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As I scooped my long blonde locks up into my hand, before picking up the hair scrunchy from the side of the sink and wrapping it around the bundle of hair, pulling my hair into a tight ponytail, I puffed out my cheeks, as I looked into the mirror. Letting out a disgruntled sigh.

Today was my first day at University at Cambridge. I grew up in Hackney, in London and came from a well off family. My father is a top human rights barrister and my mother is a top defence attorney. So it was not a surprise to anyone that myself and my twin brother, Alec, were both studying something within the political sectors.

I was going to be studying World Politics and Law, hoping to be a defence attorney like my mother. Alec on the other hand was going out for world domination, but had to settle for Architecture and World History instead. He was always a good artist growing up, so it was a good field and option for him, to curb his dominating dreams anyway for now. He wanted to be a politician

Shaking my head at my own reflection in the mirror, I wasn't even ready for today. I was setting myself up for failure as I didn't understand a thing that was written out on the curriculum. Turning now and heading out of the bathroom. I could hear Alec and Demetri having a political debate over breakfast cereals. Rolling my eyes as I listened to them, you would think the world was ending. I headed down the stairs now to join them.

Alec and myself had grown up with Demetri. His father worked with ours in the same law firm. But Demetri was taking the same subjects as Alec. Thick as thieves the pair of them. But since we all decided to live off of the Cambridge campus. We got a three bedroom house within a mile of the campus itself. So sharing with two boys, wasn't ideal, but it would do. I had already laid down the ground rules that I wasn't their mother and wouldn't be clearing up after them.

'And the female twin arises at last' Demetri tilted his head back to look at me as I stepped into the kitchen. His short mousy blonde hair was spiked up and he was wearing black trousers and a blue shirt, that had the top buttons undone. Demetri was of Greek origins, and had an olive tint to his skin, but he had radiant ice blue eyes to compliment his skin tone.

'Morning Dem' forcing a smile as I sat down beside him, as Alec quirked a brow at me from the other side of the table. He was also dressed smartly for his first day at University. Where I had opted for stone wash black jeans and a plain white shirt.

'Coffee Jane?' Alec looked at me curiously as he spoke.

'Nope' I poked the P with my lips as I spoke, 'What's amused you?' Alec and Demetri exchanged looks before Alec just shrugged at me, picking up his mug.


'No what is it?' I looked over at Demetri, who made a point of not giving me eye contact as I spoke. His obvious ignorance, caused me to move my hand and clip Demetri around the back of the head.

'Hey!' He sat up quickly in protest 'Bully'

'Then what's going on?' I was getting slightly annoyed, but then I wasn't in the best of moods anyway today so far and their obvious way of them trying to wind me up, wasn't helping matters.

'Fine!' Demetri finally snapped, but he had a smile on his lips as he did so, before getting up and leaving the kitchen. I looked instantly over at Alec across the table, who dipped his head and finished off his bowl of cereal.

Finally Demetri came back and retook his place beside me. Placing a small pink bag on the table, as I looked to him slightly confused. But he just sat back and folded his arms over his chest.

'Look in the bag' he motioned his head to the bag on the table.

'Why? What's in it? If it's a spider, I am going to kill you both' both of them laughed at the thought. The amount of pranks they both have played on me over the years, it was still a wonder as to why they both were still allowed to live.

'Please Jane' Demetri curbed his laughter and looked at me sincerely, as I picked up the small bag and pulled out a a square velvet box. I looked at both the boys curiously, but they both exchanged amused looks, but never said a word to me. Slowly and cautiously I opened the box. Thinking that one of them had ridged it to have something jump out at me.

But nothing did as in the centre of the ring box was a solid link chain bracelet, with a large clasp holding it together. There were already four charms on it, one was a solid bodied spider, and the other three with solid single letters, J, D and A. Looking up from the box and to the boys.

'What's this for?'

'Well' Demetri cleared his throat and sat up in his chair. 'Alec and myself thought, since we are going to be living together for the next four years, and we are going to end up upsetting you -alot- in that time...' Alec pipped in.

'Not intentionally of course, well the pranks will be intentional, but... you know' he shrugged at me, allowing Demetri to finish.

'We thought that we will gift you with this apology charm bracelet and every time we fuck up, we will add another charm to it, as a way of an apology' he smiled sincerely at me, as he took the box from me and pulled he bracelet from the black velvet covered pad.

'So it's more of a Demetri and Alec have fucked up bracelet?'

'Exactly' Alec replied before laughing. I held my wrist out for Demetri as he linked it around my left wrist and did up the clasp.

'Well we bought it with all our initials on it, but Alec had to buy the spider charm last night, well...' I raised my hand quickly to silence Demetri, as a shudder ran through me. Yesterday morning, they both thought it was a wise idea to put a plastic spider in the shower. I believe I cried hysterically from it to the point not even those two found it funny any more.

'Thank you, to you both, but...' I looked between them 'You boys are gonna fuck up a lot over the next few years, that I will need a few more bracelets' I winked at them before standing from my seat. It was time to go as I headed from the kitchen. They both laughed and commented on how correct I was.

Grabbing my bag from by the front door and the keys to my car. It was my nominated day to drive us all to campus, as I headed out of the door, with both of the boys close behind me. I would be lying if I said I wasn't bricking my first day. I didn't make friends easily, I was too guarded. It had always been Alec, Demetri and myself growing up, I didn't need anyone else. But now, I had no choice but to make it on my own.