What Was He To You


The Xing boy was the one who told her.

"He's gone, Lust. . I'm sorry."

Lust's eyes widened for a second, and suddenly every memory she shared with Greed seemed to reappear from the depths of her mind. Every touch, every conversation, every fight she had fought beside him was highlighted.

Highlighted. . Such a deep red.

Ling seemed to study her reaction, he took it upon himself to tell her the news. She might as well know, as she, and Pride, were the last Humunculi left alive now. He thought she would be surprised, maybe even elated at the fact she no longer had to serve anyone but herself. Happy to be alone. But now, looking into her face, Ling could only register one emotion.


"Hey, you mind answering a question for me?" Ling asked, breaking the silence.

Lust looked up, the dark tresses tickling her cold skin as she moved her head up. "What?"

Ling's expression remained stern. "What was he to you?"

It wasn't a question that surprised her, nor was it a question she didn't ask herself from time to time. Humunculi weren't supposed to feel anything, not in any form. Yet the sharp pain, the realization that she would never see Greed again was strong. It would be better to feel nothing than to feel this. To be forever indifferent to anything and everything crossing their path.

And there was no answer. Lust had fallen in love with Greed a long time ago.

No matter how much that may have disgusted her from time to time, nothing was more enticing than hearing Greed go on and on about how they would run away together, settle down, produce their own offspring, live like humans. Happy ones.

Lust almost rolled her eyes at the mere cheesy-ness of it all. Maybe they were not empty words, perhaps Greed meant it all. But the matter of the fact was that it was ludacris, there was no happy ending for them. Not fake beings.

He had fallen in love with her too, her coy yet adventurous behavior. How she was the ying to his yang. It was so clear what it all was.


And it was not a tingle, not a soft sensation. No. It was full in it's entirety. It was terrible, it was wonderful, it was ugly and it was beautiful all at once. The fact that they were meant to feel absolutely nothing only made the feeling stronger.

"Humunculi aren't supposed to feel anything, right?" Ling chimed in, earning a glance from Lust. "But it looks to me like you're in alot of distress right now."

Lust was quiet for a moment. Her gaze returning to the floor. "That's right. We're not meant to fill a thing. Yet Greed and I. . .had connections."

"You mean you guys were together." Ling said nonchalantly, turning his back to her. "Greed wanted me to tell you something before he. . you know."

Lust looked up once more, eyebrow arched. "What was it?"

"He told me to tell you to. . not forget." Ling replied, a hint of confusion in his voice. "Not quite sure what he meant. But -"

"He doesn't want me to forget him." Lust said, smiling gently. "It'd be hard to forget someone like him."

Ling began walking to the door, halting only to say. "I agree." And rushed out.

A hard silence fell over the room as Lust stood there, thinking of Greed's words. What was he to her?

Tormentor, Friend, Enemy, Ally, Pain, Pleasure -

Finally finding her answer. Lust smiled.

"Of course I won't forget." She said, "My lover."


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