Ash found himself staring at the campfire, a dull expression on his face. His mind was other places, despite his eyes seeming so focused on the dancing flames. It was late at night, past midnight, yet Ash had not managed to find it in himself to fall asleep. He was feeling restless and uncomfortable. The night was unusually cold, sending chills down his spine every so often. Despite the chill, there was no wind. Ash hadn't remembered the weather channel foretelling that of the night air would be so cold.

Ash shivered once again and scooted closer to the fire, taking in its comforting warmth.


Ash's brow furrowed, snapping from his thoughts. He could have sworn he heard a laugh of some sort. Looking around he found he was the only one awake. Pikachu and May were both asleep. The Pokémon was curled up by the warmth of the fire while May was in her sleeping bag a little farther away. The young boy stood up, wondering what it was he could have heard.

"Is anyone out there?" Ash asked, calling out to see it someone was around, but also trying to stay quiet enough that he wouldn't wake up Pikachu and May.

He got no response.

Ash sighed and turned his gaze back to the fire, his mind slowly drifting away into his thoughts.


Ash quickly stood up again, quickly scanning the area to see what could possibly be chuckling at such a late hour, but he saw nothing.

"Mmmmm..." May groaned, adjusting in her sleeping bag. Ash looked over at her to see her moving around inside her sleeping bag. She had a grimace on her face as she rolled over into her back. "Mmmm..." She groaned again, clenching her teeth.

Ash stepped over to her and crouched by her side, laying a hand on her shoulder. Upon his touch, the girl seemed to settle down, her expression returning to peace. Ash smiled and was about to stand up, but once again heard the strange laughter.


The laughter was clearer and more audible now. May once again grimaced. She groaned loudly and arched her back as she began to struggle around in her sleeping bag. Her squirming and wiggling caused her entire sleeping bag to move around.

Ash grabbed May's shoulder and shook it, saying her name aloud a few times. The girl's eyes snapped open and her gaze landed on Ash. She let out a cry and reached out for the boy, wrapping her arms around him as she cried into his stomach.

"M-May?" Ash asked in surprise, feeling the hot tears streaming from May's eyes as they were absorbed into his shirt. He remained motionless for a few seconds before gently laying a his hands on the sobbing girl's head and back.


Upon hearing the chuckling again, Ash could feeling May cling to him tighter. A sudden breeze picked up and tickled Ash and May's skin as well as sent cold chills down their spines. "W-who's there?" Ash asked, trying not to sound as afraid as he actually was.

May lifted her head and looked around. She noticed their shadows caused by the campfire were acting a bit strange.

And then the campfire went out, leaving everything in darkness.


"A-Ash..." The poor girl stammered, grabbing bunches of the boy's shirt in her fists as she held him tightly.


Pikachu was awakened by the lack of heat coming from the fire and was surprised to see the source of light had vanished.

"Pikachu! Something's attack the camp!" Ash exclaimed, relieved to see the mouse was awake. He heard the mysterious chuckling again. "Thunderbolt to my right!"

Pikachu's cheeks lit up with sparks and he sent the attack in the direction Ash had ordered, but hit nothing except the ground beside his trainer and May.


Suddenly, another breeze blew by, and the campfire suddenly reignited. Ash shouted in surprise as the return of light revealed a ghostly Pokémon with a toothy grin floating before him. He grabbed May's head and pressed it again his chest as the girl had her eyes clenched shut, she was holding onto him so tightly he could barely breath. They could only wonder what the thing would do next.

"Pikah..." Pikachu growled, upon seeing the ghost.

The ghost's eyes flashed before it lifted it hands and sent yellow rings at Ash, May, and Pikachu. Suddenly, the three began to feel drowsy. Within only a few moments, they fell over, fast asleep.

The ghost brushed its hands together with satisfaction upon seeing Pikachu fast asleep by the fire, and May passed out in a now sleeping Ash's arms.

"Kyehehehehe." It chuckled before flying off into the night.

Thus, the Gengar reference of Shiny Drabbles