Chapter One

A/N- Hi! So, I went to see Oliver! In the theatre the other night and it had inspired me to write a fanfic based on it. So this is set about four or five years after the end of Oliver! Fagin and Dodger are still in London and have a new gang of boys. The story is set when Dodger and Oliver are about16-17. I've not described it very well, but I hope you enjoy

PS- This chapter is in Dodger's Point of View but most of the chapters after this will be in Amelia (my OC's) POV.

I stepped out into the street and frowned at the cold air. Winter was the worst season. People rushed from place to place, rarely stopping long enough for me to grab anything of value off them.

I walked slowly through the bustling streets, tipping my hat occasionally to passers-by, watching for someone worth stealing from.

It wasn't long before I had a few wallets and handkerchiefs. Fagin would be happy, I thought.

Things had been better for us lately. Since Sykes had been killed, Fagin was much more himself. We had left London for a while before returning a few years ago. I was sixteen now, I'd be seventeen in a few months.

We had found the boys again and collected new ones over the years. Fagin had fixed up our little home and we were quite comfortable there.

As for me, I was second in command. Still the Artful Dodger and just as good as I had ever been. As I had got older, Fagin had trusted me with even more. I could go away for days now and return with much better pickings.

Oliver and me were still good friends. Though he didn't come with me when I was working.

I turned a corner and saw a boy sitting curled up at the end of the street. Opportunity call, I thought smiling to myself as I walked towards him.

"Hey, you!" I said when I was a few steps away. He jerked awake and looked around with panicked eyes. I recognised him, I had seen him stealing a few times before- he was good.

The first thing I noticed about his face was his eyes. Bright emerald eyes surrounded by long black eyelashes. I had never seen a boy with such amazing eyes. After a second I realised I was staring and shook myself- you don't stare at boys like that.

He watched me for a second, seemed to consider something, and then sprinted off towards the end of the alley.

"Wait! I want to help you!" I shouted after him. I looked around. I could just leave him. But something in me told me to run after him.

And with that I took off down the alley, chasing the boy with the beautiful eyes…

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