So this is a story of Brittana, told through Quinn's eyes. Rated T because of what it might contain in the future. Rewievs are fun and keeps me writing! Oh, and this is just an epilogue so it's really short but bear with me.

Some things that happen happen in my other story The beginning as well, but you don't have to read that to read this.

I always knew. I know that's what people always say afterwards. When it's already happened, they say: "I always knew." It's like, well if you did, why didn't you just say it before?

But anyway, I know that's what people always say, but in my case it's actually true. I always knew there was something between Brittany and Santana that wasn't just friendship. And on some level I always thought they'd end up together.

I swear I'm telling the truth here okay! And if you're thinking 'why didn't she tell someone before' let me ask you this: Who would I have told? Brittany and Santana were my two closest friends and it's not like I could've talked to either of them about it. And even when I was dating Finn or Puck, how could I have told them? They're stupid teenage hormonal boys, who knows what they would have done with that information? Although I'm pretty sure Puck already knew early on too. It took Finn a lot longer to catch up. Honestly, he's not very perceptive.

And even after I made other friends in Glee club, why would I have told them? Tina and Mercedes would have just gossiped and spread it through the school and Rachel's such a blabbermouth she would have accidentally let it slip. And then I would have ruined Brittany and Santana's chances. Because they would never be if someone pushed Santana or if it got out before she was ready to deal. That I knew too. I think I knew that before Brittany did actually. In fact, if those two would've just let me handle everything they would've been together a lot sooner. But they didn't know I knew, and Santana would've freaked out big time if she knew I knew it was more than just hooking up. In the end I can tell you, I always knew, but it wasn't my business to tell anyone. I just had to wait to see when they would know it too.