Roller Blades

So all you guys are probably like, "what's up with Gengar? He hasn't posted anything lately!" Typically I post something new once a week or so, but I've been feeling down lately.

One of my new biggest fics, "Civil War" was deleted by mods, gone without a trace, and without a reason, I've emailed them and they haven't replied, I don't know if they are just taking their time answering user messages, or if they've bypassed my email completely. Needless to say, the whole situation has ticked me off.

So to get out of this "phase" I figured I'd start writing short drabbles to get me back into the swing of things. Most of these are simple ideas that I've had, but know I would never make into a story, and I'm writing them to get the ideas off my back. So yeah, hopefully you enjoy these little guys.

"No!" I don't wanna!"

May was desperately clinging to the railing that surrounded the large skating rink. She wobbled around as she attempted to balance on the "horrible shoes with wheels".

"Come on, May," Ash said, facing her. He too was wearing roller blades, but unlike May, he wasn't wobbling or holding onto the railing. "You'll never learn if you never try."

"I can't," May said, gazing at the ground. "I'm Basophobic."



"I'm afraid of falling!" she exclaimed, holding onto the railing even tighter.

"Come on, May, it's fun!" Dawn exclaimed as she flew by the two teens, her blue hair whipping around gracefully behind her.

May sighed; even Pikachu was skating, even if he was using four roller blades.

"You'll be fine, May," Ash said, "just hold onto me."

May blinked a few times as she gazed at Ash. "F-fine," she stammered. Ash maneuvered around and wrapped his arm around her waist, causing the girl to blush. He gently pulled her away from the wall, causing her to release her sense of security.

She screeched as she felt she was going to fall, but Ash was quick to catch her. "Hey," he said with a chuckle, "It's fine. Now put your hand on my shoulder."

May obeyed, laying her shaking hand on the young boy's shoulder. "Alright, now just hold onto me," he said, he removed his arm from May's waist, much to her dismay. "If you start to fall, I'll catch you."

May smiled nervously at Ash, slowly nodding to show him she was ready.

"Alright, now watch my feet," Ash said, "Out left, out right."

May attempted to do what Ash said, but quickly lost her footing, she shrieked again and desperately grabbed onto Ash, pulling the boy down with her. With a pair of "oofs!" the teens hit the hard wood floor.

Ash burst into laughter as a scowl grew on May's face. "You said you would catch me!" she pouted, puffing out her cheeks.

Ash continued to laugh; Dawn gave him a strange glance as she once again rolled by. "It's kind of hard to catch me when you do that," Ash said with a snort.

May huffed and crossed her arms. "It's not my fault! It was gravity's fault!" she huffed.

Ash chuckled, "I'm sure," he said as he stood up, May tried to stand as well, but failed miserably with her skates still on. Ash smiled and stuck out his hand, which May gratefully accepted.

"Want to try again?" Ash asked. May sighed and glanced at the empty tables outside the rink. She could stay there the rest of the time, or spend time with Ash.

It wasn't a hard choice.

"Let's try again."

Inspired by the other. I was skating and thought about this, Advanceshipping is on my mind far too much.

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