"Hello Reily" Rory said sweetly.

"Rory love! Did you decide to forgive Finn, since you're calling from his phone?" Reily asked hopefully.

"Don't 'Rory love' me." She spat, "And we'll get to that," She added softly.

"Umm what did I manage to do all the way from Australia?" He gulped. A angry Rory, was scary.

"Like you don't know!"

"Um I don't"

"Don't play dumb!"

"I'm not playing.."

"Don't be smart!"

"So you don't want me to be smart or dumb?"


"Umm yes?"

"You're partner already gave you up?"

"What partner?"


"She told you that it was us who sent your car into the ocean?" He asked shocked.

"You what?" She asked her eyes going wide and mouthing 'I'm gonna kill you' to Stephanie, who gulped.

"We bought you a new one!"

"Had a known why you guys were willing to pay the money to buy me a lexus, a lamborghini, a porshe, an audi AND an Aston Martin I would've killed you both." She said as Stephanies eyes widened. "But since you did buy me more pretty cars, I'll let it pass." She said and they both sighed.

"Besides, I was talking about the 'No Fosters' plan you seem to have concoted."

"She told you!"

"Well actually Finn told me, but she said it was all you."

"We were totally kidding babe!"

"Don't babe me either Reilyn Ashton Carmichael!" He gulped

"We just...we thought.."

"You were tired of my schemes ending up with us in the ocean somehow? Or in jail? Or the hospital? I get that. But no fosters? Take away my use of any alcohol but fosters!" She exclaimed.

"Yes dear."

"And about that other question you had? It was never a question of forgiving him, but more a question of forgiving myself."

"Well have you?" He asked softly.

"I'm working on it. Bye Ri."

"Bye Ror" With that the two hung up.

"Well that was certainly more interesting that I thought. I didn't think he would end up accidently telling you they were the ones who sunk your car." Finn said smirking.

"You knew?"

"Of course I knew, who do you think gave them your car keys love?" He asked.

"You called me love..." She smiled up at him.

"So it seems I did." He said pulling her closer to him. She leaned into him.

"It's been awhile."

"It has, hasn't it?"

"To long"

"Way to long" He agreed kissing her temple.

"Okay okay! We get it. You two are in love." Logan spat out.

"Logan, we never stopped loving eachother, but there is still alot to work out, and you never even had a chance with me anyway. Me and you are just friends. Get over it." Rory said, unfazed.

"Rory come with me and Paris. We wanna talk to you." Stephanie said pulling Rory away from Finn, causing her to frown and the girls to laugh. Once they got outside they stopped.

"You don't think you're rushing into to this, Gilmore? Paris asked, having seen first hand how Rory was after the break up/ leaving.

"My mind is telling me to stop. To run away. That I shouldn't be anywhere near him. But when he's holding my hand, when he hugs me, when we banter back and forth. It just feels right." She tried to explain.

"We just don't want you to do something you'll regret." Stephanie said

"I think I would regret not letting him back in, and pushing him away."

"Are you sure letting him back in so soon is whats best?" Paris inquired

"It doesn't feel right anyway else. When we first met, I wanted so bad to hate him. He was just like Tris, but when I was mean to him he would get this cute little pout on his face. And I would laugh and walk away. All of a sudden he felt right, and I felt safe." She whispered.

"We just don't want you tobrush into anything."

"When it involves Finn, I've learned its best not to put to much thought into it. just go with the flow. Trust your heart. Believe in what feels right. I don't want to ruin by over thinking." With that Rory walked away, and the girls knew she was done discussing the topic.

*The next day*

"Rory, wake up!" Stephanie yelled in her ear.

"Go to hell."

"Such a ray of sunshine in the morning." Paris muttered.

"We have coffee Ror."

Rory sprang up out of bed, and instantly regretted it. She may not have gotten super drunk last night, but she still got pretty drunk.

"Oy. Coffee?" She whsipered

Stephanie handed her the coffee they got her. Stephanie took in Rory's appearence. She sighed. Finn had messed up pretty bad the night he didn't ask her to stay. She hasn't been the same since. It just got worse after she lost the baby. Not that anyone who knew her would notice. She still mananged to smile and luagh and joke. But the sparkle in her eyes is gone, her smile isn't like the one she used to give everyone. Last night, the sparkle was back, and she smiled a real smile. Too bad, that it won't last.

"Ror, you gotta tell him you just want to be friends." Stephanie said

"Well duh. We're not ready to be in a reletionship with eachother." Rory said getting oout of bed and walking into the common room, where the guys all sat on the couch. She rolled her eyes. Stephanie walked out behind her.

"Now." She said. Rory sighed.

"Finn can we talk?" She asked quietly. He followed her back into her room. She wouldn't meet his eyes.

"What is it Ror?"

"Last night was great, and we had so much fun. And I felt like I haven't in a long time."


"We..last night...we can only be friends."


"No Finn. I'm not ready to trust you again."

"You're the one that left."

"And you're not ready to forgive me for that."

"Yes I am. I have."

"Then why do you keep throwing back in my face?" She asked him. He didn't answer her. She just nodded. "I think you should leave." She said openening the door and closing it behind him.

She sat on her bed. This was for the best. They were destructive when they were togther. She had seen that frist hand.

The rest of the week they avoided eachother. Purposefully making up excuses not to go where they knew the other would be. The rest of the group was getting sick of it.

"Rory you're going out tonight." Stephanie demanded.


"This was your decision. And it was a damn good one. You two need to get over it. You're bad together, but worse apart. And terrible as a couple. you guys need to be just be friends."

"Is she pretty." She asked quietly about Finn's new girlfriend.

"Beautiful. But she doesn't hold a candle to you." Stephanie said to the girl. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were red and puffy, her clothes were baggy.

"Rory have you been eating?" Stephanie asked.

"Some" Rory shrugged.

"When was the last time you ate something?"

"Umm when we went out to lunch?"

"That was thursday! Today is saturday!"

"I'm sorry" She said her bottom lip quivering.

Stephanie sighed, "Come on, let's get you dressed."

Twenty minutes later they were sitting at the pub waiting on everybody else.

"Steph! Ror! There you are!" Colin called.

"Hey Col." Stephanie said. Colin looked at his cousin. This was not the girl he knew.

"Hey Ror." He said.

"Hello Collin." She whispered.

"There you guys are. Do you know what it took to get these two out of the apartment? Oh you're already here..." Logan said looking at Rory.

"Hey Logan. Finn. Brittany." She said, her voice hollow. Stephanie gave her hand a squeeze as the rest of the group sat down.

"Ror..." Logan trailed off as Stephanie shook her head.

"Are you okay? You look horrible" Brittany said, causing everyone, but Finn who Finally looked at Rory, to glare at her.

"She's fine." Stephanie spat. Rory shook her head at Stephanie.

"Don't. So Colin, where's Lizzie?" Rory asked

"Umm I broke up with her..." Colin trailed off.

"Finally! Yes, my plan can now go into action!" Rory said, smiling, pulling out her phone and calling her mom.

"Mom! Three way Paris in right now!"

"Umm okay.." Lorelai said confused. Once Paris was on the line she went straight into action, forgetting about everyone around her.

"So acting all mopey got them to spend more time together, good plan mom. And Colin finnally dumped lizard."

"Ohh that means operation 'Colanie' is a go!" Lorelai said excited.

"I still think we should call it opertation this will most likely end badly." Paris said.

"Paris for the last time we are not calling it operation this will most likely end badly!" Rory yelled, causing Paris to grumble.

"Where are you guys?"

"At the pub. Perfect place to put in action step one."

"Noo you have to wait until I'm with you!"

"But mom!"

"Daughter o'mine. No."

"Fine. But you better be here some time this week."

"Of course. Now bye."

"Bye." She said hanging up.

"What do you mean pretending to be all mopey?" Stephanie asked.

"Well see, was I sad about the whole thing yeah, I knew he would avoid me, and make it impossible to be friends. But me and mom bought me clothes alittle to big for when I was pregnant, So I wore those, and I make my eyes all red and puffy. Did you really think I could go that long without eating? Goodness. I mean I missed Finn, but not that much."

"Why did you do it?" Colin asked

"You'll find out soon enough." She said smirking, then ordered a long island ice tea.

"So you're the ex girlfriend." Brittany said sneering

"And you're the new one! Now that thats over-" Rory said but got cuttoff by Finns phone.

"Hey Ri."


"At the pub"


"Me, Brittany, Col, Steph, Log, and Ror."




"I don't know. Ask her."


"Okay. Here she is." He said handing the phone to Rory.

"Why have you not been answering your phone!"

"Because I didn't wanna talk to you."

"I thought you had died."

"And you mourned my death by leaving me death threats on my answering machine and voice mail."

"So you did listen to them!"

"Well yeah. I just didn't want to tak to you."

"Yeah, I got that. How are dealing with the whole Finn girlfriend thing."

"I'm fine. The whole mopey thing was an act."

"For operation Colanie?"

"Yes sir. By the way we are putting that in motion. Col broke up with lizard."

"I'll get the popcorn."

"Its not gonna end badly."

"Just because you and Lore both say that, doesn't make it true."

"Oh shush. Was there a reason you called Finn in the first place?"

"Oh yeah tell him I'm coming up tomorrow."

"Finn Ri said he's- Wait! omg really!" She asked, realizing what he said.

"Yes babe, really." Reily said laughing.

"Are you bringing me presents?"

"You, Lore, and Steph."

"Excuse me while I squeal like a girl now." She said joking around, but really excited.

"Ror! you still haven't told them." Reily said.

"Right. Reily is coming up tomorrow and bringing me, Steph and my mom presents." She said excitedly.

"You're a dork."

"But you love me."

"Almost as much as Finn. Wait. Crap." Reily said

"Yeah? Well that doesn't reallly work now does it?" She spat. The group looked on, curious by her sudden mood change.

"You know he still loves you."

"Keep on telling yourself that."

"Technically I'm telling you that."

"Oh shut up."

"You know with how many times you tell me that you would think you hate hearing my voice."

"On the contrare, I love hearing your voice. Especially with that accent."

"Oh I know. It makes all the girls swoon."

"Well I don't know about my mom or Steph, but I'm definiately not swooning over here."

"Oh don't try to hide it."

"Oh, you caught me. You've swept me off my feet."


"That wasn't funny. I had a bruise on my ass for weeks."

"You know if you hadn't been drinking that night it wouldn't of happened."

"You and Finn are the ones who got me drunk. Its not like I knew you were gonna make me dance."

"Ahh, but its so much fun watching you dance when you're drunk."

"You guys are horrible. You can't see it right now but I'm sticking my tounge out at you."


"Okay bye. Tell Aden I love him. And miss him. And he should come with you tomorrow."

"He is. And I will."

"Good. Night Ri. Or well good morning I guess."

"Good afternoon Ror." He managed holding back a laugh

"Damnit. I was close."

"Bye." He said laughing

"Bye" She hung up the phone and handed it to Finn.

"So Aden is coming with him tomorrow."

"Great, another guy who likes you." Finn said sarcatically.

"What's your problem? You have a new girlfriend, so the guys in my life should be none of your concern Finn."

"Well when you're using my phone to talk to them they are."

"I talked to Ri, because I ignored him all week. You're the one who handed me the phone, which you didn't have to do. You're the one who went and got a girlfriend. Don't be an asshole."

"You're the one who said we should be just be friends. Don't be a bitch."

"I said we should be friends because we're destructive together. We do nothing but argue, break up, then make up, which involves make up sex, then we're back to arguing. It's the same cycle over and over. It's the reason we went out that night. Its..."

"Don't. You have no right to talk about that."

"I don't Finn? Because I was there! You're not the only one who lost someone that night."

"What are you talking about? I don't have time for your riddles Ror."

"You know perfectly well what I'm talking about."

"No I'm sorry. I was too busy looking for my brothers body along the shore line."

"My four year old sister Finn. Sofie. Remember her?" She said, wiping at her tears.

"Ror, come on. This was a bad idea." Stephanie said pulling her away.

"We really were destructive together weren't we?" She asked in a tone that broke Stephanie's heart, but all she could do was nod.

Colin was the first one to break the silence left by the two girls.

"You, my friend, are an ass. You're like the king of asses."

Finn just looked at him. He didn't quite proccess what just happened. Of course he knew what she was talking about. He just wanted to keep hearing her voice, and arguing, like always was the only way he knew how to do that. He didn't quite proccess what was being said until Stephanie pulled her away.

"I know." Was all he could say.