Hot Lemony Action

"Mmmmm, wow! This is really good stuff!" Ash said, sucking hard on a bright yellow slice of citrus. He found it hard to believe a fruit known for being sour could be this sweet.

May smiled cheekily. "Thanks, Ash!" She said as she chopped up another lemon. "I picked them right from my mother's garden," she said.

"Well, your mother really knows how to grow good lemons," Ash said, finishing the slice he had been working on and tossing it into the trash before grabbing another slice.

"Don't eat all of them," May said, moving the tray away from Ash. "I'm gonna need a few to make lemonade."

Ash tried to reach out for the tray, but May snatched it and held it out of his reach. "Come on! They're so good!" Ash said, holding out an outstretched hand.

"No!" May said, shaking her head. "Now behave or you don't get any lemonade."

Ash sighed in defeat and slouched in his chair, continuing to suck on the lemon slice in his hand. May pulled out an uncut lemon and sliced it in half.

"ACK!" She exclaimed, covering her eye with her hand. Ash stood up and hurried over to her.

"What's wrong?" He asked with concern, laying a hand on her shoulder.

May shook her head. "N-nothing, some lemon juice squirted in my eye when I was cutting," she moaned, rubbing her eye as the juice stung.

"Here, lemme get a tissue," Ash said, hurrying over to the counter and grabbing a tissue box. He held it up for May.

The girl smiled gratefully and took the tissue and used it to wipe the juice from her eye. "Thanks, Ash, that really-" May stopped short when she saw both Ash and the tray of lemons were gone.


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