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Anyway, I decided to leave some fluff for once in this story because I realized how unfluffy this story was getting.

Also, I am Wayward Wind and you'll hear more about that at the end of this chapter.

So let's see if I'm any good at fluff…

I've never been one to show my feelings.

I usually just keep my cool and just say all these ridiculous things inside my head. You know this, I do it all the time! I think it's because I don't want anyone to see how vulnerable I am.

Weakness gets you killed, is what Lupa used to tell me.

I think that is valid at times, but sometimes showing weakness is a good thing. Especially if you're with someone special. You let the walls come down.

Why am I saying all this you ask?

"…I've never told anyone that before."

I sit up with my elbows on my sides to look at Piper who has her arms wrapped around her knees. She just told me something that of course I can't tell you.

We're in a secluded area of camp. It's no longer snowing but snow is still spread throughout the camp. We're on the top of a hill overlooking the snow covered cabins. It's gorgeous.

But I don't take my eyes off of her as she continues to look down and contemplate what she just said.

"I'm glad you told me."

"Yeah, well, don't tell anyone," she said hiding her face in her knees. I'm pretty sure she's blushing.

"Wouldn't dream of it." I keep looking at her and now she's drawing in the snow nest to us.

"Piper." She looks to me with her kaleidoscope eyes which are right now a gorgeous white. "I remember some things about my old camp, and you know Reyna is one of them."

She nods slowly.

"Well I don't remember everything about her or what she was to me. But I do remember moments with her."

I look over to her. She just stares at me with an entranced expression. I can tell she's wondering more.

"These moments are sometimes harsh and we fought about a lot of things like what the whole camp should do like if we should even celebrate Christmas," I ramble, "We didn't even know if Hanukkah should be celebrated or if we should skip all the holiudays except New Year's Eve but that doesn't necessarily count as a holiday- but I'm rambling."

She nods with a small laugh.

"The point I'm trying to make Piper McLean," I look to see if she noticed I used her last name. She did. "Is that these moments I remember with Reyna for years, are nothing compared to the moments I've spent with you for the last two months."

Her head is now up and now she's laying on the grass like me only with her arms holding her up.

"And," I keep going, "If I had to, I would trade every moment with Reyna just for one of these moments with you," I put my hand over hers.

We both look at our hands.

We both look up.

I lean in. She puts her finger on top of my lips.

"Wait for Christmas Sparky," she says smiling at my eagerness. Then she gets up and runs downhill.

She gets to the bottom and waves at me to follow.

I smirk.

It's moments like this…

Well there's my attempt at fluff!

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