New Years

"So are you making any new year resolutions?" Ash asked. He and May were lying in the cool grass, gazing at the stars in the dark sky. They were in Pallet Town to celebrate the New Year with Ash's mother and Professor Oak.

May grinned and shook her head. "Nah, too cliché." she said. "besides, I'd forget about it by the end of the first week, so what's the point?"

Ash checked his watch: five minutes until midnight. "Yeah, I understand." He said.

There was a pause as May thought of what to say. "Plus, everyone does it. I mean come on..." she said. "It's all about dieting or saving money or junk... That's not the point of a new year resolution."

There was a moment of silence, May looked over at Ash to see if he was if ignoring her, but found the boy had his eyes closed. "Ash..." She said, shaking him gently. The boy stirred.

He wasn't used to staying up this late, and it would literally take him seconds to fall asleep. "Hu? What?" He began. He realized watch had happened and rubbed his face. "Sorry, I'm really tired."

May scooted closer to him and snuggled into his side. "It's okay." she assured him.

"What were we talking about?" Ash asked, wrapping a warm arm around the girl.

"New year resolutions."

"Right. Why are people doing it wrong?"

"Well, like I was saying," May began, clearing her throat. "People are trying to lose weight or balance their bank account. But that's not what it's all about."

Ash yawned tiredly. "What's it all about?"

"Changing what's in here." May pounded where her heart was. "Becoming a better person."


"The wise May speaks again." Ash said with a smirk.

May scowled. "Hey! Don't tease me!" she whined.

"No, no. I agree with you completely." Ash said. "People are trying to change what's outside when what matters is what's inside."

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

Ash lifted up his wrist. "Hey, it's the new year." He said with a grin. May smiled at him and rolled on top of him. With a smile, she leaned down and gave him a New Years kiss.

When they parted, Ash looked at her with confusion. "So... Why not have a resolution that makes you a better person?"

May smiled proudly. "Because I'm already perfect."


"Your ego could use some work."

"Silence! I keel you!"

Happy New Year! Thanks all of you for reading my stuff throughout 2012. Hopefully 2013 will bring even greater things!