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Chapter 8

Hadrian sighed as he walked up the great many stairs that filled Hogwarts, going as slowly as possible without landing himself another detention, his head held high and nose pinched in distaste as it was assaulted with the disgusting perfume that seemed to drench the hall leading to the defense teachers office; it was bad enough he had to put up with it whenever he had class but detention was just pushing his senses boundary of torture. He sighed as he slumped elegantly – well, as elegantly as slumping allowed – down the last corridor, dreading what the horrid woman would have done to the defensive office; he had been in there three times already; Lockheart had his face plastered over every surface, which was almost enough to send any gay man into the arms of a woman, sobbing hysterically in desperate need to have their mind cleansed of the traumatic sight.

Remus was pretty cool, a nifty new creature in there every other day, their at times creepy stare pinned on whatever student was lucky enough – or in the cases of Fred and George, who had only been there once and had been soundly told, in detail, how badly their prank sucked and how much better it could have been if they had improved it as such, sending the boys into a 'studying' frenzy that, when word of it had reached their mother, had sent her into something similar to cardiac arrest - to be having tea with the glowey eyed teacher. Hadrian was still bummed that only werewolves could naturally have amber eyes that glowed awesomely at time.

Then there was the fake-Moody… that room gave a wanna-be torture chamber some ideas. Seriously, all those dark detecting crap was seriously creepy… Hadrian now understood why he had seen the hazy figures of Dumbledore, Weasley and Granger in the mirror thing at the end of the previous school year. Creepy ass shit, in his opinion.

He wondered briefly what her room would look like…

He glided over to the door – noticing the faintest pink sheen to the hardwood door , but hoped it was just his imagination – and knocked. He kept his face natural, ready for whatever the hag threw at him; the door flung open, and suddenly Hadrian had to fight desperately with his reaction as he was assaulted by the most horrid, heinous thing he could have imagined. He wanted to run screaming, gouge his eyes out and possibly feint as he was exposed to the… pink. It was everywhere: the walls, floor, and ceiling! There were frills, lace, bows, goddamned KITTENS! How in the hell was he meant to survive it!?

Hadrian was pulled out of his inwards spasms of horror – on the outside this resembled a very faint twitch running through his right eyebrow, not counting the ever so slightly panicked look in his eyes – when the creator of the pink monstrosity tittered over to him from her position at her desk, wand being slipped up her frilly pink sleeve, a sickly sweet expression on her face.

"Mr. p-… Snape…" she simpered tightly, teeth bared in a failed attempt to pull off a smile. "I see you're on time; unfortunately I've been called away tonight, the minister needing my presence you see, so I'm moving your detention to Friday, same time. Good night." She said, before cheerfully slamming the door in his face; he stood there for a moment, a slightly slack jawed look on his face as he blinked repeatedly, before he jumped up and down silently – not wanting to bring the evil woman's focus back on him, and silently cheered for all he was worth; he had escaped death by PINK!

Finally allowing sound to pass his lips, he hummed slightly as he allowed himself to give a little skip down the hall, never noticing angry eyes following him from the shadows, hidden from view behind a tapestry; in his moment of joy, he forgot to listen to the whispers of shadow, so never knew of his little follower.


Draco fidgeted slightly as his sat on a blanket, the thick material keeping him from feeling the damp grass; he felt the cool wind caressing his cheeks, playing idly with his hair and blowing through the soft silk of his blindfold. He wanted so badly to rip off the offending garment, but his mates had sat him down and tied it on, and so he simply couldn't do it, truly not wanting to disappoint his red-headed twins.

He heard a slight rustle of noise to his left, and his head snapped instinctively to the side, only to feel a warm hand caress the back of his neck; as his head now snapped to the right he gasped when his lips brushed something soft… and electrifying! Hands tugged at the bindings of his blindfold, letting the silk fabric slid down his face and rest against his neck, the black silk contrasting with his pale skin.

Draco let his eyes flutter open slowly, glancing up to see George looking down at him with shouldering blue eyes, mouth set in a determined line; behind him he felt Fred play with his hair, running his nose slowly up the pale curve of Draco's neck, sending shivers up the veela's spine and causing his breath to hitch as an electrifying heat coursed from where skin met skin.

"Hmmm, I love the smell of you." Fred murmured, causing Draco to blush slightly; he dropped his gaze, only to find George pulling his face up with a finger under his chin. Slowly, watching Draco for any reaction, George moved forward, brushing his lips softly against the blonds. Draco gasped, as a shock of pleasure shot through his being, and then whimpered as Fred pulled him away from his brother, only to press his own lips against Draco's soft ones.

It was only a kiss, but he could tell instantly that Fred was the more aggressive brother, as he pressed their lips together, dragging Draco into his lap, tongue teasing against the seam of his lips.

"heeey!" George whined playfully, "don't hog the beauty!" He demanded as he molded himself against Draco's back, pressing his cheek against Draco's neck and nibbling on the blonds ear. Fred smiled widely as Draco gasped, cheeks flushing, and dived in for another kiss, this time slipping his tongue into the warm cavern that was Draco; whimpering, Draco clutched at his mate, feeling the other press against him, his mouth working on his neck and jaw, tugging gently at his hair every now and again.

After a minute of passionate kissing, Fred pulled back, at the same time as his twin, leaving a dazed blond for them to feast their eyes upon; his lips red and swollen, silky blond hair tussled from the twins hands constantly running through it, cheeks pink from a lack of breath and a blush rushing to the surface; he couldn't seem to stop blushing now that he was alone with his mates. Draco sighed softly, letting his mates lay him down on the thick cotton blanket as they draped themselves over his body, sandwiching him between them.

They lay there for what felt like hours, when Fred suddenly jumped up, blue eyes watching the surroundings while George hopped up as well, rolling an unsuspecting Draco up in the blanket and tossing him over his shoulder, ignoring the indignant squeak the blond emitted.

"shhh love, we're kidnapping you! You must be quiet otherwise someone might catch us!" Fred whispered, a mischievous smile spreading over his face.

They had made it halfway up to the Gryffindor tower when a looming shadow seemed to melt out of no-where. Fred and George stopped in their tracks, staring with wide eyes as the resident potion master stepped out into the moon light, sharp black eyes fixed on the squirming blanket.

"Mister's Weasley, why are you out of bed so late and" his brow raised as the blanket gave a muffled curse. "Carrying around what seems to be my godson?"

The twins smiled widely at him, George patting an indignant Draco's bottom, while Fred nodded happily; the two had always enjoyed being painfully honest with the man who seemed to hate their guts with a fiery passion, but after Harry became Hadrian, the two dubbed the man their new favorite teacher.

"Well, mister Snape sir, we're kidnapping Draco dear and planning on sneaking him into the lion's den and then keeping him locked up in our beds - taking turns of course - and keeping him all to ourselves!" They said together, wide smiles on their lips as the bundle started squirming in earnest, a soft snarling sound filling the air.

Severus smirked, head inclining slightly. "As admirable your quest may be boys, his father would kill me should he find out about this."

The twins pouted, but obediently handed over the now silent Draco, and watched - stunned - as instead of unwrapping the blond as expected, the potion master threw the still wrapped boy over his shoulder and smirked at the gaping red-head before walking away, ignoring the suddenly loud muffled curses coming from the captive.


"Yeah Foerge?"

"What just happened?"

"You know what, brother dear, I have no idea."


Albus Dumbledore sat in the near quiet of his office, glaring down at the newspaper on his desk, as the gadgets around his whistled and whirled, letting off the occasional puff of smoke, a different color depending on the device in question. He had not yet read the paper from that morning, too busy listening to others as they questioned him, as well as several howlers that had found him at the most humiliating moments of the day, people demanding answers as to how he, the most prominent 'light' wizard, had failed to gain the knowledge of Harry Potter's true birth-father.

He was furious with himself about that fact; how had he not realized the mudblood was a death-eater whore? And while she was married to a regal – but sadly lacking, in the mental department to ever allow himself to marry such filth – pure blooded man! He didn't believe the rubbish the prophet was sprouting; the Potters were in his pocket, there was no way they wouldn't reveal that. The whore obviously lied to everyone, keeping her affair from everyone's view.

He stood, glaring once more at the paper that gave hard evidence that the brat was Severus's child. He knew he had lost his edge over the man, somehow backing himself into a corner; how had he not realized that by keeping his spy he was freeing the man completely. How had he been so foolish not to put a muzzle on the snake when he knew he was in the good books of a death-eater so high up such as a Malfoy; something that became painfully obvious with the close proximity of his weapon and the Malfoy brat.

He had to get rid of the man, had to get him locked up, but how he did that without bringing even more negative light to his situation. He growled, grabbing the now still gadget from the spindly table it rested on - glaring hatefully at the device that was meant to keep an eye on the Potter brat; it had been keyed to the boys magical signature since his 'parents' death. He had been so busy the past few weeks that he had failed to notice its stillness until now. He had to figure out why, couldn't understand why it had stopped working, stopped giving him a general overview of the brat's doings.

He snarled furiously, glaring at a few other devices that had stopped working just before the school had started again; each device with its own purpose, each one a different method of keeping the boy in line and suppressing his magic. It was infuriating to know his spells were obviously no longer in affect. It made him want to cause havoc, and then skillfully laid the blame at Voldermort's feet.

But he couldn't, the ministry and everyone keeping too close an eye on him; even Molly had been breathing down his neck since her money was taken right from under her nose. What was even worse, all contracts and dealings with the Weasleys and the Potter brat had been legally cut off, his guardianship dissolved from existence!

He had to get rid of Severus, had to get rid of the influence he obviously made!

The only question, was how?


Hadrian streached happily as he got out of bed, allowing a yawn to draw his mouth open as he heard furious muttering from Draco's room; curious, Hadrian pushed open his room door and saw a very ruffled Draco Malfoy throwing very sharp, pointy objects at… a picture of their fathers?

"eer, Dray, is there, any particular reason your suddenly homicidal feeling towards our dads?" Hadrian asked gently, jumping back slightly as furious grey eyes landed on him.

"Your father utterly humiliated me last night!" he shouted – not whined Malfoys don't whine – and threw another pointy object at the nearest picture, which happened to be his own father. "He found me and the twins, and instead of putting down so I could walk, he carried me off like a pack of laundry!"

"Any reason your maiming your own father as well?" he asked, calling a house elf then sitting down with his morning coffee as he watched his friend.

"Because of HIM, your father took me away from my mates! And any chance I had of being molested by those two!" Draco snarled, throwing whatever it was he was throwing with particular force, imbedding the metal object deep into the wall.

"What are those anyway?" Hadrian asked, looking at the pointy things; they were small, diamond bladed objects with a thin shaft ending with a little ring. The question startled Draco, causing the blade thing to sink into the area between Severus's legs, making the boys to wince in horror.

"eerm… it's called a Kunai; I saw them in this muggle book called Naruto!" Draco chirped, bringing a smile out of Hadrian, who did indeed know about the muggle comic.

"Actually its called a manga, Draco-chaaan!" Hadrian giggled, being a fan himself. "And did you know they have an anime for that as well?"

Here Draco looked utterly confused, his transfigured sharp toys cluttering to the floor. "What's that?"

Hadrian grinned evilly, knowing he was creating an altogether more avid fanboy. "Anime, is the series, meaning a muggle show, very similar watching a memory in a pensive."

Draco's eyes were burning with want, reminding Hadrian of the one character who was always sprouting something about youth... He'd created a monster, he thought gleefully.

Before Draco could demand to know more, the young winggnatt dragged him from their rooms and pulled him in the direction of the hall. He was hungry, damnit!

Still smiling widely, the raven pulled the blond down at the slytherin table, before loading his plate with yummy goodness, ignoring the not so subtle glare miss Puggy sent his way. He was just finishing his eggs when the clearing of a throat caught his attention; he turned to see the pink monstrosity standing at the head table, obviously trying to get Dumblefuck's attention with that weird cough of hers, he was about to go back to his meal when Luna caught his attention.

"I wander what she would do if daddy printed some hard facts on the matter of you-know-who's rising… it wouldn't be as interesting as the article of Dingleberry's, but I wander what she would do then…" her dreamy voice floated over to him, gripping him; he took another bite of his eggs, slowly chewing as he thought of her words. What could the hag do if he got the truth out in such a way? People didn't expect it of him, hell he'd most likely get a hell of a lot of people telling him he needed to book himself into a mental hospital… but oh, would it be so much fun to mess with some people's heads!

People moved away from Hadrian and Draco – Draco himself looking at his friend as if he were just a little insane – as the raven haired boy started giving an ever so slightly evil giggle.

Said giggling stopped, being replaced by a pout that would bring most men to their knees, when Draco wacked Hadrian over the head.

"No evil plans before lunch." Was all the veela said.


Hadrian gambled slightly under his breath as the transfiguration teacher pinned him with a stern glare; it was not his fault Granger and Weasley were stuck to the chairs they had been in when he first two to class – okay, maybe he was, but who needs to know – therefore making them create a disaster in the back of the class room. This of course was perfect timing, as he was now wedged between Neville – Hadrian had to suppress a major blush, not wanting to bring more attention to himself – and Dean. The muggle-born boy was lots of fun to talk to, he soon found out, and Was doing a marvelous job at making Neville just a teeny bit jealous, which sent a thrill of satisfaction through the unclaimed submissive, making him feel wanted and desired by his mate.

He inwardly cheered as Neville leaned closer, something that would have been overlooked unless – like himself – you were watching his every move; he was so glad one of his mates would always be in a class with him; it made life so much easier. In fact, the stupid duo seemed to have already learned a healthy respect, along with none too little fear, for the dominant male, realized the previous day when they had tried to harm him during potions. Neville had pulled Ron aside after the lesson and had a little talking to the idiot red-head.

The fact that the two avoided going near the tall brunette now was a bonus, as Hadrian made sure to sit by him whenever possible; much to the young man's obvious delight.

He was pulled out of his thought by the lesson.

"This year is one of the most, if not the most important year of your schooling career; you start your OWL's, and how you proceed in your subjects will secede if you are able to continue these subjects. If you do not pass with the proper grade, you might be barred from certain subjects. This means that if your career of choice needs a certain subject and you fail to reach it, you need to find a new future."

This had Hadrian thinking; what did he want? He didn't want to go into anything that remotely resembled the ministry. He didn't want to fight anymore, he didn't want to work under a corrupt government; he wanted, to be perfectly honest, to be a family man, in other words, the 'housewife' and take care of his men.

He was so deep in thought, so intrigued by the idea that he jumped when the bell rang, causing Neville to looked at him in concern; Hadrian just smiled at his future mate, feeling a little flushed at the thought of being completely taken care of by the tall brunette, brown eyed and the raven haired, golden eyed winggnatts.

He stood up, feeling a happy flutter in his stomach at the thought of being with both his mates in the next lesson, as slytherin and Gryffindor shared charms together; this gave him an opportunity to cause a little havoc. Oh he couldn't wait to shock the dominants so thoroughly.

They all sat down, Hadrian delighted to see his mates both sitting close to him – much to the annoyance of his little backstabbers, who were once more blocked from him - and the lesson started; professor Flitwick proceeded to stand on top of his stack of books and give a very similar lecture to that of his head teacher. After that he gave them their assignment – which Hadrian fond surprisingly difficult, having to make a feather burst into flames; he noticed that Blaise had finished the task within ten seconds of the get-go, while Neville was having even more trouble than him. He still finished before Hermione though, to her glaring envy – and proceeded to walk around ask them questions.

When the small man stopped at their table Hadrian leaned forward and asked in a whisper – knowing his mates would still hear him, which was kind of the point – about his career choice.

"Professor? What subjects would one need to become a housewife?" he asked in a low tone; the white haired man blinked, before giving a slight start.

"Well, mister Potter, I never expected you to want to settle down with a docile kind of girl." The man squeaked out, only to jump slightly as Hadrian laughed – not wanting anyone to notice the murderous growls coming from his mates.

"No sir, I'm not docile in any way, I still plan on taking combat subjects… you see sir, I plan on being a 'housewife'"

The charms teacher was speechless for a good minute – along with the nosy brats listening into the conversation before looking thoughtful. "Well, you'll definitely need charms, transfiguration, possibly potions, also I'd advice getting extra lessons or even self-study house hold charms not on the actual curriculum to get a more well-rounded education on the subject. If you know how to cook and clean properly that's a plus. Also, not that this is strictly needed, but knowning how to be a host will also be advice." The man smirked, looking over his tiny spectacles with warm brown eyes. "may the shadows be with you, Mr. Snape."

Hadrian was stunned; his teacher knew! That last bit was classical parting for shadow winggnatts! It said so in the book; each division had a paricular greeting, and it was highly respectable to formally part this way if you knew the winggnatts type.

He didn't notice the dreamy eyed looks of his mates watching him, each thinking particularly naughty thoughts that spun off from the thought of him being a 'housewife'


It was Friday, it was time… the time of all doom, the moment he had been dreading since the brief freedom days ago… it was time for his detention.

Hadrian felt like crying.

He could smell the suffocating stench of perfume on the other side of the door, the high pitched, painfully false humming of the horrid monster that demanded his presence; he didn't want to knock, didn't want the hazy pink smog to wrap around him and seep into his skin, marking him with a stench that he knew, just knew, would take at least three bottles of shampoo and six bars of soap to get off of him!

Okay maybe he was exaggerating slightly but still!

Taking a deep breath – and immediately regretting it – he lifted a trembling finger and… poked the door… HE JUST COULDN'T DO IT! He jumped and barely held in a shriek as the door was ripped open to reveal the sickly sweet smile of the devils mother… oh wait, it's his teacher.

Hadrian wondered if had drank anything weird, he was awfully sarcastic at the moment and wasn't entirely sure why; he had been growing steadily, but very slowly, more and more irritable as the day wore on… he followed the horrible woman into the room, slightly disturbed by a sudden craving of chocolate and cream. He sat down at the indicated chair – the only chair other than the puffy pink one – and picked up the quill, he checked to see in it was a self-inking one – his hand twitched, as if something was wiggling around under the protective scales on his hands; not painful, just itchy – and saw that it did nothing, so he reached for his own ink well.

"No Mr. P-Snape, this is a special self-inking quill, you own is not required." She said in that simpering sweet tone. Hadrian rolled his eyes, and waited. As he expected she told him what to write – finally. "You will be writing 'I will not tell lies'"

Hadrian blinked, then frowned. "When did I tell a lie ma'am?"

She huffed slightly, then glared. "You said he-who-must-not-be-named is back."

Another blink. "No I never, Granger said that."

The hag looked stunned for a moment, and then went red in the face – Hadrian couldn't help but think about how horribly she clashed with her cloths. "Just write them!"

Shrugging, he tried to write his lines; key word being Tried. No matter how hard he pressed, the only thing that happened were his scales – invisible to the world – itched even worse. Finally he decided to call the hag over.

"it's not working."

Frowning she grabbed the pen ND scribbled across his page, startling him as she gave a loud squawk. Red ink streaked his page… it smelled of blood. Eyes narrowed, he picked up the pen and tried gain under her watchful eye. Once again nothing happened.

This went on for over an hour, only causing more and more frustration until Hadrian – shockingly – felt like crying. Modified by his own behavior, he rushed to his room and barricaded himself into the bathroom; he called dobby asking for a tub of chocolate ice-cream, letting the hot water melt away his stress.

It was two hours later that his father found him, still eating chocolate and playing with never fading bubble bath. He was pouting when his father looked at him, and then burst into tears. The man was terrified, only to make a sound of understanding. He knelt down and pulled the still sobbing submissive into his lap, ignoring his nudity.

"What's the matter?" he soothed, patting his sons hair as he had done once with his wife when she was upset. Hadrian told him everything, and then asked in a haunting tone why in the nine rings of hell was he so emotional?! "Well, you're going through your first 'cycle' and they always are very… scary at first."

Hadrian, wrapped in nothing but a fluffy blue towel – that he had stolen from Draco, hehe – and hugging his father, before he burst into almost insane sounding laughter.

"You… hahaha… you said 's- hehe –scary'!" The boy laughed himself horse, before getting up, patting his smirking father on the head. "Thanks dad."

Hadrian, who had just been pulling the pendant off and was about to go to bed, was startled when his father grabbed his right hand and seemed to glare down at the purple scales. "er, dad?" the freaked out winggnatt asked, eyes wide. The older man was silent before snarling out, showing his son his own hand.

"The reason the quill did not work, and now I understand that it was a blood quill" Hadrian startled as his father snarled the words out, looking down at his hand in shock. "Was because it could not get past your scales."

There, carved into his scaled was a whole load of scribbles and half formed words, even a smiley face he remembered drawing out of boredom… well attempting to draw. Not knowing what to say, he asked rather dumbly, "well, what's it for?"

"it's an illegal dark artifact." He resident potions master snarled out before storming out of the room.

Hadrian still couldn't get over the fact that he had a smiley face carved into his hand.


Hadrian yawned as he sat down –at the Gryffindor table today – and started loading his plate with bacon, filling his cup with milk, when Ginny Weasley slithered in next to him, fluttering her eye lashes.

"Hi Harry." She purred.

"It's Hadrian." He mumbled absently, ignoring her scowl. She attempted again, even as Neville glared at her from cross the table.

"Did you hear about the Halloween ball coming up?" she giggled, once more fluttering her eyelashes at him; it was starting to creep him out in all honesty, so he scooted away from her, much to her obvious annoyance.

"Nope." He said, before jumping up, all but running across the hall. He threw himself in next to Draco and hugged him. "There's going to be a ball!"

The boy's excitement was cut off when a very angry Umbitch and a smirking Severus Snape strode into the room.

"Wonder what crawled up her ass." Draco muttered before diving into a vivid conversation about what to wear to the ball with Hadrian.

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