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We had sat in silence for the past hour, I couldn't help shift awkwardly in my seat regularly. There was something about him that I recognised but couldn't quite place and it didn't help that the man at the door kept staring at us either, that made me more uncomfortable than sitting so close to Benjamin and resisting the urge to talk to him. Which was really a good thing. I would have only been a blubbering fool any way.

Letting out a sigh, I closed the library book, I had done all I could do today, so picking up my bag from the floor and placing it on the table, I slid the book from the table and got up from my seat, walking away towards the book stacks. I did everything in my will power to not look back at Benjamin, as I replaced the book on it's shelf and rested back against the bookcase, closing my eyes, as I tried to compose myself.

I wasn't a weak person, I was only weak when it came to my parents. I learned a long time ago that I had to be strong and independent, especially with Demetri and Alec always trying to wind me up. I had to be thick skinned. But I didn't like being ignored, especially when Benjamin had chosen twice to sit near me and then just blank me. I didn't like games or being toyed with.

Puffing out my cheeks, as my eyes fluttered open, I pushed from the bookcase and headed down the narrow gangway back towards the table, before suddenly stopping at the end. Seeing Benjamin still sat at the table, but the creepy guy that was stood by the door, was now crouched down beside Benjamin and they were talking to each other in Arabic. I couldn't speak Arabic, so I didn't know what they were saying to each other, but I thought it was weird.

Hovering at the end of the shelves, hidden from their view, I watched the man get up from his crouched position. He was dressed in a smart black suit, black tie and white shirt. Everything about him was perfect, not a wrinkle or hair out of place. He held himself professionally. My brow furrowed, as I kept my eyes on him before he disappeared out of the door.

Darting my eyes back to Benjamin, he had ducked his head once more and continued to write in his notebook. Shaking my head, trying to clear my head of the weird going on that just happened, I smoothed down my shirt and headed back to the table. But I didn't sit down, as I unzipped my bag and began to pack my things away. I never looked at Benjamin as I did so.

'Lunch?' my head snapped up hearing his voice, as I stopped what I was doing and stared at him. Benjamin was now looking at me with his mesmerizing murky green eyes, there was a slight hint of a smile on his lips, as my head tilted at him.

'Excuse me?' my tone was slightly harsh, he was clearly toying with me and I was not going to let him do it.

'Apologises, let me start again' he picked up his bag from the floor and placed it onto the desk before rising from his chair 'Would you care to join me for lunch?' I rolled my eyes at him, before stuffing everything into my bag and zipping it up.

'I don't think so' I flung my bag onto my shoulder, and hooked my hand under the strap to hold it, still looking at Benjamin as he nodded once at me, before packing his things.

'Do you have other plans?'

'Well... no I don't'

'Meeting your friend from earlier?' I didn't like the way he said 'friend' it like he was insinuating something, so I shook my head at him, not wanting to get into this. Benjamin wouldn't give me full answers, so I would give him the same courtesy.


'Okay Jane' he did up his bag and put it onto his shoulder before looking at me 'I can clearly see I have upset you in some way and I apologise'

'You haven't upset me' my tone was still emotionless, I wasn't upset with him. But he had more mood swings than a girl did in the few hours I had known him.

'Then may I ask what is wrong?'

'Well you have completely ignored me for the past hour and gave me snappy answers' I shook my head at him 'not sure I can handle spending lunch with you and putting myself through the mental torture willingly' I went to move away from the table.

'Well if you didn't think note passing was childish, then I would have sent you one' turning to look at him raising an eyebrow at him.

'And why can you not talk to me properly? Like a normal person'

'It's complicated'

'That's not a reason or an excuse Benjamin' he nodded once at me, before turning his gaze out of the window. I waited for a minute for him to say something, but he never, so I turned once more and headed to the door, but his voice made me stop at the door and look back at him.

'Then give me your lunch hour to make up for my behaviour this morning?' how could I refuse that? How could I deny him an hour of my time and if he carried on with the silent treatment, then that would be it.

'Fine, you have an hour, that's it, I got class this afternoon' the smile widened on his lips, as Benjamin made his way over to me and opened the door instantly.

'So have I Miss Jane' he gestured for me to go 'Ladies first' shaking my head, as a smile appeared. He had won me over so quickly, as I stepped from the library and we headed down the stairs.

'Not on campus and I am driving' I didn't want to risk running into Alec and Demetri and put up with their childish behaviour. I was giving Benjamin time to explain himself and what was so complicated about not wanting to talk.

'Then lead the way Jane' Benjamin walked closely beside me, that as we walked along the main hall, our hands kept knocking against each other, so I shoved my hands in my pockets and headed outside with him. I had one hour with Benjamin. I had never let things bother me, if someone never wanted to talk to me, I never actually cared. So why did the situation with him matter?

I didn't understand what was going on, there was just a part of me that wanted to get to know him. To everything he was willing to tell me and that scared me a little. I had only known him a few hours and I didn't want to be out of his presence. I usually preferred my own space, but not today.