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Friend: save the last slice of pizza for you

Best friend: eat the last slice of pizza directly in front of you while laughing at your sorry ass.

"Hey Lu-Chan? Do you want the last piece?"


"Oops… Natsu already got it!"

"DAMN YOU NATSU!" Lucy was shouting at the dragon slayer while the dude was laughing in her face and stuffing the last piece in her mouth.


Friend: looks away when you're changing.

Best friend: will mock and/or strip you of your clothes and then tries to hide them.

"Natsu. Riu. Dragneel! YOU GIVE ME BACK MY CLOTHES!"

"Come and get them!"

Lucy just got out of the shower, and saw Natsu holding her clothes, with a flaming fist.


(Can you figure out what happened?)

Friend: When you ask for candy, they give you some.

Best friend: Lies and say "there's not more, you fucker."

Natsu was chewing on hot pepper gum drops.

"Hey Natsu!" Lucy waved him over, "What'cha eating?"


"Can I have some?"

"I finished them weirdo."

Friend: Comment on your driving skills

Best friend: Will say "you're going to kill us!"

"Natsu who's idea was to put you behind the car?"


"Oh ya… After Erza ran out of magic to fuel the car, we elected you… That was a bad idea now that I think about it."

"You think Luce?.. Blech!"


Friend: Will say that your singing got better.

Best friend: Will cover their ears and say "are you trying to summon satan with that voice?"

"Lalalalala…" Lucy was singing in her room as she was getting dressed. She heard the window clink open, turned around, and no one was there.

"Natsu," she sung, "I know you are here… Come out, come out wherever you are!" Lucy was now skipping.

Natsu crawled out from under her bed. "Lucy.."

"Yes Natsu?"

"Are you trying to summon satan with that voice? Or is it just an accident?"

That day Natsu did not show up to the guild.

Friends: they buy you lunch.

Best friends: they eat your lunch.

Again… I believe that this one is self explainable.

Friend: cannot sit in silence with you without being awkward.

Best friend: can sit with you for hours without saying anything and still be happy.






"Shut up." Lucy said, and the pair continued watching the Fantasia fireworks

Friend: Will stop text you when you tell them that you're going to bed.

Best friend: Will blow up for your phone with ridiculous non-sense to keep you awake.

"Ding." Lucy's iPhone rang for the 25 time, after Lucy texted Natsu she was going to bed.





Lucy finally got annoyed and looked at the texts.

"Luce…" was the first one. It was from Natsu

"I …"














Lucy gasped when she read the last text, and immediately texted the boy back.

"I think I might be in luv with u 2! Now good nite!"

Friend: they will let you sleep.

Best friend: will whisper stuff in your ear while you asleep so you will dream it. Attempt to draw asinine things on your face.

"Natsu I had the weirdest dream last night."

"Did in involve me and happy destroying your place?"

"Yah.. How did you know?"

"Just guessed."

Lucy started walking into the bathroom, and Natsu immediately disappeared.


When Lucy arrived at the guild that day, even Gajeel was scared to be in Natus's place.

Friend: will help you clean up.

Best friend: will keep making a mess.

"Natsu! Could you PLEASE help me with the mess you made?"






"Natsu… What are you doing?"

"Practicing my magic?"

The next day Natsu came into the guild, he had what no one thought was possible. He had burns. And a smug Lucy ordered Natsu around for the next two weeks, treating him like her slave.

Friend:say will ask if he/she can borrow some type of clothing.

Best friend: will go through your closet and drawers.

"Uhh... Natsu? What do you think you're doing in my drawers?" Lucy asked while Natsu was opening one of her top drawers and was rampaging through her stuff taking out one of her tank tops and skirt.

"Oh hey, Luce. Well you see Gray bet me to go to the river and retrieve his underwear and guess what? THAT ICE-HEAD PUSHED ME DOWN TO THE RIVER! So here I am looking for some clothes I can wear, I'm sure you wouldn't mind."

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Friend: will help you through a break up

Best friend: will bring a shovel, garbage bags, and duct tape and say "let's bury that motherfucker"

"Lu-chan, it will be OK. I promise." Levy hugged Lucy and looked at Natsu and whispered, "Get the stuff."

Natsu gave the bookworm thumbs up and ran into one of the back rooms. When he came back he was carrying a shovel, a couple garbage bags and duck tape.

He ran up to Lucy and grinned at her, "Let's burry that motherfucker!"

Lucy had a lot of fun beating Natsu up for that comment. Especially when he tried to lay the blame on "innocent" Levy.

Friend: Asks nicely for your stuff

Best Friend: Shouts "GIMME!"

"Luce! Gimme some food!"

"Get it yourself! You know where the fridge is!"


"FINE! Here's a bag of chips! God Natsu! Spoiled much."

"Only thanks to you!"

Friend: Calls you at a reasonable hour

Best Friend: Calls you at 2 in the freaking morning

"Ta-tarata-tata-ta, ta-tarata-tata" Lucy's phone rang in the middle of the night.

"What is it Natsu? Why did you call at…" Lucy checked the time, "TWO FUCKING AM?

"I called to tell you that you are amazing… I forgot to tell you that yesterday."


"Just joking!"

Lucy immediately remembered that she needed to beat him up for yesterdays phone call this morning.

Friend: Will watch your pets when you go away

Best friend: Won't let you go away




"I DO!"

"Then you are not going. I, as your partner, forbid you to go look for Igneel."

"You can't do that."

"Either you stay, or I go with you. Your choice."

"Fine.. You and Happy can come."

Friend: Will hide you from the cops.

Best friend: Is probably the reason they're after you in the first place.

"Luce hide me."


"They are after me."

"Did you destroy Era again?"

"Only some of it… and I kida told them you done it…"


"I'm sorry I'm sorry!"

Lucy was last seen running towards Fairy Hills screaming. "LEVY HIDE ME! NATSU HAS GONE AND DONE IT AGAIN!"

Friend: Hands you your shoe if it falls off.

Best Friend: Grabs your shoe and runs around the room with it, screaming "Ha, ha, loser!"

"My shoe! My brand new platforms! Natsu this is all your fault! If you hadn't dared me to go near the swamp, I would still have to shoes!"

"Ha, ha, weirdo!"

Friend: Will comfort you if your boyfriend breaks up with you.

Best Friend: Will say "Be right back", go out with a baseball bat, come back at 3:00 in the morning and say "It's all been taken care of."

"Why did he break up with me? Was it because I am a mage?"

"No Luce… He broke up with you is because he is an idiot and doesn't understand how amazing you are. Here, call Levy… I'll be right back."

When Natsu didn't come back after three hours, Lucy decided to stay up and wait for him. When the guy finally did show up, he had a bad in his hand, and was sweating.

"It is all taken care off."

Lucy not being an idiot, told Natsu that he was amazing.

Friend: Will ask if you're okay, and when you say "I'm fine" they'll drop it.

Best Friend: Will ask if you're okay, and when you say "I'm fine", they'll look you in the eye and say "Okay, now tell the truth."

"Lucy… What's up?"

"I'm fine. Why?"

The two were at the guild, and Natsu was slightly worried about Lucy.

When the two exited the guild, Natsu looked Lucy in the eye and asked, "Okay, now tell me the truth. I waited until we are alone cause I know you don't like talking about your problems with people around, but you gotta tell me now."

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