Don't Worry, I'll Walk

Supernatural Teen!chesters, AU

Summary: Guess who finally gets around to checking his voicemail?

Inspired by the song "I'll Walk" by Bucky Covington

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On a personal note, I shall be in the Bahamas for five days so I shall not have a new update until I get to my dad's house. But I do plan on returning to this story, so don't lose interest!

Part III: Papa Bear Finally Returns to the Den...Yippee!

Thursday saw happy things and sad things. It saw Sam wiggling his toes with a triumphant smile that only matched Dean's own. To be honest, Dean hadn't been that moved emotionally by the sight of Sam's feet since his very first steps. It saw Sam and Dean just sitting on the bed together, Sam's head resting comfortably on Dean's shoulder. Dean was giving Sam a little gift—stories of the mother Sam would never remember no matter how hard he tried. Sam learned many things about his mother, things that he never would have guessed. Things like…her favorite color was a baby blue—which was the color of Sammy's nursery. She loved to be the one who rocked Sam to sleep.

Sam fell asleep with a reassured, easy smile. Something was not seen often enough on the youngest Winchester's face. When all of a sudden, Dean's phone began to ring shrilly. Dean snatched it up and opened it before Sam could even make a grimace of returning to the land of reality so abruptly.

"Hello?" Dean asked, mindful to talk softly in fear of disturbing his Sam's rest.

"Dean? Where the hell are you? Where's Sam?" Crap. That voice only belonged to one person…

"Oh…hey, Dad. We're uh…uh…" Dean wasn't sure if Sam wanted their father to know where he was and why he was there. Sam hadn't exactly gotten permission from John to go to the prom in the first place. It was mostly a last day decision.

"Dammit Dean, spit it out. Where the hell are you boys?" Dean so badly wanted to say, 'Well where the hell have you been, dear old Dad?' but he'd never say it. Not unless he wasn't addicted to breathing. Dean had tensed at the tone of John's voice, which apparently had disturbed Sam because he was now sitting up and glaring at Dean with sleepy eyes.

'Dad' Dean mouthed at Sam who immediately grew pale. He'd have to admit to what happened. Dean had noticed that Sam was having a problem saying 'paralyzed' but had chosen to ignore the whole thing. Because he wasn't about to push Sam into something he wasn't ready for. Especially something that huge. Sam had recovered from the shock, and held out his hand wordlessly for the phone. Dean—with an unsure expression twisted on his face—handed it over easily to his baby brother.

"Dad, it's Sam. We're at St. Michael's General Hospital in town. Yeah the town you left us in. It's for me. I don't want to tell you over the phone, so you just need to get here and ask for Sam Hayden." John had apparently agreed to what Sam said because he was closing the phone and handing it back to Dean.

It wasn't long before John was standing in Sam's doorway with an expression filled with rage, confusion, guilt, and many other unidentifiable emotions. Dean attempted to stand but Sam's hand suddenly clenched onto his shirt in a show of neediness. Sam was afraid of what John would say. Sam's recovery had been going so well, if John said something to set him back then Dean would certainly have to act. Dean knew that he'd be able to act, he just wasn't sure if he'd be able to stop. Sam was priority number one for Dean.

If Dean had to limit his pet peeves to one thing, he'd probably say uncomfortable silence. Which was what was surrounding him at the moment. Sam was busy looking at his legs, and John was too busy searching the room for any kind of answers. Before any of them could react, Sam's day nurse Sherri entered the room. She was a sweet, older lady who kind of liked to look after the two of them.

"Hey Sam, I spoke to Dr. Reynolds earlier, and he told me about the progress you've made today. I am so proud of you! And, just think. You'll be walking again in no time at all." She said, making direct eye contact with the teenager because she knew that Sam's biggest fear was being unable to walk at all for the rest of his life. John's face didn't betray him, unable to reveal the shock he was feeling internally. As soon as Sherri left, John glared at the two boys.

"Dean, dammit, if somethin' this bad happens, you pick up the phone and you call me."

Dean had to respond to that. What the hell? "What the hell? Dad, look at your phone. I've called thirty times since Saturday night and you've yet to call me back once. I called when I first got the call, when I got to the hospital, after I saw Sammy the first time. And I call after every time I speak to his doctor and his therapists. It's your fault you didn't know about what was going on."

John was taken aback by Dean's outburst, but secretly he understood. He knew how protective of Sam his eldest was whenever the baby was sick. But with an injury this serious, John knew that Dean would be a bigger mother hen than anyone else in the entire world. Sam shifted again and made a face. "Dad, I'm fine now. Honestly. The point is that I'm getting better."

John nodded, "Right. But, don't think for a second that I'll let you off the hook that easily, Samuel Winchester." He said, his voice infused with a dangerous undertone. Sam flinched and looked to his elder brother for support.

"Dad, I think Sam's more than learned his lesson by being in the hospital, don't you?"

Dean received a glare for his troubles from both Sam and John. Sam didn't think he had done anything to 'learn a lesson' for. He also didn't think that it was fair that he was getting punished for doing what everyone else his age was doing. Was being normal a crime?

"Dad, we can talk some more later. But in the meantime, Sammy had therapy today and I know he's tired. He needs some rest." Dean said as he flipped the lights out in the room and laid back down next to Sam. Sam snuggled into Dean's chest and was soon sleeping more soundly than he had when he was a young child.

Dean smiled, and kissed the top of Sam's head. Miracles do happen—he got his baby Sammy back.