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Intro: Ending Us

It has to end today.

That was the thought coursing through the eldest of the Uchiha children mind all day. It had to, he really didn't have a choice.

So, when he walked into the house and saw his little brother sitting there, he walked over and sat down next to him.

Itachi noticed that Sasuke's eyes brightened considerably as he noticed his otouto was home. When Itachi sat down, he attempted to hug him, kiss his cheek, get something, anything, started, but as he reached in for the hug, expecting open arms, he got nothing in return, nothing but a soft push.

He looked up at Itachi, and Itachi looked away. He knew what to expect in those eyes that were so much like his. Cold, unforgiving, ruthless, avenging. Eyes that were almost exact copies. But in the youngers, the eyes held determination, something Itachi didn't have.

Anything to keep the fighting away ... anything to keep us all together.

"Nii-San ... what the matter?" The younger asked, his slender hands slowly reaching up to touch his brothers face, but said brother caught the hand, knowing what to expect.

"Sasuke, this has to end today." He said, coldly, no emotion other than bitterness in his voice.

Sasuke looked at his brother with wide eyes. "You're kidding r-right?" He asked, cursing himself as his voice cracked; Uchiha's voices didn't crack ... but then again, they didn't sleep with their older brothers either. "... April Fools, right? ... Right, Itachi?"

Itachi looked at his brother, face void of emotions, his mask back in place. And it took so much to keep that mask in place as he looked at his little brother, hurt so apparent in those large eyes, tears rimming those dark eyes.

"No, I'm not. You don't know what you want, you're just a kid."

Sasuke looked appaled at his brother. "I'm eighteen, Itachi! I know what I fucking want! And that's you!"

But he knew that his argument was weak, he was, in his Nii-Sans eyes, his little brother.

No ... it changed, I was - am - his lover.

Itachi sighed. "No, Sasuke. You're my little brother, it's wrong, immoral. Not only is it homosexuality, but it's incestuous as well."

Sasuke's breathing was erratic next to him, and he felt the smaller Uchiha lift his hand to wipe away the tears that threatened to fall.

"You - you never cared before ... you promised me that no matter what people said, we would be together. That we would overcome the obstacles that came with our relationship ... you said that the first time we did it, Itachi. I know you didn't forget." Sasuke pleaded, reaching for his Nii-Sans hand, grabbing it before Itachi could pull away.

"Promises are meant to be broken, Sasuke. You know this." said Itachi, feeling the grip on his hand getting tighter as he tried to get up.

"No ... promises from friends are meant to broken, not ones from family, not one from lovers ..."

"It was a mistake, Sasuke. What don't you understand?"

That broke the dam. Sasuke felt the tears pouring down his cheeks, the lump in his throat, the saltiness of his tears.

"Damn it..." He whispered, wiping them away, but they kept coming. "Damn it, damn it, damn it! You're supposed to be there for me, Itachi! Not leave me in the fucking dust! Why are you d-doing this to me!" He cried.

Itachi pulled his hand from the now weak Uchiha's hands. "It's wrong."

"No Itachi," He pleaded. "No one has to know. We can keep it a secret, we can make sure no one finds out ... We can be together, Nii-San, I know it." He cried, "I know it..."

Itachi kept his eyes away from his brother, as he said the words that would most likey brake the youngest Uchiha.

"I don't love you Sasuke. I love you as a brother, nothing more. It. Was. A. Mistake."

That did it, the younger Uchiha broke down, curling in upon himself, sobbing, crying out for him not to go, for him to stay.

Itachi shook his head before he left, not saying a word to his younger brother.

It was time for a change...

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