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(Joint= Cigarette. I know I know its not the real thing but I like joint better than cig. They are just smoking cigs not pot.)



Chapter 8

Racer's POV

She has black long hair. Braces that can be blinding along with that smile. Her eyes green and beautiful, hidden beneath those glasses. People may call her a freak for what she was but I….think its cool. How she wears nothing but skirts and dresses, big coats, her hair always free. She was beautiful compared to the other chicks in this school. You could call her the classy gal around. I call her the most respectful girl around.

Summer Andrews. The nerd of our high school but the star of my world.

Trouble is im not committed. So I don't want to go for her because I know I will let my guy hormones take me over. Knowing me and my 16 year old brain will do something to hurt her.

"Dude you should go for her."

I looked at my buddy Chris, who was smoking a joint. "Who?" I asked, taking a joint from his hand and smoking it myself.

"That Andrews chick. She would make a great banging gal."

"She's 13 and I don't think she would be interested." I excused hoping that would get him off my back. "Besides I have Jessica."

"Who cheated on you with 9 different dudes. You need a good girl."

"So I can fuck her up like I did me? No thanks."

Chris shook his head and sighed, smoke coming out of his mouth filled the cold air.

I smoked too and sighed. "Plus im a stoner. I think she wouldn't like me if she sees me like this."

"I don't know about that." He smirked and jerked his head towards me? I was confused for a second but once turned around I saw Summer standing there with a smile. I immediately gave the joint to Chris as she walked right up to us.

"What are you guys up to?" She said shyly. Chris's arm circled around her neck and his face got close to hers.

"Just smoking baby. You want some?" She looked a bit scared.

I reached for the joint he was holding in front of her but she grabbed it before I could reach it.

"Summer don't-"

"No way…." She smiled and gave me a look. "I need a new image anyways." Before I could stop her she stuck it in her mouth and smoked it. She made an upturn face and coughed.

"Ah a newbe I see." Chris laughed. I watched her smoke it again till we heard someone call her. When I looked over, I saw a tall girl along with a man that's my age. The girl walked over to Summer with a furious look. Summer smiled. "Hey Bailey!"

"Are you smoking a joint!"

Summer nodded. Bailey grabbed the joint from her hand, crushed it. She grabbed Summer's arm and glared at me. "You come near this innocent girl again I'll cut you. You hear!"

"Calm down chick. She came to us!"

Bailey looked at Chris and snarled. "You look worse than he does. Get new images than just stoners. You pot heads! Come near my baby sister again and I will cut you both." Bailey pulled Summer away and left the unknown man speechless. He smiled at us, tipped his hat than followed Bailey.

I gave Chris a look and sighed. "Thanks dude you got me in trouble with her sister."

"That aint her sister. Its probably an over barring friend." I grabbed my bag and nodded. Made my way to my girlfriend.

That isn't Summer.

Summer's POV

I stood at my locker being lectured by my friend. Bailey can act just like her mother. Bossy and over protective, but mostly she acts sweet and great. But that's when she isn't pissed off. Its scary to see her mad but im not really looking at her. Im looking at the coolest guy I have ever stared at Racer, so what if he was a smoker. I'd be one too if I had to put up with Jessica's butt.

"-Summer are you listening to me!" I felt a thunk on my head, making me turn my eyes on her.


Bailey growled a frustrated one. Scott beside her trying to calm her down. It was one joint…..gosh. "You need to start focusing on your school work."

"And you need to stop treating me like im a kid or your baby sister or your kid. If you wanna have a kid so much then do so but im not being yours."


"Just stop acting like my mother will you! Your not my mom." I grabbed my bag that sat on the ground and made my way from her and over to Racer. When he saw me he stopped what he was doing and smiled. "Hey Summer."

I smiled. "Hi. Look im sorry about earlier. My friend just wants the best for me…"

"Understandable. I myself didn't like you smoking." When Chris rounded the corner he stopped beside Racer.

"Hey Summer you wanna come to a party with Racer?"

With the look Racer is giving him I would think he didn't want me to go….with him. Why would he? There are tons of cuties in this school….I shook those thoughts off and smiled. "Totally."

"Summer you-"

"Can be ready." I smiled at him. He smiled back.

"I'll pick you up at 8."

I nodded than left him to his ways. It was just a party and we weren't going out-out on a date or anything so its all grand.

"No!" Both my parents said at the same time. I sat on the couch looking up at their stern faces.

"But mama I already told him yes!"

"No daughter of mine will be going to any parties…..especially in that."

She pointed to my outfit. So what it showed a bit of my body off.

"And your way to young."


"No Summer. I am not letting my baby go near hollagans." My dad said. I sighed frustrated. I glared up at them. Stood up from where I sat and said. "Fine I'll be your stupid baby forever and never have fun because I have jerks for parents!" I stormed off upstairs and ignoring their calls. I slammed my door hard to make sure they know I was pissed off. I sat on my bed. Sighing I took some time to think….

With a sly smile I knew what I had to do….

Sneaking out.

Once at the party I took a few bit to get used to the atmosphere. I lost Racer in the crowed after we got there. It was scary but when I met Greg I felt okay. He offered me a bit of punch. It was all grand. Till I felt sick and woozy. He escorted me to a place where I can lay down at. It happened to be on a bed. I don't remember much but I do remember someone taking off my clothes, skimming me all over. I heard voices, saw blurred faces.

Than when I saw Racer….it was all okay.

Bailey's POV

"Can you shut up already!" I looked at Scott who seemed to be now pissed off. I havent seen him like this at all and boy he looked scary. I frowned at him. I got up from the lunch table and said. "Sorry for worrying. Next time let someone else fix your own shit!"

I stalked off, throwing my trash away and pushing out the doors. I got to the music room. Quiet and a place where I can cry…. I sat in the chair on the first row of where the chairs sat in each row, for the band and choir kids.

I laid my chin in my hands, leaning my elbows on my thighs thinking back to where it all started.

From his father. I been hounding Scott to leave his father, to do something….about his abuse but I guess it got crazy and he finally snapped.

Way to go Bailey. I held my face to let out familiar tears. This is all my fault I told myself.

"Bailey…" I heard a male voice. I looked up to see Dean. The first boy I had sex with. Oh god. I wiped my eyes, got up and gave him a long look.

He kept looking at me with strange hungry eyes.

"Hello Dean." I sighed. I walked down to the center of the room.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I was passing through but saw you in here and I thought we could talk."

I didn't move an inch when he stirred toward me or when he wrapped his arm around me. "Get your hand off me. I have a boyfriend…."

"You mean that Scott fag? Come on Bailey he doesn't love you…I mean who would…..other than me." I kept my eyes on him but for that moment of blinking he made his moved. His lips were all over mine. Shocked for a long moment but in the corner of my eye I saw Scott looking in, he was even more mad. I watched him stalk off and knew it was going down hill for me. I pushed Dean off and smacked him across the face. "You ever touch me again than I will cut you Dean. don't make me!" I ran out the door leaving Dean behind. When I got to Scott he was talking to his ex? Really? Scott is mine! My brain declared I came over shoving miss thing out of the way and getting in front of him. "I need to talk to you."

"Don't you need to be kissing other guys or something? Im not in the mood to talk to your butt right now."

When he started to turn away I got back in front of him and slammed him against the lockers. "Your not in the mood to talk fine. Then listen. You ever say that to me again I will smack you across the face like I did to Dean! And you know you shouldn't assume shit. He kissed me I was taken by surprised."

"Yeah right. I know your type."

Okay now he was pissing me off. I slapped him right there. "Go screw yourself Scott Derby. I only slept with one guy! And you know what im not a fuckin slut so if you think that then your just as low as they are!"

"Can I go now?"

I tightened my jaw. Let him go, ripped off the necklace he gave me and threw it at him. "You are just like the others…..full of bull crap." I staled off, holding my face feeling the pain coming up each step I take. God this hurt. God im so stupid.

When I got home and into my room I finally let it all out. The pain and sorrow. How could I be so stupid. How could I have been so blind….

Face it Bailey all guys are the same…..

Mean. cruel. And heartless. With those words in my head…..

I cried….and cried….

Till finally I couldn't cry anymore….

Life sucks.

When morning came I told my parents I was sick and the day after that and the day after that. A week passed by and another week….finally my parents sat me down to talk.

"What's wrong Bailey."

I didn't want to talk about it. It was too painful. The whole remembrance was just too much. So I shook my head. "Just sick." I managed out.

"Sick is three days but two weeks?"

I couldn't do this. Talking about it would bring unwanted memories. I got up from the couch and said. "Im not well. Sorry. I will go to school tomorrow…."

And with that I locked myself in my room. When I glanced at the picture me and Scott took for our month anniversary brought pain in my chest. I hugged my legs while curled up in bed.

And again cried…..

Sammy's POV

I glared at Scott. "Okay Derby you need to tell me what the hell is up with my sister."

"How would I know?"

"Because you're her boyfriend."

"Not anymore kid."

"The name is Sam dumbo. Now you better start talking before I throw punches, because as a brother to my sister I do need to kick your ass if you're the one making her cry at night."

Scott frowned. He leaned his forehead against his locker. "Could you punch me?"


"I deserve it. I made a beautiful girl that rocked my world cry. All because she was trying to help me….even worse I called her something."

"And what the hell is that."

He was silent for a long while. He put his hand over his eyes. Was he going to cry? With a swipe of his hand he stood straight up. And looked at me. "A slut. I said it in so many words but she did get what I was saying. So come on hit me"

I gave him a look. I bit my lip back. "She's coming back to school tomorrow….she better be smiling by the end of tomorrow or your ass is beat. Got it?"

Scott nodded. "I will do whatever I can to make it up to her."

I nodded and stirred off.

Thinking of all those nights hearing my sister cry…..

Made me wanna hit him…..but I will leave that to my sister….

If she wouldn't hit him. I would.

Nobody makes my sister cry and gets away with it.


Scott's POV

"What do you want Scott." I was looking at Bailey, who was dressed in her pajamas and had her hair in low pig tails. She looked so cute. "Its late."

"Could you come with me…. To the nearby park."

She gave me a look, than looked around in her dim lit house than back at me. Her eyes were puffy and red. Her face was all blotchy. Been massively crying. Which breaks my heart that I did that to her.

"I don't know. Its cold and late. Im tired to-"

"Please….for a few bit. That all I beg for and then I'll leave you alone."

She bit her lip and sighed. "Alright." She slipped on a jacked and slip ons than walked outside in the snow. She looked fragil and cold, defeated too. As we walked I took my chance to get closer to her. "Bailey….that day was not my best….and I don't what was wrong with me…."

"Maybe your brain?"

I smiled at that but frown when I saw she wasn't laughing. Why would she? We got to the park, sat down on the bench. I scooted closer to her and grabbed her hand. "Bailey I didn't mean what I did or said."

"Then why did you say it….."

"Mad. I was mad. And I saw Dean with you….I thought feelings would change…"

"Feelings? Scott Dean and I never loved each other."

"But then why did you-""Because I was drunk and stupid. He took advantage of that and sex me up, he was trying to do the same thing in the music room…."

"Oh….now I feel like a triple ass."

"You should….. I been hurt a lot but nothing I couldn't handle…..than you cam along and did what you did-"

"Im sorry. It was stupid of me. And im kicking myself non stop."

"Couldn't you have told me this during the two weeks?"

"No. you weren't at school and my cell phone was taken. Dailey I love you and I mean it. I couldn't believe it myself that I hurt you."

She nodded. "You could of came over."

"I know. I was scared."


"The only woman I saw cry in my life was my mother…..if I ever saw you cry….it would break me all over again…"

She hugged my arm and smiled a little. "Well we wouldn't want that to happen now. I'll forgive you if you don't act like that again…."


She got up, sat on my knee and laid her lips onto mine. If it wasn't so cold….we would of done it right there and now. But like a gentleman I am I walked her back home and watched over her until I saw her bedroom light go off. With that I got well rested sleep.

Dreaming about Bailey…..

Natalie's POV

Natalie's dream

Im not scared of nothing. Not hights. Not spiders. Nothing. Except public speaking. It seems like me and my brother have the same thing in common….only this time I was the one who wet themselves.

It was the talent show and I was the first to go on. It scared the crap out of me. When I got on the stage and saw every eyes on me…..I felt something wet….

"She peed her pants!" Some kid announced. Every kid and even parents busted out laughing. It was nightmare. I dropped the mic and ran out screaming…..


I sat up panting and in my bed and all wet. "Oh no….don't tell me." I uncovered myself to see I actually wet the bed.

"Hey sis its time for-" When my brother saw the wet sheets he started laughing. "You wet the bed!"

I blushed and threw a pillow at his face. "Buzz off!"

"Mom is gonna get a kick out of this." He laughed. On que mom came in.

"Okay what are you kids arguing about now?"

"Natalie wet the bed!" Ben snickered.

"Mom make him stop." I whined holding a pillow over my head and covering my ears. I cant believe I wet the bed.

"Benito….go downstairs. Now." my mom ordered. She eyed him making sure he did as he was told. She came to me and smiled. I threw the pillow down and sighed.

"Great…im a bed wetter."

"Its not so bad."

"It is when your almost 13."

My mom helped me out of bed, pulled the sheets off and put them into a nearby hamper. "So what was the dream about?"


My mom looked down at me. She kneeled down in front of me. "Well when you were 7 you used to have night mares about monsters so you did a lot of bed wetting…..till you were about 9. So this dream must have been bad for you to wet the bed."

I frowned. Blushed. "Well I had a dream that I would embarrass myself at the talent show tonight. Im scared that people would….you know laugh or something."

"Ah the classic stage fright fear huh."

I nodded. My mom put a hand on my head. With a smile she said. "You'll be fine if you pretend that the audience isn't there. Like you do when your brother is annoying you….or whenever a teacher is talking."

"But that's different. Ben is my brother and a teacher….doesn't matter to me."

"Exactly so think that…..think that all of us are all teachers and we don't matter to you….I've seen you talk in public sweetie…..you can do it."

"You have so much faith in me….whats wrong with you and what have you done with my mother….?"

My mom laughed. Kissed my head. "Get dressed stinker." She gets to the door when she looks down at me again. "I have faith in you because I've seen you at skate boarding events…"

"You actually go to that stuff? I thought you hated them."

"I do….but I love you. Remember that short stuff." She smiled and left me to get changed.

When I got changed and downstairs I saw my dad and my brother laughing. "You didn't tell him did you?"

Ben tried to get a straight face on but it went to pieces when dad laughed again. "Hey Ben….your fired as my good brother you know."

"Im sorry Nat it was just too good not to tell."

"Alright boys settle down. And Aiden….you know better." my dad looked at my mom and stopped laughing. He cleared up his throat, smacked the back of my brothers head and gave him a look that shut Ben up.

I smiled at that. I glanced at my moms tummy to see she had a little baby bump. I poked it. "Do you know what gender it is?"

She looked at me and smiled. "No. our next doctor appointment we can find out."

"I hope its another girl so I can show her how to beat up annoying brothers."

"I hope it's a boy so he can team up with me and torture a little sister." Ben smirked. I stuck my tongue out at him and he did the same to me.

Our parents laughed and for once life felt right.

It didn't suck for once.

Samantha's POV

Shouting. Yelling. Its all the same. Every night. Everyday. Its so annoying. Why cant my parents get divorced already. I sighed after my mother called my father a fat pig. Crash! There goes a glass. My father yelling back. Smash! There goes another glass. I have to get out of here before I go crazy.

Once I got downstairs my parents eyes turned on me. "Where the hell are you going?" my mother asked.

When I didn't answer her my father took it on him to yell at me. "Your mother asked you a fucking question! Answer her you brat."

I bit my lip and said. "Over to a friends."

"What friends? You hardly have any." Okay unlike most parents my parents are not lovers. My mother never wanted me but she was so against abortions. And adoption agencies didn't want me for some reason. My father hated kids. He never wanted a child, I don't know why he's still here but I figure its because he would have to pay child support and crap.

I sighed at my moms comment and nodded. I made it to the door when my father yelled out to me again.

"Don't ask for shit if you get locked out got it?" I wouldn't need to. I looked at my father and nodded. I opened the door and slammed it, didn't mean to it just happened. I should of known my dad would come after me, luckily I called Ben an hour before so my dad let me go when he saw Ben coming up.

"Who's he?"

"Why do you care?" I glared at him. My dad kept cold eyes on me. He said nothing and left back inside.

"Well your father seems…nice." Ben joked. If only he knew. I nodded, grabbed his hand.

"Could I stay the night with you. I don't feel like being at my house."

Ben circled his arm around me. "Alright but I think I have to hide you until my parents and sister fall asleep."

"I don't care. As long as I get far away from this place."

Ben gave me a long look. "Please?"

He smiled. "Alright Sammy. Of course. Come on."

That night when his family went to sleep things in our relationship went to the next level. In the morning I woke up to him, naked and un his bed. When I remembered what happened I started freaking out not the whole oh crap im in trouble….it was more like oh my god I just has sex.

He was waking up when I was throwing on my clothes. "Good morning beautiful."

I looked at him. "Did you know we had sex."

"Yeah….it was awesome." Like a guy would say that. I got on my shoes and sighed.

"We had sex."

"I know. Why are you freaking honey?"

"We're in high school and we had sex." I watch Ben get his pants on and grab his shirt. He walked over to me, kissed my head.

"Everybody has sex in high school. don't worry sweetie…."

I thought it was going to be fine and dandy. Till weeks pass the day before the talent show I finally went to the docters. And I found out what I never knew.

"Samantha did you have unprotected sex?"

Honestly me and Ben didn't know we were going to do what we did but we did and when I nodded she gave me a sigh and said. "You're a month pregnant."

That word pregnant made my heart stop. I was 15, 15 and pregnant. My family hates me and now im bringing a baby into this world?

"Honey you okay?" I realized that I had teats streaming my cheeks. I couldn't let Ben see me like this. I nodded. I made my way out and off to school when I got there I saw Ben waiting by me at the locker.

"Okay so you ready to rehearse tonight…"

"For what?"

"The talent show?"

"Oh right." I bit my lip and kept my eyes on my locker.

What the hell can I do? I cant go to my mother. I cant go to Ben. Who could I go to?

No one I guess….

What am I going to do about this mess?

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