Don't Worry, I'll Walk

Supernatural Teen!chesters, AU

Summary: When Sammy gets a permanent injury, the entire family is affected.

Inspired by the song 'I'll Walk' by Bucky Covington

Part I

Dean ran down the hospital hallway, frantically calling his little brother's name. He had gotten a scary phone call from a nurse at the very hospital he was now in saying that there had been an accident. Sam was only seventeen years old, and it had been his prom night. Despite his better judgement, Dean had allowed Sam to go. On one condition, no drinking and no stupid decisions: Dean wasn't prepared to have another mouth to feed.

He hadn't made conditions for anyone else in town. He probably should have. Dean had broken all speed limits in his haste to get to the hospital quickly. John was on a hunt three states away and was unable to be reached by cell. Dean had cussed audibly and thrown his phone in the floorboard of his beloved Impala. He didn't even apologize to his baby. There was a bigger concern; his real baby brother.

He saw Sam's prom date sitting in the waiting room. She was crying, and holding…oh God. She was cradling Sam's jacket in her arms. Dean approached her gently, and placed a fake-calm hand on her shoulder.

"Rachel, what's going on?" He asked innocently, trying to keep the calm, soothing tone in his voice. She looked up at him and began to sob even more. "S-Sam and I got in a stupid fight. He got out of the car, and said he'd walk home. I let him go…and there was a drunk driver…he didn't see Sam and…" She didn't need to say anything else. He knew the rest of the story without having to be told. He'd ask the cops the driver's name and social security number later. He only wanted to talk to the guy—with his fists.

An elderly man in a lab coat approached the two of them, "Family of Samuel Winchester?" he called. Dean turned, and couldn't help but blurt out "Sam. Not Samuel." The doctor smiled sadly, and walked towards the obviously shaken older brother. "Doc, what's up with my brother?" Dean asked, his voice finally betraying him by revealing the terror that filled his body so completely. "…I hate to just blurt it out like this, but the severe impact of the vehicle caused his lower spinal cord to swell….his legs still haven't recovered from the trauma yet." Dean blanched. "You…you mean, my baby brother's paralyzed?" He whispered. Rachel, who had yet to leave, began to sob fresh tears into Sam's rented jacket.

"It's too early to tell if it's permanent paralysis or temporary. But…he's awake. If you'd like to see him." The elderly man said, knowing exactly what the answer would be. Dean nodded immediately, and gathered his fraying composure. "Alright, but I'm warning you. His appearance might be…upsetting." The doctor mentioned as he led the way to Sam's room. "I've seen him when he's been up for two days straight with the stomach flu, that was upsetting enough." Dean mumbled, trying to lighten the mood any way he could. Dean sent his father a text message that only said. "Sam. Get home asap. Call me soon.-D"

The doctor opened a door, and peeked his head in. Dean could hear the hoarse whispers of his baby brother, and headed straight in without a second word. He was grateful to the doctor for his warning. Sam's head was wrapped with a heavy, gauze bandage. There were all kinds of IVs and monitors poking into Sam's suddenly frail-looking arms. Was this really the same kid that had sat on him that morning until he cried 'uncle'?

Dean's eyes filled with tears as he watched his brother's motionless legs. Sam noticed it right away. "I'll walk. Please come and hold my hand. Right now I'm hurt, and I don't understand. Let's just be quiet. And later we can talk. Please stay. Don't worry. I'll walk." Well, how in the hell was Dean supposed to refuse that request? Especially since it was from his favorite person in the entire world. Dean walked over, blinking the tears out of his eyes and sat down in the unforgiving plastic chair with the piece of cloth pretending to be a cushion. He grabbed one of Sam's hands with both of his own and did something he hadn't done since Sam was a little squirt of four or five and in the hospital with pneumonia. He kissed it.

Sam and Dean exchanged an entire conversation with just their eyes. It was a Winchester boys thing, apparently. Dean ruffled Sam's hair with one of his hands and smirked.

I'm so glad you're alright.

You and me both, big brother.

Shut up, smart ass.

Make me, dumb ass.

Oh, believe me. I will. Bedpan meet camera phone. Camera phone meet Internet.

You wouldn't dare.

Try me, baby brother. Try me.

…shutting up works for me.

The nurse came in later to check her young patient's vitals and found the two boys fast asleep. Sam was sleeping in the bed, his hand still firmly held in Dean's own tough grasp. Dean was bent over, head pressed into the mattress. The nurse smiled at the scene and quickly checked Sam over before heading out. She didn't want to disturb the two adorable boys.