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Anakin sighed as he tried to get all the children settled. They were past tired and the last thing he wanted were Force enhanced temper tantrums. However convincing them to take naps was like trying to alter the Will of the Force.

Mac and Swank were in the middle of a pillow fight. Scintel and Miraj were crying because they didn't have their violet blanket to cover up with. Luka and Shmi were upset because now and then they'd become the victims of the pillow fight.

Anakin was used to similar behavior seeing that he watched his grandchildren when they needed supervision and guarded the areas where the younger children of the Order were.

Finally Anakin had enough and used a Force Suggestion on the children and they fell asleep.

Once he was sure that they were not going to be waking up anytime soon he got into a meditative position.

He could tell that he needed a place to work that wouldn't draw much attention and where he could use both sides of the Force freely.

A smile suddenly came to his face. He had the perfect place in mind.

He stood and went in search of Bail.


Bail sighed as he tried to relax with a holonovel when the temple Guardian came in.

"I need you to take us to a certain location so I can open a portal unnoticed so that we can return to the future."

Bail stood.

"What place do you have in mind?" he asked the Jedi. "I know for sure that the Works would be the best place but at the same time it isn't safe for the young ones. But I know another place that will be just as good." The Jedi informed him.

"When should we leave?" Bail asked. "Once the little ones get a little sleep, they will be little monsters if they don't get a little more rest." Was the answer he got.

Fifteen minutes later Bail was flying a speeder to a location that was surprising to him: a docking area not too far from the Jedi Temple.

Bail watched with wide eyes as the Jedi started to move his hands in circles. Mists that were black and white seemed to flow from the hands.

Finally there black and white mists had formed walls. The Jedi stopped for a moment and then waved his hands and the mists started to combind.

Finally the walls were now one and had the look of a portal.

The Jedi then ushered the children into the portal and then turned back to him.

"When it seems that all hope is lost and something must be found at all costs look in the Ahbrosh Sector." The Jedi told him.

"What's there?" Bail asked. "Nothing yet that could be dangerous but remember that something will be there."

Bail finally nodded. He would remember the Ahbrosh Sector.

Suddenly something came out of nowhere.

The Jedi tackled it and the form turned out to be the form of a female.

Bail was frozen in place as the two fought. He wanted to assist in some way but that seemed impossible.

The Jedi then used the Force to throw the female through the portal and then followed after her.

The portal collapsed leaving a surprised him to stand there staring at the place it had once been.

Slowly he turned away and headed back to his speeder to head home.


Rei stared at the landing area that she was in. It was different then it had been a few seconds before. There were ships here and there and a few droids were moving around.

She looked for the senator to find that he was nowhere to be seen.

The strange Jedi then led her and the children to a speeder and headed for the Jedi Temple.


Luka shrieked in joy as she saw her mother waiting for her and her friends in the Temple Hangar.

They were home.


This is it!

I have no idea exactly where the Death Star was constructed for sure the book says it was built in such and such a place but I chose to just give a made up place.

So yes Anakin told Bail where to look in the future. But Bail didn't tell anyone where he got his information because who'd believe him that a Jedi Ghost from the future told him where to look.

Next will be Jaina, Jacen and their friends will be doing a scavenger hunt. I don't know when it's going to be up though.

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