White flowers dotted the green of the plains. There had been none mere seconds before but then Lutea knew who had brought the flowers to life and why. She continued to observe, knowing what day it was and why Lymle chose to do the things that she did.

In the middle of the grass and flowers stood Lymle. She'd grown taller since her return from her journeys with Edge and their friends. Lutea knew something had changed in Lymle, an event that took place before her return to Lemuris. Sadness lurked in her eyes, sadness and a strange sense of wisdom and knowledge. Whatever she had seen and experienced traveling among the stars, they had taught Lymle, in Lutea's mind, that she couldn't remain a child forever, that children had to learn to cope with death and loss and grow from those lessons.

There was one thing, however, that would never change with Lymle. She would always love flowers, always coax them into growing in an instant, and be soft in her heart as the white petals carried away by gentle breezes.