feeling the cool spring air blowing on my face. I snagged on my skates and rolled around aimlessly staring at the pinkish blue sky. I wish I could be the sky…so I could watch above instead of down here….

That would be better for everyone.

"That was still so cool what you did!" Summer to Bailey. She smiled and laughed. "No big deal."

"Uh major deal. You saved your brother."

Bailey shrugged. "Its what you would do for Winter."

"I would?" Summer asked laughing.

Bailey gave her a look but laughed along. I wasn't really listening to the rest cause honestly I didn't care anymore. I think I know what Summer had felt when her mom was in the hospital, her bother was gone and her father was on the verge of being a drunk but there was one difference. She was saved. Me I don't think I could get save…..ever

"Natalie?" I heard my name being called. I scanned my eyes over them to see they had worried looks on their faces.


"Are you okay?" Bailey asked. I had to lie…..I've done it a million times before so im kinda good at it. Unlike Summer. I smiled and said. "Totally! Just zoned out is all"

Summer wasn't convinced but Bailey was. "Anyways Summer I was saying-"

I decided to tone out the rest but kept looking at them trying to show them that I was listening when my head was somewhere a thousand miles away.

If I died….would anyone care? Would my daddy care? My brother? Would my mama the woman who gave birth to me….care?

Those thoughts made me wonder…some things that I shouldn't be wondering about.

Summer's POV

Natalie is freaking me out a lot. Since two weeks ago she been in a depressing state….and me being me….I know what that's like and its not fun….and with Natalie being…well Nat she could do something that would not end well…for anyone.

Sadly I was right about that theory and feeling. Well I wouldn't say right but visions clouded me everyday when I was around her. Her walking in front of a bus on purpose….or me walking into her room to see her hanging from her fan or her jumping off a building. Anything triggered those visions and it scared me so bad that I stalked her literally. Finally the day she caught me was today.

"Are you trying to annoy me?" She glared. Standing there by the library we talked. I bit my lip and scratched my head.

"Can I see your arms?" I blurted and regretted asking that since she looked at me with eyes of anger.

"Excuse me?"

"Sorry….im just worried Nat. you haven't been yourself…. And im worried that-"

"I would cry and cut myself like you did? Sorry im not like that." ignoring her bitchy-ness I smiled and nodded.

"Natalie…tell me why have you been down. Please."


"Cause I care."

"Well don't. Your better off not caring about a waste of space like me….so stop following me." She said, shoved me out of the way she walked off. This was very serious…..

Serious enough that if it continued….Natalie would end up going suicide…. I gasped at the thought and made my way to her brother so I could tell him just what his little sister thinks of herself.

She maybe mad but im doing this cause I love her…

And I wont sit back to let her die….she saved my life….so now im by her till the end.

"Ben!" I called out and with his look made me run right up to him, I felt tears streaming my face…

I cant loose her…

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