What if Melinda had a baby at sixteen,know one knows about her & she lives with her father in Houston, Texas. What will happen when her daughter is in trouble and Melinda has to help her. How will she explain this to her friends? What will Jim's reaction be? Will their life be the same? Who is the father?


This takes place after the last episode of season 5.

Delia: currently dating one of her clients who owns a toy company and collects vintage planes. His name is Mark and has brought a lot of business to Melinda as he has decided to sell some of his vintage planes. Since she is selling his house they are buying one together and have been dating for almost a year.

Ned: Ned has also moved in with someone special, his girlfriend Katie (the dancer who had a ghost attached to her and her family) they bought a 2 bedroom (Delia couldn't stand knowing that Ned would be sharing a room with her & what they would be doing) so to put his moms mind at ease they bought a TWO bedroom apartment off campus. They also bought the cutest miniature schnauzer dog together & called it Buddy.

Eli: Eli has continued on with his dating life after his horrible break up with his best friend from childhood, Casey. Ned often lets him borrow Buddy as sort of a coping/ animal therapy session. Other than that he continues to help Melinda and Ned unravel tough ghost situations and after Bedford's death was offered the position of head of the Psychology department, in which he accepted.

Jim: Since the shadow/shiny battle, he has decided he needs to work shorter hours, which Melinda insists is just a way to get of doing double shifts, but nonetheless, is grateful for getting to see her husband for longer than an hour a day. He also gets more time off, since this is his final year of residency. Him and Melinda get more time together and have enjoyed being married for 10 whole years.

Aiden: Aiden had been especially care free, he seems more comfortable since he know the shadows aren't around anymore. He is happy getting to see his dad more often and keeps hoping that he gets a sibling. (which he has been especially curious about these days). He is learning a lot about crossing ghost over and has even done one all by himself.

Melinda: she has not changed, but she is forever grateful for her son saving her life. She continues to expand her store and had gotten a number of expensive antiques. (mostly from Mark, Delia's boyfriend). She spends more time with Jim which is good because she rarely saw him during day light hours due to his long shifts. So she is happy to report that everything has gone back to normal, she is teaching aiden how to cross over ghost without aggravating them and has made him promise that whenever a ghost is around he will tell her first instead of letting them hide in his closet. The only thing she can hope for is for this peace to last.

Chapter 1

Melinda walks in after a long exhausting day at work to find her dear son's toys on the floor in the kitchen.

"Aiden what did I tell you about picking up after you play with your toys.."

Aiden runs down the stares stomping on every stair and runs in wearing a baseball glove.

"sorry mom but daddy was teaching how to pitch, he says that when he was my age he pitched too! He says I'm really good!" Aiden gives her that 500 watt smile that always gets her through her toughest days.

"Thats great! Now when I was your age I was doing ballet but I'm guessing thats not your thing" Melinda smiles knowing Aiden response will be something funny.

"Ewwwww! Ballet is Icky! They all wear pink and have toutou's'" Aiden's smile turned into a tongue sticking out kinda look, which caused Melinda to laugh.

Just as Melinda was going to respond a tall handsome Jim walked in through the front door.

"Hay buddy! I thought you were going to get your glove?" Jim gave his son a disapproving look before noticing Melinda in the kitchen.

"Well hello there!" Jim walked over to Melinda and gave a deep kiss they broke apart just in time to here Aiden's usual remarks about kissing people on the lips being gross.

"Well you know bud, one day your gonna wanna do this." Jim says still cupping Melinda's face and kissing her again this time with more depth.

" I don't think so, Girls are blehhh!" Aiden concluded dryly.

They broke apart and Melinda stared down at her son,

"well thank you very much Aiden" Melinda said a sarcastic manner knowing that Aiden was just in that stage of life where girls had cooties.

"Mommy i didn't say you were bleh I just don't like any other girls, your the only exception" Aiden gave her a great big smile and Melinda smiled back

"Well thank you very much For that!" She looked back at Jim and stared into his light blue eyes.

"Well it looks like you may have some competition there Mr. Doctor man" Melinda chuckled a little as Jim grabbed her waist.

"Well I think you are the most beautiful women in the world Ms. Antiques lady and I like girls, but You're the only women I like" Jim kissed her hard and started moving down her neck causing Melinda to giggle and brake things up before it got to far.

Melinda looked over her shoulder to where Aiden was standing, he had since run off after deciding to pick up his things off the floor of the kitchen.

"well one thing to put on the to do list is to get Aiden to pick up after himself" Melinda walked towards the fridge and took out a water bottle. Jim followed her and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and started to kiss her neck and cheek.

"We can take care of that another day, come on Aiden's gone outside to play with Ben"

Jim started to whisper in her ear causing her to blush. He kept whispering until they got up to thier room.

"Oh I forgot to mention was that a new drawing I saw on the fridge this morning?" Melinda was always curious as to what inspired Aiden and after work usually would ask Jim, Ned or Eli about it.

"Yah I've been meaning to talk to you about that... ummm Aiden really wants a sibling" Jim really could say much it was pretty self explanatory, he's been drawing pictured like this for a while now but they've both been so busy that neither of them have really discussed it in any sort of detail.

"another one" Melinda was really curious as to why all of a sudden her son was interested in sibling and babies and all things related but she knew that he wasn't the only one, Jim has been dropping hints as well not to mention he tries at every opportunity to talk about it but I've been so busy neither of us has really pursued the topic.

"yeah Mel and this time neither of us can avoid it, especially you." Jim chimed in.

"What do you want me to say?" Melinda asked dryly

"Well it would be great to get a straight answer from you concerning the whole second child sibling thing" Jim said putting the question out there so that she couldn't avoid it.

"I... I really don't know.." Melinda said not being very convincing as to why she doesn't know.

" Why? Whats the problem Mel? You know that no matter what I'll never judge you, so tell me why? Let me in." Jim said causing Melinda to avoid eye contact.

They both sat on their bed next to each other and Melinda was staring out the window watching Aiden play baseball with his friends.

she looked back at Jim for a second, long to see the pain in his eyes.

" I never has a sibling..."

she continued slowly

"I really, I just don't know how it will work you know... gift wise, will she/he be able to do what I can do? Or maybe what Aiden can do? Or more? Will it get the gift at all? How will this effect everything with the book? When I was pregnant that book scared me half to death... it wouldn't be yours"

Melinda was half in tear when she finished jim moved closer to her and hugged her massaging her shoulders and back.

" Mel you have to stop thinking about all the things that are bad about having another kid... I mean when we found out you were pregnant with Aiden we were so happy, we had been trying for so long, yes, all that stuff happened and if I was in your position I would have been a complete wreck, but I came back... I came back Mel... even if I have to live in someone else's body I'm here. I'm never leaving, and it doesn't matter was she/he can or can't do it'll be loved and nothing can changed that. No matter what It'll be ours Mel, I don't care if it won't technically be Aiden's sibling, he will know it's his brother... or sister" Jim finished to a now tear filled Melinda.

"How do you always know just what to say" Mel smiled looking into Jim's eyes once again.

"It's easy.. it;s cause I have you and I know you, I know that you're scared not just of what our baby can or can't do but also of the fat that it won't be mine. But Mel if you haven't noticed it will be mine, just in another guy's body." Jim started to kiss Mel on the neck moving to her lips where he depended the kiss.

Melinda stopped crying and looked up at Jim.

"you really want this don't you?" Melinda looked hopeful for his response.

"well...yeah and I know you do to if it weren't for all this stuff you have to worry about" Jim looked into Melinda's eyes seeing the love she felt for him.

"okay" Melinda said in a soft yet assertive voice. "we can try for another baby" Melinda smiled

Jim looked surprised and excited "REALLY? OH MY GOD yes!" Jim smiled and picked up Melinda spinning her around bridal style in his arms. Melinda started to giggle and smile.

"I love you" Jim said kissing her passionately on the lips.

"I love you too" Melinda mumbled into the kiss as they fell onto the bed.