He was something like an anomaly, but more than an obstacle, less like a problem. Allen Walker finds it hard to believe that he is even trying his luck with this one.

It's nearly impossible.

Sometimes he might think this man is right about him—why put faith forward so blindly, even if you're setting yourself up for failure? Why risk it? Does it make him a fool to do such a thing, especially when the odds of it coming up positive on his side will be extremely low?

With the way he feels, he doesn't really care. Well, at least he thinks he doesn't. He knows that eventually these odd feelings will have to stop; come to an end and he'll realize how stupid he was for even trying.

But for now he wants to revel in it; to let his emotions go wild, let the flame burn inside him as he tries to figure out the man who tries so desperately to hide away from others to keep himself from getting hurt again.

It is so easy for Allen to see through and yet… That man still doesn't seem to get it. Doesn't want to get it.

Allen realizes then, that this is only the beginning.

A/N: Hello there, loves. This is not really a story, but a place for me to shove all my drabbles and oneshots. Maybe sooner than later I'll have an actually story worth telling about for these two, but for now, enjoy. Note: These drabbles aren't exactly connected to each other unless otherwise stated.

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