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In the few minutes they had talked while walking down the white hallways of the hospital, Mitsuki had discovered many things about Katsu. A lot of the information she had uncovered were insignificant to her, such as how Katsu liked to play soccer, his favorite color is red, he lives right next to a playground so he can never concentrate on his homework with all the screams of children, etc. Katsu disagreed.

"When it's my birthday, you'll know exactly what to get me if you know all this!" Katsu argued.

"How am I supposed to remember all of it?" Mitsuki countered, laughing, "I could ask you anytime when I needed to know!" She let out another laugh at Katsu's silly pout, huffing and crossing his arms.

"Well," Katsu pouted, "you never know," Mitsuki held back another giggle as they reached Takuto's door. Her smile slowly faded away as she saw the three numbers she had memorized from her daily visits. She saddened at the thought of leaving her new friend, but Takuto was more important. How could she forget?

Mitsuki turned to Katsu, "I need to go now. This is my friend's room," She smiled sadly. Katsu frowned. He didn't want to leave her yet. Not when she has that sad smile on her face.

"Can I meet your friend?"


"Can I meet your friend? I mean, it's okay if she don't want to see me, I just wanted to meet her…" Katsu trailed off, unsure of Mitsuki's answer.

Mitsuki smiled at him, "Of course my friend will want to meet you! He only gets a couple of other visitors besides me, anyway," Katsu frowned a little. He? "I'm sure Takuto wouldn't mind another visitor," Mitsuki rambled on, "maybe another friend would help speed up his recovery!" She smiled at the thought, obviously pleased. Katsu was startled at first, since throughout their conversation he had been doing most of the talking. This was the first time since he had met Mitsuki that she spoke so much. He must be a nice person, Katsu thought as Mitsuki opened the door saying she was back. As Mitsuki turned to face Katsu and motioned for him to come in, he could sense her excitement and happiness for her two friends who are about to meet.

He walked in, observing the room. It was just like any other room, except for the white carnations by the window and a plate of apples by the bed. Then his eyes fell on the occupant of the bed. Oh. Oh. This explains everything. It explains why Mitsuki had seemed so sad when she got to the room and why she spoke about her friend so much. The young man that laid on the bed had his eyes closed, a serene expression on his face. He had short black hair and an IV sticking out of his arm. His skin was pale, probably because he's been inside for so long. He was, in short, very handsome. The man was also in coma. Katsu didn't see how Mitsuki didn't like or love the man on the bed.

Katsu was immediately proven wrong when Mitsuki took the man's hand and sat down by his side, speaking to him lovingly. His heart ached at the sight. He didn't want to admit it, but Katsu had developed a small crush on the beautiful young girl over the few minutes they had spent together. It was odd. Katsu never developed a crush on a girl so quickly. It went against his beliefs. As he watched Mitsuki turn to him and beckon him over, he felt a surge of pity and sympathy for the man and Mitsuki. Why? He never felt pity or sympathy for other patients.

"Takuto, I want you to meet Katsu. I bumped into him today and he's a really nice guy," Katsu blushed a bit at the compliment, "and I hope you two can be friends! You could use a lot more friends, after all, Takuto," Mitsuki joked a little, chuckling a bit. She turned to Katsu. "Katsu, meet Takuto," she smiled, stepping away from the bed so Katsu can get a good look at him.

Katsu was a bit overwhelmed. What should he say in this for of situation? He was not prepared to meet someone in a coma. "Er, hi, Takuto," he muttered, feeling stupid. "I'm Katsu…" He felt even worse when he received no response. What was he thinking, trying to talk to someone that might as well be dead? He shuffled around a bit, uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Mitsuki bustled around, grabbing a new vase for the white carnations and placing them by the window. Katsu frowned a little at the flowers. Mitsuki noticed, and she mirrored his expression.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing," Katsu replied. "Do you know what those flowers mean?" He pointed at the carnations.

Mitsuki faced the flowers, puzzled. "Flowers had meanings? I never knew that," she remarked.

"Every flower has a meaning behind it. For example, roses generally mean love, and the different colors specify what kind of love," he explained, "white carnations mean pure love, I think,"

"Oh," Mitsuki blushed a little. "W-Well, I guess I don't need to change it then," she smiled, blushing even more.

Katsu was taken aback by her comment. He didn't expect her to say it out loud (although she didn't exactly say it, more like implied it). Now that it was vocally confirmed, Katsu felt a bit sad.

The sadness didn't last long, though, as the doctor had come knocking in again. Mitsuki got up and greeted him with Katsu. The doctor raised an eyebrow at Katsu, but he ignored him and turned to Mitsuki to ask if they could talk in private, please. Mitsuki, of course, nodded and looked at Katsu with a slight pleading in her eyes. Katsu sighed and walked out of the room.

When he was out, Mitsuki turned to the doctor, anxious for the results.

"How is it, sensei?"

The doctor sighed. "I hate to be the one to deliver the news to you, but Kira-san here," he gestured at Takuto's unconscious form, "has a very small chance at waking up. His body has already taken enough strain. After all, it's only been a few years since he was last in coma, and that lasted for years,"

Mitsuki frowned. This was not the news she was expecting or wanted. "How small is the chance?" she asked quietly, as if almost afraid to know.


"Please tell me, sensei,"

He sighed. "0.3% chance of waking up. It's very likely that he will never awake,"

Mitsuki's eyes widened as she slowly processed the number. 0.3%? That means… a 99.7% chance of never waking up. But…miracles can happen. Her disease was cured, after all. Takuto's lungs were even restored! Takuto even woke up from a coma that lasted him several years! If anything, Takuto can definitely wake up, even if the number is small. Mitsuki is willing to take the chance.

"Is there anything else you can do to help him?" Mitsuki asked hopefully.

The doctor shook his head. "The surgery has been done and he is being taken care of. All we have to do now is wait for him to wake up. However, that most likely won't happen," he took a deep breath, "Kouyama-sama, you must make a choice now. Do you want to wait for him, or let him go? I've already talked to Wakaouji-san, and he said it's your choice," He watched Mitsuki's face change from confused to horrified.

"Of course I'll wait for him!" Mitsuki exclaimed, "Miracles can happen. I believe in them. After all, I have had my share of miracles," The girl smiled a little at the memories.

The doctor nodded. "Alright, it's your choice," and he walked out of the room. Once he was out, he turned to Katsu, who was leaning against the wall by the door. "May I ask what you were doing in Kira-san's room?" he asked, albeit a bit rudely.

"Is that his last name? I see. Oh, and no, you may not," Katsu glared back.

The doctor looked like he was about to say something back, but he thought better of it, walking away and glaring at Katsu over his shoulder. "You can't just do anything you want here. This is a hospital. Go back to your safe little mansion and stay there, kid," The doctor couldn't help but call out over his shoulder. If looks could kill, the doctor would be incinerated already.

"Damn cranky old man," Katsu muttered under his breath. At that moment, Mitsuki walked out of the door carrying her bag. She looked up, surprised that Katsu is still there.

"Oh, sorry, did you wait for me? You didn't have to,"

Katsu smiled at her. "It's okay, there's nothing else to do here. I'll walk you to the door," Mitsuki nodded, and they proceeded to walk towards the exit.

"So," Mitsuki started, "what are you here for?"

Katsu glanced at Mitsuki. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, are you here for family or friends, or are you sick or something?"

"Ah," Katsu said, "it's complicated. Let's just say I'm here for family. I don't exactly have a lot of friends," It's not exactly like Mitsuki thinks, but it's not a lie, either.

"Oh," Mitsuki immediately dropped the topic, thinking it was a sore topic for Katsu. "I'm sorry,"

Katsu chuckled. "It's alright," They reached the hospital entrance. Katsu looked at Mitsuki hopefully. "You'll come by tomorrow, right?"

Mitsuki giggled. "I come everyday. I'm surprised we haven't met sooner,"

Katsu nodded and waved goodbye to the girl as she walked outside and hailed a taxi. She turned and waved to him, smiling a bit.

As she got into the taxi, though, her smile was dropped immediately. She thought about Takuto. She thought about his coma. She thought about percents and 0.3 and 99.7 and how likely he's going to wake up.

When she got to her apartment, she took one look at Takuto's shoes beside hers and collapsed on the floor sobbing.

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