Just a short little fic that came to me during a conversation i had with my friend Sian. Hope you like it

Every years since Dancing On Ice began Jayne had held a garden party at her home. It was a good opportunity for everyone to relax and let there hair down.

There was a BBQ which this year Phil and Sean seemed to be the masters of while Jayne and Karen made sure everyone had drinks. The sun was shinning, music was playing and everyone was having a good time.

"Ladies and gentlemen can I have your attention please" Matt Evers said. All eyes turned to see Matt and Nina standing in the middle of Jaynes large patio in long black cloaks, "If you would move to the sides Nina and I would like to share something with you."

Everyone did as they were asked.

Matt looked over to Jayne and Chris "Never did I, we" he said indicating the other professional skaters "think we would not only get the opportunity to work with the legendary Torvill and Dean but call you friends. It is easy to see why you are the best at what you do, your passion and dedication is amazing. You push us hard each week because we know we can do it. For that we thank you. So please sit back and enjoy"

Karen handed Jayne and Chris a glass of champagne. "Did you know about this?" Jayne asked her friend.
"Me? No, of cause not" she said, not quite hiding the smile that crossed her face.

In truth Karen knew everything about this little show. She had helped with the music, the costumes and even the choreography.

Matt and Nina removed the cloaks to reveal two costumes that Jayne and Chris thought they would never see again. Matt and Nina were dressed heat to foot in Gold and were wearing Off-Ice-Skates.

Chris took Jaynes hand in his. The first bars of Mack and Mable filled the garden.

Everyone watched on as Matt and Nina recreated, step by step, the famous 1982 routine. And when the famous 'train step' was performed even Jayne and Chris clapped.

When the routine was finished Jayne and Chris were the first to give Matt and Nina a hug, the other were close behind.

"That was fantastic, thank you" Jayne said with tears in her eyes.
"Not bad, I suppose" Chris said jokingly "you look better in that than I did" he added.
"Don't think anyone could look good in this"
"You have to remember it was the 80's"
"That's nothing you should see the bright green costume" Karen added.
"Oh really?" Nina said "know I am curious"
"I have photographs" Karen said smiling.
"I can do better than that" Phil said joining in the conversation.
Jayne looked at her husband "Oh really"
"Yep" he said smiling "I have video"