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Hidan's point of view... cause he's just cool, okay...

...Bonding Trip...


It had been three weeks since they came back from the mountains, life had settled back down for all of them.

Hidan had no complaints, in truth he was quite the happy bastard having the best boyfriend in the whole universe and having astounding friends to keep his company... it couldn't get better.

Itachi was his everything, he couldn't even explain it. Couldn't explain how Itachi made him feel... he was just happy.

Pein was still a piercing obsessed bastard but now that bastard had gained a new quality... Pein was so damn smug, Hidan couldn't stand it... and he didn't quite understand it either... it wasn't like Pein had some dirty secret to hide from him and to feel smug about... none of them had dirty secrets, they were all out in the open. So in the end Hidan decided that the right thing to do is to ignore it completely.

Deidara hadn't changed at all, sometimes Hidan wondered did anything even mattered to the blonde... it seemed he was happy as long as he got what he wanted and he couldn't care less of anything else, well Hidan saw nothing wrong with that kind of view on things.

Sasori... Hidan's lips stretched into naughty smile whenever he thought of the red-haired devil. And what a naughty devil Sasori was, Hidan couldn't wrap his thoughts right when it came to Sasori... it was like the guy was nasty and downright mean sometimes but there was the definite sweet and cute quality there as well... Sasori was just mind-blowing.

However today was a special day...

Hidan had a plan and it was a nice one, he had a lovely surprise for Itachi... and he was sure Itachi would appreciate it as well. Their relationship was new and it wasn't like they got to spend much time together now when they were back in the city, so Hidan being Hidan wanted to steal Itachi away from everyone else tonight and have his kitty for himself.

He would make it long and nice... starting with some sweets maybe... he already got a perfect movie in mind too, anything was acceptable as long as he would get to see Itachi smile...even putting up with a dorky movie.

Itachi would come home soon and the last thing Hidan needed was go/sneak into Pein's room and borrow/steal the said movie. Why buy it when you have friends right?

Getting in unnoticed into Pein's room wasn't the hard part since he was home all alone... the hard part was to pick the lock. He didn't know what Pein had to hide but surely the orange haired prick was hiding something! He didn't care in particular, he just wanted the damn movie.

It took him more than five minutes till he was close to breaking the doors down but the lock made a clicking noise indicating its surrender.

Grinning about his victory Hidan walked in the room, he looked around and saw nothing that would catch his interest, nothing at all... judging by the room Pein was an extraordinary boring human being.

But Pein did have a huge selection of movies and a very nice video player as well, there was a whole shelf by one of the walls filled with movies, Hidan really wasn't a fan of movies in general so his violet eyes didn't fix any titles as he skimmed through the various cases.

It was only when he got to the lower part he realised he's looking at something...odd.

Home made movies?

Judging by the titles it really was so... and there was Pein's handwriting on them so there was no doubt to whom they belonged. Interested Hidan picked up a few smirking while reading the absurd titles. 'First piercing' and so on... crazed fucker.

His smile faded and his hands started to shake when his eyes saw a CD labelled as 'Itachi'... this couldn't be the case...

Frowning he didn't even think on what he was doing he just switched on Pein's video player pushing the CD inside before he hit 'play' on the remote.

The big screen lit up instantly showing him the lovely sight of Itachi's face...it was weirdly flushed though... and Itachi was...moaning... the black eyes half lidded looking right at the camera...

"No!" the denial left his lips when the man behind the camera and Hidan was sure it was Pein zoomed it out... the reason why Itachi was flushed was clear now... his black-haired kitty was laying on the bed dressed in nothing, bound to Pein's bed with ropes and there was a vibrator wriggling between Itachi's widely spread and bound legs.

Hidan noticed Itachi's hair were shorter...this had happened at least a year ago... holy fuck!

With a dumb face Hidan watched Pein appear in the video as the camera was set unto something to keep the bed and what happened on it in clear view.

"Aw you like that Itachi, don't you?" Pein's voice sounded slightly different than in real but Hidan paid no attention, his nose was about to bump into the screen when Pein smirking took hold of the madly vibrating toy moving it deeper... Hidan's jaw dropped and his breaths came out heavy when his boyfriend on the screen let out a squeal of delight arching the lean pale body and nodding at Pein's words.

Well it looked like Itachi liked it to Hidan as well... there was no mistaking after hearing those sounds as Pein kept thrusting the rubber toy in and out of Itachi's reddened hole...it seemed they had played for a while already...

"Itachi, Itachi... you're so naughty, what lewd sounds you're letting out...and what slutty face you're making..."

Hidan wasn't entirely sure what he wanted to do... kill Pein, feel extremely jealous or reach down and rub his rapidly hardening cock.

Itachi's voice sounded a bit different as well... "Yes... I'm naughty..."

"Fuck me!" Hidan breathed out falling backwards into the couch, his eyes never left the screen and he forgot to close his mouth when Pein chuckled into Itachi's flushed sweaty face, licking the luscious lips momentarily before pulling back and ripping the toy out of the wriggling ass.

At Itachi's scream and at the sight of the puckered little hole closing after twitching few times Hidan did grip his cock through his jeans... he still didn't know how exactly this made him feel, the hell he still didn't really realise what he was watching right now but his cock liked it a lot... Itachi looked so... true and honest there, with no worry in the whole world.

Pein was getting between Itachi's slender legs stroking the quivering inner thighs before leaning down and biting on them gently, Itachi was whimpering and mumbling things he didn't understand but it didn't matter, Hidan knew his boyfriend by now, that mumbling meant Itachi was needy as needy he could get.

And Pein ...he had to admit was a sexy bastard...and a perverted one, but that was nothing new. The orange-head was devouring Itachi between the legs, licking, sucking, nibbling till Itachi turned into a moaning mess turning the head to the sides, biting the lower lip, choked sounds of Pein's name escaping.

Hidan had opened his jeans and pulled himself out of his boxers, he had no choice, he was so hard he actually was in pain, gripping his cock hard in his hand he observed Pein's tongue fucking his boyfriends ass...roughly and with no shame.

As Hidan's pre-come wetted his hand-job he realised that those two on the screen were...free.

Itachi didn't hide the sounds, didn't try to stop the gorgeous body from arching into every single touch despite the bounds and Pein was embracing his dominant ruling side... maybe that's why Hidan could do nothing else than pump his hard erection while Pein pulled back from the reddened pucker, crawled forward and rubbed his cock-head on it watching Itachi's face as he did.

And Itachi's face was so beautiful at that moment, the black eyes watching Pein hover above... watching the strong and lean body ready to take him... Hidan did feel jealous at the moment when Pein pushed the hips forward burying the thick length inside Itachi's willing body with ease.

Itachi's head fell backwards, the lean arms flexing, tugging on the ropes hard, the chest arching up for the ceiling and for Pein.

It was all so arousing, Hidan already felt like coming, his hand moved in a blur and his hips bucked, his hand squeezed too hard, abusing his swollen erection to the level of pain...and it was all because the orange haired dominatrix on the screen was laying over the pale beautiful body, thrusting inside of it, pulling delicious moans from Itachi's throat, the ropes were undone and Itachi's arms instantly wrapped around Pein neck pulling the tanned body closer, deeper while the lean legs remained bound and widely apart.

The toy discarded on the sheets was still buzzing, Hidan could hear it when Itachi paused in the moans as Pein shifted them both, ending with Itachi in Pein lap.

When Pein's strong hands on Itachi's slim hips pulled Itachi down hard and kept the beauty there, perched on the thick cock buried as deep as it could get... that's when Hidan came.

"Itachi... feel it... feel it deep inside of you." Pein's words triggered his orgasm making it long and outdrawn, he moaned lowly, his violet eyes half lidded but refusing to close, he had to see what happened next... even when he was spurting rope after rope of his cum into his hand.

The two sweaty and beautiful figures on the screen were doing their best to feel the peak of the pleasure as well...

With lidded eyes and breathing heavily Hidan calmly observed his boyfriend bounce on Pein's lap, all kind of sounds filling his ears... skin colliding with skin, the squishy sounds of Pein's cock violating the abused pretty hole... Itachi's screams and mewls for more and Pein's praises of how good Itachi was at riding him.

It didn't take long till Pein was growling loudly, grabbing Itachi's delicate ass with the big hands hard, ploughing into it with force and rough abandon...

It was hidden form Hidan's eyes but he knew they both were coming then, Itachi biting into Pein's neck muffling the wild scream in there and Pein howling at the ceiling muffling the sound by gritting the teeth.

Hidan tucked himself back in his jeans picking the remote to turn the video off, he had seen enough...

The last thing he saw was Pein stroking Itachi's silky black hair and Itachi's content face, complete satisfaction written all over it.

He didn't bother to take the CD out of the player... let Pein understand he had seen it...this wasn't over between him and Pein.

For the same reason he didn't bother to lock the door as he left after 'borrowing' the movie he had looked for previously.

After cleaning his own mess in the bathroom and a while of hard thinking on what he just witnessed he walked back for his room.

In the hallway he run into his boyfriend, Itachi seemingly had just returned home, looking perfect as usual, giving him a peck on his lips and a small smile when he hugged the lean form close to his chest and inhaled the scent coming from the long hair.

"Had a good day, Itachi?"

"Yes, it was alright."

Taking a gentle hold of Itachi's upper arm he led his other half for his room...his plan of having Itachi just for himself tonight was still in action... it just had slight changes to it now.

"So 'Tachi... what do you think of bondage?"


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