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Day: Unknown. Month: Unknown. Year: Unknown.

Though Fi has catalogued how long I've been staying here, there is still no knowledge on how old this realm is that we inhabit. Of course, asking how long I've been here tends to get old after so long… I've been keeping track of it myself. It's been eight months and five days since

Demise's betrayal. It is still hard for me to call him anything but "Master." For such a huge part of my life, he's been there. Whether that means positively or negatively, that's still the truth.

Fi and I are still building this world up around us. Allowing a cycle of precipitation to circulate was one of the big things we've done. But other than that… Nothing much to say other than Fi's been seeming a bit on the depressed side.

Day: Unknown. Month: Unknown. Year: Unknown.

My counting has brought me to a year, three months, and eighteen days. Using my book of spells, I tried to seal my darker magic into a physical form, that way I'd never be able to use it again.

Such was not the luck.

Instead, it just created complete chaos.

The headpiece, as it turned out, was grey and had four spike-like appendages that reached upward and curled… I'm not one for explaining things, but if you ask me, it didn't seem possible for me to create something of the sort. It had two eyes that seemed to glow whenever something would come into contact with it, be it a Remlit morphing or one of the bird mutants.

If touched by something of the kind, the object would be thrown back and had to be dispensed of immediately, having turned into an even more terrifying creature and attempting to destroy everything.

I had no other choice than to obliterate the object, breaking it into fours. I figured if it were cracked, that would cause a small decrease in its powers... But it still was just as strong. Yet again, not as planned. I broke off pieces, taking the eye on the left clear off. There was a ring-sized fragment, along with several other parts of the original.
Figuring there could be nothing else to do, I disposed of it by throwing it off the edge of the island. There it continuously fell, falling and falling down until the dark clouds covered it. Then as a second thought, I warped myself to the other side of the realm and threw the eye off that way.

The two pieces left were kept safe by me, confiscated for as long as I deem so.

Day: Unknown. Month: Unknown. Year: Unknown.

Five days since last entry… I've started to rely on the Sword Spirit half of my mind to keep tabs on time for me. Makes this counting easier. Of course, I am still no match for Fi's brilliance.

I found out something interesting about her just recently, as it seems. She's wanted to change this world back to how it was, yet I didn't see why she didn't kick me right out of the realm. Either she was feeling sorry for me or she had no control over what I did.
It was actually neither, as I found out yesterday.

It was the most undesirable, depressing curse that is bound to strike us all at some point in our lives.


She attempted to keep me there, in a vain attempt to cure her curse. I'm not the soft kind. But there was one fact; we had known each other in a different time, where we had been friends, or siblings, even. And being of the same kind, we were drawn to each other for solace.

She neither wanted the world full of light, nor completely dark. Within a discussion, she had admitted it. The next time

the reincarnation of Demise was to be sealed away, it would seem to be a repeat of events.

We decided to make the world dark enough to blot out light, but light enough to prevent total darkness. An in between, no desire to leave or to stay.

Caught in limbo for eternity.

Day: Unknown. Month: Unknown. Year: Unknown.

Something truly tragic has happened to me… Over the course of my time here, things have been considerably well, minus a few upsets.

Upsets such as the fractures of the dark power I made getting lost into the world again.
So, finally convincing myself, I turned the longer piece into a sort of hair piece. But as I saw that accessory take shape, I realized my hair had grown rather long. Much more so than I would ever want it to be.

So I summoned one of my daggers the following night, and, well, proceeded to chop off my hair in a weak imitation of my once pristine style. I had kept it in such form to appease Demise's demands. It was similar to my disliking for that annoying red pompadour that jaunty jock had adorning his head back at the Sky Child's home. Demise wasn't pleased by seeing a servant of his looking disheveled.

Even the first day after he destroyed my home on what the Skyloftians called "the Surface," he enforced this. I figure writing about things will make these feelings dissipate. After he destroyed my replacement family there, he made me a servant against my will. I was wanting to hide, hide away from the cold truth, the pain, the suffering I felt of all the people in that town.

I was able to escape for two days, not eating or caring for myself. He found me eventually, and I was punished severely. I never knew that my... Creator… would be able to abuse me so. But need I remind myself, I have the scars on my back, just from that day, to prove it to be true. Afterwards, he had painfully chopped the long locks of hair I had clean off, until it was in the shape I had kept for so long. I kept it, and continued to maintenance it, creating the sleek look I had grown to love.

Not any more. I had chopped it off and made it a shaggier version of my previous style. Afterwards, I had affixed the hair piece into the swoop over my left eye and put the ring I had created from the other fractured piece on my thumb. Thus adorned, I realize just now how well glamorous things suit me. The idea just leaves me giddy!

Day: Unknown. Month: Unknown. Year: Unknown.

It's officially been four years since my departure into this realm. Sure it's been boring off and on, but other than that… Well, nothing much, really. Fi and I are on good terms again. I believe we can go back to being close, such as before everything went downhill. Siblings... Such a thought is just fabulous, seeing as to how similar we are anyways.

Neither one of us can forget the moment of that day when I was painfully forced into my sword form. I had laughed, hoping it was finally the end. It nearly was. I escaped, just barely enough life in me to go back to my "mortal" form. Well, partially. I didn't have enough energy to completely convert back, just partially. My arms are still the same metallic black as they were in the Fire Sanctuary with the Sky Child. All but one part now, my fingertips on the hand that which I touched the blade which houses us with.
Yes, I am back to my second "form" as Link saw me.

My curiosity of the world outside this one is growing stronger each day. I can't help but wonder what the spirit maiden's plans have been for the surface. I caught a brief conversation of the Skyloftians in Faron Woods. They were debating about naming the land, and they had decided to name it after Hylia, so it became Hyrule. "Hylia shall rule over the land and watch over everything." They had reasoned, then merged the name and the word rule together.

The idea just makes me sigh. Couldn't they have named it something more… I don't know, maybe regal? Of course, what do I have to say about it? I just live in Fi's realm anyways.

I might have to hit her up with a few ideas of my own for a name for this place…

Day: Unknown. Month: Unknown. Year: Unknown.

Four years, five months and twenty five days. I finally brought up the topic of a name, and after much arguing… Well, "arguing" sounds better than a mental warfare. She didn't want to give the place a name, claiming if the goddess hadn't given it one yet, there was no need for a name. But I finally convinced her, then came up with a name for this place. Both of us like the sound of it, and it's perfectly suiting for the realm.
Not to mention I did some… renovations… to the realm itself.

The island with the portal became the palace, and I created several other islands scattered throughout the area for homes. I modeled some areas after my home

in Hyrule, before it was destroyed by Demise. Some other areas were inspired by Fi's and my homeland, becoming a shadow of our childhood home.

Yes, the dark clouds surrounding the areas cast such a perfect tone on the ground and walls. It was the most suiting name for this place.

The Twilight Realm.

Day: Unknown. Month: Unknown. Year: Unknown.

Four years, ten months and five days.

Fi has been helping me practice with my fighting skills. Though Demise has no use for me, it is a shame that all those years of practice are going to waste.

As a stroke of luck, Fi can summon swords such as I can. So, she and I engage in duels daily, sparring until one of our weapons break. Gradually, bit by bit, I can feel my skill returning to me. It makes me wonder, though. Is my skill more so than Link's now?

Though tempting, I don't dare try to leave. Demise had said that I was bound to this world…

Along with these duels, Fi has helped me grow stronger in a different way. She has attempted to convert me to sword form as Demise had, but gradually increased her strength. I was finally able to resist her today. She was even giving it her all, but no matter how hard she tried, I was not to be changed.

My skill has increased along with my strength.

I'd like to battle Demise now.

Day: Unknown. Month: Unknown. Year: Unknown.

It's been five years and exactly three months now. I look back on this time and I can't believe it. Fi and I have created our own little world, such a thing is not to be taken lightly. The Twilight Realm… It's effects on everything were unforeseen. The creatures that had been brought in here were now changed completely, transformed into monster-like beings. The Remlits bear no resemblance to what they used to be, but rather more like rats. The seeds that had been attached to their coats created a darker version of the Deku baba, darkness coating the exterior of its shell.

But the most noticeable change is right along the lines of their appearance. Black, whether it be fur or feathers, they are jet black. Almost completely, apart from the slight glow of the red markings on them.

As red as the blood that had been in them before they changed.

There is one observation though, that I've made about myself. Sure there's the turning nicer fluff, but that just doesn't count. No. When I had brought the animals into the Twilight, the same ache had filled the diamond in my chest as when Demise used the portal. It wasn't as strong, maybe because of the difference in sizes.

But the observation is that it's begun to do that yet again, although nothing has been going through the portal.

The white designs on the mirror's reflection have disappeared. I can't even begin to think of what has happened. The outside world has affected it, evidently.
But I just can't help but wonder… Just what is out there causing this pain?

"Ghirahim?" Fi's questioning tone came from the corner of the room. She saw her brother sprawled out on the floor, completely unconscious. Ghirahim!She shouted frantically in her mind, and was beside him in a second. She reached out, and using the arms she hid underneath her cloak, pulled him Into her lap. She could feel his presence, so he wasn't dead.

But as the relief filled her mind, she raised her head and stared straight ahead. "Conformation complete. 100% chance of a new resident within the Realm of Twilight."

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