Kurt kissed Blaine deeply, taking the final opportunity before straightening his doublet and brushing through his curls with his fingers impatiently, trying to make everything perfect. Blaine grabbed his hands and held them down, kissing Kurt again sweetly and grinning, his nerves burning beneath the confident facade. For a moment he let it slip, bouncing where he stood, looking at Kurt with worried eyes.

Kurt laughed.

"You are the most amazing man I've ever met," he whispered, kissing over Blaine's face, his lips brushing his scars. "And everyone else will see it, too."

"I wish you could come with me," Blaine said. "I'm better with you by my side."

"One day," Kurt said easily. "But for now, I have to go take my place in the court. I'll be right there the whole time, whenever you need to look at me. And who can blame you?" He tossed his head back and smiled, showing off.

Blaine laughed fondly.

"Then I won't take my eyes off you," he replied. "Never again."

Kurt hummed and kissed him one last time, pulling back unwillingly and brushing his hair back nervously.

"Okay. Time."

He turned and slipped into the court, and Blaine waited, breathing deeply and tugging his doublet down and fidgeting in the suddenly lonely hall. But not for long.

Mike's voice drifted into the hall, calling out the titles that cued his entrance. He pulled his hood up and secure around his face as the final words rang out.

"-Lord of Dalton, his royal highness, Prince Blaine."

He walked into the court, his stride steady even as murmurs filled his ears. Time slowed as he approached his throne, stopping before it and turning to face the court, lifting his head and standing tall.

He lowered his hood.


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