Chapter Two: Nightmares.

Lights will guide you home,

And ignite your bones.

And I will try, to fix you…

".. Hello?" I called out. I had no idea where I was. Some sort of tunnel? Ok, try to assess your surroundings. I thought that maybe the rules to follow when you were kidnapped might apply here, so I tried it. Surroundings… Brick tunnel, dirt road. Dark on both sides, but I could see things clearly, somehow… Besides that, I couldn't figure anything else out. All of a sudden, I saw a glowing, flickering, pulsing sort of light coming from the far left end of the tunnel. I quickly pressed myself up against the wall, thinking perhaps it was a car.

Should I stick my thumb out? But after a few moments of watching, the light was steady. Not coming any closer, not getting any brighter. Just a pulsing whitish yellow light. On a whim, I decide to follow it. Who knows, I mean, I wasn't getting anything worked out just standing here.

I moved, and that's when I realized what I was wearing. A white silk dress? So some pervert had drugged me, undressed me, done god-knows-what to me, and then had some sick fairy fantasy, putting me in a white dress? My lip curled up in disgust, and I walked forward quicker, determined to report whatever happened to the police.

I paused, thinking I should give my body a once over, to see if anything was bruised, or showed any signs of abuse. I ran my fingers over my arms and legs, noticing how smooth they were, even though I forgot to shave yesterday. Strange.

My fingers wandered up to my head, and I felt that my hair had been pulled into a pretty braid. Who had done this to me? I started jogging now on my lilac gladiator type sandals, made out of a material I didn't recognize. The light became closer as I rounded a soft bend to the right. The light wasn't hurting my eyes… It was bright, but it didn't seem to affect my vision at all. On the contrary, as I moved closer, my senses seemed to get sharper, thinking clearer, and a warm feeling filling my body as I stepped fully into the source of the light…

Beauty, was the only word that could be used to describe this. An amazing world spread out before me. An oasis. I'll try to describe it, but I'll fail. An immense green valley, gorgeous jungle, a huge waterfall coming down from the cliff I was standing on. I looked back, saw that I had just emerged from a cave of some sort. I carefully stepped back into the cave, wondering if I could still see the part that was brick, but it seemed to have disappeared, replaced by the rough stone.

I stepped out again, closer to the cliff ledge. The waterfall rushed down to a lagoon down below, the mist making a beautiful rainbow. A few trees off to my left were drooping with fruit, and, even though I wasn't hungry, I decided to try one. I bit into a mango, and groaned. The juice ran down my face, staining the silky dress, but I could care less. This was so delicious, I couldn't stop. I reached for a second one, but stopped. I really needed to find out where I was. But, because I appeared to be in some sort of situation in which I would need to survive, I stashed a few fruits just inside the cave entrance. I'm not sure how big a difference that would make, but it felt productive.

I walked off to the left, because it appeared that the cliff descended at an easy tilt down into the jungle. For the first time, I looked to the other side of the wide ledge I was on. The cliff face shot up into the sky so high, I couldn't see it for the clouds.

I walked along the gentle grass in my very comfortable sandals for a few minutes, when some animal shot in front of me. My curiosity over took me as I followed it to the ledge, where it paused, almost for me to look at it, then shot off the side of the cliff, apparently scaling it down. I got on my hands and knees and craned my head over the edge to see if I could see it. I saw it's bushy tail sticking out of a cubbyhole, and I craned my head farther over, just a bit more out and I could see the creature better…

"Oh!" I gasped as I tumbled out into the air. But… I wasn't falling. I was… Floating. I was… Flying? No, just hovering… How was… Where was I?

Just then, I saw Niall come out of the end of the tunnel, looking confused.

And high up above or down below,

When you're too in love to let it go,

But if you never try, you'll never know…

Just what you're worth…

-End Chapter Two-

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