(President Snow's POV)

As I slowly walk over to my favorite burgundy armchair, and avox brings me a tall mug of piping hot coffee. I sit down and turn on the television to see the District 1 reaping just beginning.

Ch. 1 – District 1's Reaping

(Capitol person's POV)

There is a new escort walking on the stage. She is wearing a golden color Afro wig, a lemon yellow skirt suit with 6" high heels, and matching make up.

"Welcome, welcome," she squeaks. "My name is Athena Patra, and I am District 1's new escort!"

As she takes small fast strides over to large screen she says, "Lets watch a video that came from the beautiful Capitol!"

It is a quick video about the Dark Days and the evolution of the Hunger Games set the national anthem of Panem – "The Horn of Plenty." Once the video was over she read a couple words from president snow about it being an honor to be chosen for the games.

"It is now time to reap one courageous man and woman to be in our lovely games!" She skittered over to one of the large glass balls. "Ladies first," she says over excitedly. She digs in the ball until she finds a piece of paper. "Diamond Shay!"

(Silk Everling's POV)

"I volunteer!" I shout before the girl even has time to start walking to the stage. I speedily walk to the stage and climb the stairs.

"What is your name?" Athena says as she puts the microphone to my lips.

"Silk Everling," I say loudly and clearly. I find my parents in the crowd and look at them confidently. My father gives a reassuring nod and my mother smiles, but I don't smile back.

"Now lets choose a gentleman," pips Athena

After a long while of groping the pieces of paper, she pulls one out.

"Carnelian Granger!"

Carnelian Granger is a year younger that me, he is 17. As he hops up the stairs Athena tells us to shake hands. He looks down at my lace dress and then he put his hand out. I shake his hand and I can tell he notices the annoying and awkward red ribbon that my mom tied on my arm for my token. He is about 6'1" and he is slim, but muscular. He has medium blue eyes and short blonde hair.

"Our two tributes for the 69th annual hunger games!" Athena yells this into the audience as they give us a round of applause. Carnelian and I both smile as we are escorted onto the train. We didn't get a chance to say goodbye to our families. I don't mind, but I can tell Carnelian does…