This is actually a request from a friend of mine, who is also in love with this pairing, So I'll be uploading this every so often there's a lot of prompts so give me some leeway! I found out that I actually like writing to a prompt, makes my life a little easier. Well, anyway, enjoy :)


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Warning(s): Lets see, malexmale relationships (Yaoi), strong sexual references, actual sexual themes, cursing, I'll add more when i think of them...

1. Lovemaking:

Russia could never understand why he didn't pursue his, now Prussian lover, sooner: as he watched him twitch and moan beneath him while he steadily moved his hips back and forth.

2. Others:

It was truly addictive, the way America would stare directly at him with the purest of hatred in his eyes as he caressed Prussia. Nothing could bring him more satisfaction than seeing his greatest rival drowning in jealous of him...though, Gilbert moaning out his name with his eyes clouded in lust brought him to his knees every time.

3. Island:

"Hawaii? Really?" Prussia asked as he looked over the travel brochure Russia had slipped over his magazine.

"You said you wanted to go on a vacation, da?"

"Well, yeah but..Hawaii?" Gilbert raised an eyebrow at his lover.

"It's perfect! We can visit the beach where the sand is warm and there's no snow!...Besides, I can't wait to see Amerika's face when I make love to you on his soil!" Gilbert shivered as Russia's smile grew to unnatural lengths.

4. Milk:

Prussia took several large gulps of milk as he leaned against the kitchen counter, stray droplets sliding down his chin as he lowered the jug. Since they'd obviously diminished the alcohol stash the previous night: milk would have to do, Prussia decided as he observed the hell whole that was the living room. Clothes were scattered across the floor as beer cans and vodka bottles littered the floor and table tops. Snatching the jug from the counter he took another chug of milk before heading back upstairs to his Russian, who was, without a doubt, still snoring loudly entangled with the blankets.

5. Royalty:

Prussia crossed his arms and pouted, though he'd never admit it, as he observed the cloak that was currently tied securely around his neck, the vivid reds and whites clashing with his own scarlet eyes and pale skin. Russia had to use all his will power to stop himself from taking him right then and there on the floor, perhaps even on the table when his tzar-like lover smirked at him.

6. Hat:

"Is there a reason you insisted on us wearing these, krolik?" Russia asked as he fiddled with the long glove extensions of the panda hat constantly wrapping uncomfortably around his waist.

"Because they're awesome!" Gilbert skipped happily through the snow, his own hats gloves flowing gently behind him as General Winter sent another blast of cold air toward them, Russia let an unnoticed genuine smile slide across his lips as he followed his lover through the white wonderland that was their backyard.

7. Bow:

"I-Ivan take it off!"

"Nyet, not yet." Russia giggled as Prussia fought against the handcuffs holding him to the bedpost, a soft moan escaping his bitten lips as Russia's warm breathe caressed the sensitive backside of his member.

"I hate you."

"Ya tozhe tebya lyublyu, Prussiya" Russia giggled as he pulled the silky ribbon tighter around his lovers manhood, successfully preventing his lover's release with a silky pink bow tied securely around him.

8. Hammers:

"Fucking, fat ass commie!" Prussia yelled at the top of his lungs as he cradled his bruising fingers after a hard clash with the hammer: that now laid abandoned on the tile roof. Russia rolled his eyes at the comment, clearly used too the gesture after 50 years of simply living with the albino as he snatched the albino's fingers, placing loving kisses across each one.

9. Shorts:

"I look fucking awesome!" Russia looked up from his paperwork as he watched his lover inspecting his new shorts in the mirror, his figure slightly arched in a perfect lean. The Russian would have to agree that the shorts were perfect for his lover, the black leather a flawless contrast with his pale skin as it squeezed his thighs. Maybe even a little too perfectly, the Russian decided as he ripped the fabric clean off his lover, smiling innocently as his lover yelled German profanities at him.

He'd have Lithuania fix them later.

10. Armor:

"Ya lyublyu tebya" Russia promised against his lovers forehead as he was stripped of his facade composure with his brother's screams for him in the deepest of agonies as they stood on opposite ends of the Berlin wall.

11. Sleepy:

Prussia found it extremely cute how Russia insisted on sleeping near or, more preferably, on him whenever he decided to hit the sack. Especially the way Russia yawned against him before wrapping his arms around his waist and burrowing his face into the fabric of Prussia's shirt or skin, depending on the night, mumbling 'Nikogda ne ostavlyaĭte menya.' or some other Russian phrase the Prussian refused to learn.

12. Feline:

When Russia's cat, Koshka, entered the living room and spotted Prussia laid out comfortably on the couch with his laptop: most likely updating his blog judging by the smirk planted on his face, he immediately jumped up onto his back, trotted in a circle before flopping down onto the smooth fabric.

"Thank Fritz your cat doesn't weigh half the weight you do." Russia pouted with a 'hmph' at the similar treatment he gave to Prussia from his cat, while Prussia snickered, enjoying the constant purring relaxing his back.


Lovemaking: :3

Others: I wanted to put some jealous with Russia and America, they're rivals and all so it made sense to me. Besides, I can totally see Russia getting off on a jealous America.

Island: I couldn't stop myself, I regret nothing.

Milk: No Comment.

Royalty: No Comment.

Hat: Here's a link to the panda hat image I used: (Https) cdn102 .iofferphoto (.com) /img3/ item/502/840/ 521/2lzX-2s-1 (.jpg), without the spaces...

Bow: No comment.

Hammers: I was going to something with Russia's soviet flag, the sickle and hammer: but, I lost the idea..I'm still kinda disappointed...if it comes back to me I'll add it later on!

Shorts: No comment.

Armor: I honestly don't want to write about Russia being a crazy sociopath murderer out for German blood, though he probably would be. But, for now he is going to have a sweet, child-like attitude.

Sleepy: No Comment.


Da: Yes (No shit..), krolik: Rabbit, Ya tozhe tebya lyublyu: I love you too,Ya lyublyu tebya: I love you, Nikogda ne ostavlyaĭte menya: Never leave me. ~If any of these are wrong, please let me know. I used a translator, they're really not the most reliable thing I could use but, it's what I have.