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Luka Jade Skywalker stood with her cousin Shmi Solo, their friends Miraj and Scintel and two other children Mac and Swank on a landing platform by the Senate Building with her and Shmi's grandfather.

She was nearly four years old and rather be playing and doing simple exercises with the Force back home in the Jedi Temple then at the Senate. Besides she felt cold.

She turned and pulled on Ani's cloak to get his attention. He ignored her. She then grabbed his hand and started pulling, she getting scared that he wasn't paying attention to her.

Her friends soon joined in pulling on Ani's cloak and his other hand.

Luka let go and decided that she would get her mommy and daddy's attention/ They would tell Ani to pay attention to her.

She reached out and found that she could barely feel them in the Force. She reached out to Auntie Lei but found she too was like her parents; blurry in the Force.

She did the only thing that she felt that she could do; cry.


Anakin Skywalker; Guardian of the Jedi Temple, Force Ghost, neither Sith or Jedi but much more, Father and Grandfather. Knew something was wrong. What was suppose to be a simple outing to visit to visit the Senator from Naboo, Shmi and Luka's second cousin, was slowly turning into a disturbing experience.

There had been a strange tremor in the Force and then the Force felt different. Anakin hoped that those creatures that Ashla/Bogden had punished for what they did hadn't made it here yet.

He quickly shook his head. He was being paranoid. They wouldn't arrive for another year or two.

Sighing he picked up his granddaughters and tried to soothe their tears.

After a few minutes he set them down. "Come on everyone, it's time to meet Darred." He told them. "Form a duck line." He told them. Once they were lined up behind him he lead them across the platform and headed into the Senate Building. He could hear the senators from dozens of systems and sectors talking about some blockade.

Anakin shook his head. He would have thought that the senators wouldn't be acting as if this was something new after all Naboo had been blockaded and during both the Clone Wars the Galactic Civil War many planets had been blockaded.

He muttered to himself just how stupid and/or ignorant people could be.

Several people, senators, aides and a few Jedi that he thought he knew passed by and seemed to stare at them. It was as if they had never seen a group of Younglings before.

"Master Jedi, may I have a moment of your time?" a voice that sent off chimes in his head but he couldn't place where he had heard it before.

He turned to look at the man that had spoken to him. The man was dressed fairly well and looked as if he was one of the few Alderaanians that had been off world at the time of the Planet's destruction.

"Yes, Senator?" Anakin asked politely, as he accepted his guilt over the hand he had in the world's destruction. "I heard a rumor the Chancellor had Jedi dispatched to deal with the blockade. Is this true?" The man asked, curiosity evident in his voice.

Anakin blinked. "What makes you believe that I am privy to the Council's doings?" He asked, annoyed that beings thought that just because he was a Temple Guardian the Council spoke to him,

"Well I assume that the Jedi talk to each other and that word travels fast." The man answered.

"Sir," Anakin began, do you have any idea what happens when a planet is blockaded? If food has to be imported people starve. People die because there's not enough Bacta to go around. If those behind the blockade invade then people die. Homes and other buildings are destroyed and the freedom of the people is taken away. Many times they become displaced and as an Alderaanian I would think you would understand that."

The man jerk visibly but didn't say anything in reply.

A chime sounded calling the senators, their representatives and aides to the Senate Floor which caused the man to jump slightly. "I must be going." He said. "Thank you Master Jedi for your time.

Anakin rolled his eyes and made his way to Darred's office. A few minutes into the trek something caught his attention. A noise that sounded like a chant but he couldn't understand the words. He shook his head and wondered what was being said but decided against going to find out.

Tired he set the children down on a cushioned bench and sat down himself. Seeing that there was a session of the Senate going on Darred must be attending it so therefore wouldn't be at his office until the meeting was over.


Shmi Solo banged her feet against the bench legs, bored out of her mind. She looked at Ani but knew that there wasn't much he could do. Suddenly she saw Ani started to hand out Force Puzzles to her friends and cousin. She smiled widely when he handed her the one where you had to move the balls from the edge to the middle. It was hard because if one ball fell in a hole you couldn't just turn it upside down to get that ball out without messing up the puzzle.

Suddenly she sensed someone familiar nearby, someone that didn't visit very ofter. She dropped the maze puzzle and raced towards the presence; too excited to notice that Ani was telling her to come back.

She raced around the corner and wrapped her arms the best she could around the person's legs. "Mae, don't stay 'way so long!" she said as she tried to get closer to the woman's legs.

Out of curiosity she looked up at Mae and frowned. Mae didn't wear white on her face and Mae knew her on sight.

Shmi started to cry. She couldn't understand why Mae didn't know her at all. Curious she felt Mae's friends in the Force and grabbed Mae's skirt tight. There was a Cold One not too far away.

She quickly sent out a mental call for Ani to come to her


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