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The atmosphere in the rather large suite of the hotel was tense, more than anything. Matsuda had taken to knawing on his lip, his dark eyes darting between L- no, Ryuzaki and the sole female member on the Task Force, Dawn. She was a pretty brunette that was obviously not Asian – she had actually been born in the United States, moving here at a later time.

For the last fifteen minutes, the two had been locked in what looked like a staring contest. It was unknown what was really going on in either of their minds – Matsuda might be smart... kind of... but he was no where near Dawn and definitely no where near L- Ryuzaki's level.

The other police in the room were more or less ignoring the battle, or at least pretending to. The energetic male would swear that he had seen Aizawa's eyes darting over there every few minutes.

With a small sigh, Matsuda settled into the rather plush chair, not having the self control to keep working, being so distracted as he was.

Contrary to the man's belief, the detective and the younger girl weren't having a staring match; well, they were, but not just to do it. If one was paying more attention, they would notice the fact that on the coffee table in front of the two was a plate with a single piece of sponge cake resting on it. The icing was vanilla, lightly drizzled with a sweet strawberry sauce. One plump red berry rested in the center.

This just so happened to be a major problem for the two sweet lovers.

It was almost unnerving to outsiders, seeing how similar Ryuzaki and Dawn were – you'd think they'd have known each other there whole lives, instead of a few weeks.

Dawn had a fierce love of all things sweet, an odd sitting position similar to the detective's, a love for jeans and long sleeved white shirts, and even happened to be genius-level in academics. This was the reason she had graduated high school at age 15, getting an internship with the Police and managing to get a permanent job there. One of the main differences between them was the fact that Dawn was always withdrawn and shy around people she didn't know well, which normally included the panda-like crime solver.

Apparently sweets came before shyness, and in L's case work.

As if an unknown trigger had gone off, both Ryuzaki and Dawn went for the cake forks first at the exact same time, only for the metal to clash. The resonating noise caused those not paying attention to jump in their seats and turn to the noise.

Ryuzaki's dark eyes narrowed slightly, undoubtedly calculating ways to get the sugary goodness all to himself. The normally sweet and hyper Dawn's lips were pursed in an out of character display of determination.

"Don't you think you've enough cake already, Ryuzaki-san?" She inquired sweetly, molding her facial features into an innocent expression. Too focused on the cake, Dawn didn't notice the slight widening of L's eyes nor the light pink tone that dusted his cheeks. What she did notice was the fact that he seemed to be distracted, taking it as a que to move her food back and steal a bite of the cake.

Ryuzaki, coming back to himself after the rather strange feelings the innocent and childlike look Dawn aimed at him had caused, narrowed his eyes before stealing his own bite of cake.

To the other Task Force members, watching and eighteen year old girl and the world number one detective facing each other in the exact same sitting position with nearly identical clothes on and forks hanging out of the mouths was completely hilarious. Matsuda muffle a (manly) giggle with his hand, while Ukita disguised his own laughter with a cough. Aizawa acted as though he could care less, but his lips were twitching ever so slightly in amusement. Even Mogi and Sochirou were smiling to themselves.

"I'm quite sure we've consumed the same amount, Dawn-san." L replied around the fork in his mouth. This alone made the detective slightly curious if he was honest – he'd never known someone able to consume the amount of sweets he did without getting sick. This odd girl might even be more like him that BB had been, and they were nearly twins.

"Isn't it polite to have ladies go first?" Dawn questioned, trying once again to find a whole in his logic because damn it, she wanted that cake.

"I find that to be a rather sexist act, and do not participate in it." Ryuzaki responded in a monotone.

There verbal sparring continued, niether of them moving the forks from their mouths as they did so. Realizing neither of them would be finished for awhile, Sochirou turned to Matsuda with a resigned if not mildly amused sigh.

"Matsuda, can you grab the other file from over there?" He questioned, gesturing towards the other side of the room.

"Sure, Oyabin." Matsuda chirped, standing up from his seat and almost walking past the plush chair Dawn was sitting in before he tripped over the girls shoes as they were placed on the floor. As he fell, the dark haired man managed to steady himself by pushing against the nearest thing – which just so happened to be the girl sitting their.

"Wah!" She cried out in shock, toppling out of her careful perch onto the cofee table. The fork flew out of her mouth as she fell.

L didn't even think before reacting – he reached an arm out to catch her, for once not counting his own position, ending up with him being dragged on top of the girl.

The room was silent as the two noticed the rather comprimising position they'd fallen into. L was laying slightly above the younger girl, hands placed on both sides of her head, and his knees resting against her hips. There faces were close enough that they could feel the warmth of each others breath.

Dawn's face managed to turn a bright read, while Ryuzaki's was only a delicate pink. In her embarassment, she moved her eyes away from his coal colored ones, only for her eyes to widen slightly.

"Oh," She said, sounding dissapointed. L glanced at her curiously, stiffening when he felt the warm caress of skin on his cheek. Dawn pulled her hand back, revealing an icing covered finger, that she promptly licked.

"We squished the cake."

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