Games Day 12… Final Day

(Ferlana Vai's POV)

I wake up very early in a nightmare of Arius stabbing, piercing, and cutting me with one of his knives. I am deathly afraid of dying, but I am also afraid of being in the final battle. I look into my old bag and grab my supplies and put them into the new bag I got at the feast. Now I have almost a full gallon of water, 7 strips of dried beef, my coil of wire that I haven't used once, a tiny amount of sunscreen, the piece of fabric that belonged to Michael before he was killed, and my knife that I got from the cornucopia.

The knife is my only weapon. I haven't used it yet, but I sleep with it in my hand just in case someone tries to attack me in the night, but I don't need to worry about that anymore.

I take a bite of one of the beef strips and then I take a large swallow of water. I put the supplies back in my bag and start to slowly walk in the direction of the cornucopia hoping that once I am there that Angelina and Arius will kill each other like Silk and Carnelian did.

After about 45 minutes of waking I put on some sunscreen because the sun is starting to appear in the sky. I assume that it is about 6 in the morning. I was planning to hide in the cornucopia until the grand finale. I bet it will be muttations like most years. I just wonder what will they be. Bugs? Lizards? I am not sure, but I am dreading it.

I start to walk again in the extreme desert heat. The air is so dry that I have gotten a couple of bloody noses with in my time here. I am sick of the arena, I am sick the Capitol. Now it is about 7 or 8 o'clock and I have finally reached the cornucopia. I look inside and find a rattlesnake. It looks ready to strike! I slowly back out as I pull out my knife. The snake springs up off the ground and I cut its head off. It is the first thing I ever killed…

I feel bad, but I know if it would've bit me I would die because of how small I am. I gained 10 pounds since I have been in the Capitol, which made me look almost normal, but I am sure I have lost that in the arena.

(Arena over view)

Angelina awakes to find her skin very burned. She looks concerned and peals away some of the dead skin. She takes out a watch that she found at the cornucopia and it says 9:13 AM. She is happy with how late she slept in. She eats breakfast and packs her bag.

It has been almost 3 hours and Arius is still asleep. He wakes because he accidently rolled over onto his knife and he poked his arm! He isn't hurt very bad; he just has a small cut on his forearm. He wipes of the blood and packs his bag ready for battle. He sits there for about 4 hours until he hears a huge gust of wind. He turns around and he notices there is a giant sand storm approaching. It is the grand finale. He sprints towards the cactus field to avoid the storm.

Ferlana peeks her head out of the hole of the cornucopia. She sees the giant storm moving fast in the distance and Arius running from it. He is far away, but to close for comfort. The sky is dark from dust all over the sky. Ferlana takes the fabric from her bag and wraps it around her nose so she doesn't inhale the sand. She grabs her bag and runs towards the cactus field.

(Arius Marfo's POV)

I have been running for almost a half an hour. I need to rest but I can't because the storm is right behind me. I have inhaled some sand, which is making it hard to breathe. I can see that little girl from 9 far ahead of me running for her life. Right then I hear a scream from Angelina. The sand is suffocating her. She is dying a very painful death. All I can hear for the next 2 minutes are her earsplitting cries for help.

(Arena over view)

The two remaining tributes make it in to the field. Ferlana is hiding behind a large cactus hoping that Arius won't find her. She sits for hours while Arius takes a break. Eventually he gets up, silently searching. Once he is close. Ferlana take a chance and runs for it. She feels something fly right past her head. It's a spear. The storm picks up again and it is covering the whole arena. You can't see a thing. They both close their eyes groping cactuses for balance. The needles dig into their hands.

Ferlana opens her eyes to see that the storm has passed and Arius is laying on the ground 10 feet from her coughing up sand. All she has to do is take her knife and stab him. Ferlana takes her knife and walks over to him. She leans over him and he grabs her throat trying to choke her. She quickly jabs the knife into his chest and the cannon goes off…

After the games…

(Ferlana Vai's POV)

I am wearing a beautiful green dress. I feel pretty for once in my life… I walk out onto the stage where Caesar Flickerman is waiting. I put on a superficial smile and I wave. I have found new confidence since winning. I have been fed again so I look healthier and I grew 2 inches!

"Hello Ferlana," says Caesar welcomingly. "Lets start with the bloodbath. How were you feeling?"

"At first I was so scared and I was planning on running away from the cornucopia, but then I saw it was a desert so I knew I needed supplies." I reply in an emotional tone. He asks me more questions about being in the games. I give him basic answers that would please the Capitol citizens. After the interview he grabs my hand and hold it into the air. "Ferlana Vai, everybody! Give it up!"


It has been a month since I have been crowned victor of the 69th Hunger Games. My abusive uncle has completely changed. Since he realized he might loose me, he stopped drinking. Our whole district has been given food, water, and even treats! I am supposed to start the victory tour tomorrow. I will be sad to leave my district, but I will manage. Now I know that I have been in a game where the winner survives and the others are dead forever…

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