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Chapter 5


It was still hard for me to believe what had happened. The new Professor I hired myself, personally was now dead. Lillian Kane wasn't only an ex-Marine turned professor, she was an experiment to see if she could keep some of those red fledglings in order. She also claimed to be a relative but I saw no resemblance between us. Maybe she was only trying to be nice, unknown to the forces I deal with day to day. As I walked back to my room on the school grounds I let the slithering pieces of Darkness hiding in my shadow to come out a small bit since nobody was around at the moment but they knew if some one approched to go back within my shadow. To camouflauge within it. Darkness may make it look a shade or two darker but no unsuspecting fledgling or vampyre alike would ever notice. To preoccupied with their goddess Nyx to notice. I grimaced at that thought of the goddess.

I threw open the door after that thought. It was as quiet as always. I closed the door and black threads of Darkness came out of there hiding spots. There were not many but there was enough not to be considered a little. I looked towards my wall and chuckled softly to myself. The newest edition to my room was there. Was it childish? Yes. Was it stupidly human? Yes. Did I care? No. i had a dart board with Zoey Redbirds face taped to it. It was actualy a realy good de-stresser believe it or not. throwing darts at Zoey's face that i sharpened to points. Two darts were already on the board. One in her throat and the other inches away from her face. I wouldn't bother with that right now, adding new ones or taking those two out. I had other problems to deal with. My main problem was those investigators from NCSI or what ever they called it. How did they figure out about the body? Who was another problem. Who had called. Who in the right mind would try. Who, who, who. Nothing like another unsovled mystery- that would hopefuly turn into a cold case- to add more stress that wasn't needed. What ever the reason was I would find out.

Stevie Rae

I stood next to Zoey as Ducky and the agents went over the body. Professor Kane seemed to be nice. I never met her but I knew Zoey had and I was going with what she had said. It was still a major loss though. We had enough killing around here to fill a year plus a couple days. When they towed the body away to our mourge- I'm not sure why they didn't just take the body and leave i mean wasn't that what people did in shows like this? I wondered if they were also staying here in Tulsa. probably since the body WAS here and not in Whashington D.C. I didnt want to go to class after that, but I didn't want to be caught skipping either.

"Zo, are you skipping classes?" I asked in a whisper

"probably. Why?" Zoey Whispered back.

"I realy don't want to go to class after this" there was only one class left till the end of school and that was the one in session now.

Zoey looked at me. "Stevie Rae. You skipping? Wow."

I rolled my eyes "hahaha very funny Zoey"

She smiled and the bell rang. "Now you don't need to worry because you have"

"what ever lets just get out of here" we still lived inside of the depot or well underneath it that is.


"I still dont see why we have to ride the short bus" Aphrodite complained and I rolled my eyes and took my seat next to Stark and across from Stevie Rae and Rephaim.

"you seam anxious Zo. What's up?" Stark asked as I sat down.

I shook my head "It's nothing" I looked out the window the whole ride there seeing Stark give me worried looks out of the corner of my eye every now and then.

The bus was unusualy quiet. Not full of the usual chatter that seemed to combine together into a soft backround buzz. Probably from the death of the professor. Under the depot was again, unusualy quiet. I fell asleep quickly and woke up slowly. The day seemed to pass by slowly. Class by class by class. Lunch didn't come quick enough, but when it did my table along with some others were unusualy quiet. I wondered idly if this was ever going to pass over.