Angels weren't supposed to fall, or so she'd been taught to believe.

Lymle never really thought of Faize as an angel. In her mind, Reirei was an angel. Reirei was kind and beautiful, the way Lymle believed such celestial beings to be, even when Reirei was angry about something or trying to keep Lymle from drawing all over the ship. But that was Reirei, and Lymle accepted as much.

Faize could be kind, but he wasn't beautiful, not like an angel. Faize . . . wasn't an angel. Oh, Faize tried to be kind to her, the way he was kind to everyone else, but there was something about him that bothered Lymle.

She paused and exhaled a heavy breath. A cool breeze floated by her, tugging on her hair and dress. White flowers swayed against her, and their sweet, delicate fragrance rose up to greet her. They reminded her of Faize, especially around her birthday.

They'd celebrated her birthday on The Calnus, before Faize had left them to help his people. Everyone had given her some kind of a gift, all sweet and thoughtful, though Lymle hadn't figured out how they knew on what day she'd been born. Of the gifts she received, Faize's had been the simplest . . . and her most favorite . . . a white flower in a glass jar. Faize said it would never die. A simple gift for a simple girl, he'd said.

She'd lost the flower after The Calnus crashed on Nox Obscuris. She went to retrieve it before they left the ship behind, but the jar had shattered, killing the flower. She'd lost Faize shortly thereafter, and, when she lost Faize, Lymle learned something she never thought she would.

Angels didn't always appear as angels, so kind and radiant and beautiful, and angels could fall. They fell hard, and then they died.