Chapter 18

The next two months were gruesome. Everyone was focused on training and figuring out ways to help with my birth. The house for me and Jake was almost done. Esme, Alice and Rosalie were always going over there to decorate while Bella stayed with me. Jake and I told everybody what had happened that night. Everyone was astounded by what they were hearing. Carlisle and Edward have been studying every day on what I was and the benefits to what I was. It was for reasons why I should be allowed to live.

While Carlisle and the others would train I would go into the library for info on what I was. Just reading the websites were driving me crazy! Looking at the facts about me was insane. I scrolled down the articles and couldn't believe my eyes.

Vampire-Werewolf hybrids are a deadly cross between a Werewolf and Vampires. They are among the most powerful creatures and hybrids in existence, having both Werewolf and Vampire powers. Since vampires and werewolves are their own greatest foes, it is near impossible to obtain this abomination of hybrid, but it's not entirely impossible. However everything changed after the first vampire-werewolf hybrid, Tamal was born in the 1860's. Eve Lydias, another hybrid is able to transform werewolves into Hybrids while Tamal can turn humans into either vampires or werewolves. So far the only known hybrids of this species Angelo Circo, Tamal, Eve Lydias and Eve's hybrid pack of 29 (excluding her).

Bella was right beside me reading along. I ignored her when she asked what I was doing.

A vampire-werewolf hybrid shares most of the traits of a werewolf (in their human forms). They appear as a normal human, though their skin is pale. Since werewolves eyes remain a yellow colour, hybrids eyes seem like a vegetarian vampire. There temperature is the same temperature as a human-vampire hybrid, a few degrees below that of a shapeshifter. Whenever a vampire is faced with a powerful feeling, such as hunger, their faces transform into a paler complexion, while small veins protruding around the area. Their canine teeth will lengthen into fangs. In the sunlight a hybrid shines rather than glitter or laminate, their skin is flawless, and is nearly impossible to ever perice or crack, so when it comes to fighting a hybrid of this kind, they are the most powerful challenges yet.

The sun was shining from the window. I stuck out my hand to see my arm shining in the sunlight. Bella gasped at just the shine of my arm. I never even noticed it at all! I looked back into the computer and read more info.

In human form, hybrids possess the abilities of vampires though they are extremely heightened, surpassing the strength of nine newborn vampires with advanced strength. When in werewolf or hybrid form their power will then increased to an even greater degree. These hybrids lack the overall ability of turning anyone into either creature or into another hybrid, However, there is one Hybrid that is able to produce both vampire and werewolf venoms, able to turn a human into each race, and Tamal is the only one who can do this. Then there is the first Female Hybrid of this kind, Eve, she and her hybrid pack members (who had been sired by her) can only turn werewolves into a fully fledged hybrid, not either species. When the situation of injury or dismemberment occurs they don't need to use venom to heal close the wound, their body heals on its own. They are able to sleep and have a beating heart with blood running through their bodies, though the blood would be tasteless to vampires. Unlike their human-vampire hybrids counterparts, they're full immortal, because they are half vampire and half werewolf and age with the mentally and physically attributes faster than human-vampire hybrids and reach their late teens, three years after their birth. It is unknown how many chromosome pairs this hybrid type has. Their own skin is rock hard and impenetrable to vampires and shape-shifters.

Three years after my birth I had realized that I was 13. My mom told me it was a medical condition. It kind of explained how I was home schooled for a couple of years. Bella would glance at me a few times as we read.

The process of creating a Hybrid without creating them through birth, has been shown so far is feeding a Feeding a werewolf Hybrid blood.

Werewolf Hybrid blood and killing them so, they will transition. It is very strange since a werewolf will not turn vampire when bitten, so it was discovered by Eve Lydias that a werewolf must drink Hybrid blood then die. And as it turns out, the transition will be successful only if the wolf completes his/her transition by drinking human blood. If he/she doesn't drink any other blood, he or she will become unstable, bleed from the eyes, become rabid, and eventually die from blood loss. Apparently, Eve has tried this method on a number of Werewolves, but then they all felt pain afterwards and bled through the eyes since they did not feel. They all have a transitioning hybrid that has not fed ended up dead, either from Eve killing them (as they turned rabid), or they died on their own. The reason for this is unknown, but it revealed that the hybrids need human blood to drink so they will turn completely. Esther and Andy (Eve's mother and sister) ended up being the first successful created Hybrids of the species, after drinking fresh human blood. Humans and Vampires can become Vampire-Werewolf hybrids; however a human can be turned into a Werewolf and then a Hybrid. It also seems that Eve Lydias is the only hybrid able to procreate more of this race, and others like Tamal or Angelo Ciro lack the ability.

Bella and I stared at each other in awe. Her mouth dropped to the floor. "Aubrey…Your-your-your eyes!" Bella almost screamed.

I put my hand to my cheek to see…blood! She got up and ran. She came back in seconds with Carlisle and Jake. Blood was pouring down my eyes. Jacob grabbed Carlisle's arm and said "Get her human blood…NOW!" Jake shouted. Carlisle left in a hurry to go get human blood. Jake was reading the article as Bella and me dabbed my eyes to get the blood off. I started to shake and felt heat rising in my body. Carlisle came back with Edward. They had a jug of blood. I snatched it and drank the whole jug. As I drank I realized the human blood tasted so sweet in my mouth. I craved for more. Edward gave me 2 more jugs. The blood stopped pouring out of my eyes. And the heat started to disappear from my body.

"Carlisle read this!" Jake said.

Edward and Carlisle read the article and would glance at me sometimes. I was hyperventilating. My heart was beating harder and harder by the second. I felt paralyzed and was holding in my breath. I could hear my baby's voice shout "Mommy! Are you okay?" Edward and Jake snapped their heads towards me. Edward almost tripped over.

"What?" Bella said.

"Her baby just…..spoke!" Edward choked out. "Beauty everything is okay sweetie." I whispered. Bella's mouth dropped again. I smiled nervously. I walked out of the room and went outside. I walked out towards the field and sat down. I pictured how me and Jake would run across the field with Beauty. I sighed. Suddenly in the distance I saw a crowd of dark shadows. I gasped when I saw the person in the center. All the sudden all of the Cullens and their friends were right beside me. Jacob held my hand firmly. I looked down the right to see Seth, Leah, Sue, Emily, Embry, Quil, and my mom. I almost cried just seeing all of them here to protect me. I stared out into the field watching as they got closer. Waiting for either my moment to die. Or waiting for my family and I to die…

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