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L-4 " I am also going to veto the idea of cloning the Original 7. To gather all that DNA and to then have to kill off all seven members, so much work. And anyways didn't Cadmus already try to clone an original member only to have it turn against us. If that was to happen again then we could have a major problem on our hands."

L-8 "I agree."

L-2 "As do I."

L-3 " I run Cadmus and I will permit for this to happen. I veto as well."

L-7 "No one likes my plan? Awwww I was hoping for some new toys! Oh well."

L-1 "That will conclude our meeting today. Till next time."

Then all the screens went black.


Vandal Savage spun around in his chair. Only Klarion would ever think to try and clone the Original Seven, but after all the 'Fun' he had with Red Arrow who could blame him. RING. RING. RING. Vandal Savage reached for his phone only to sigh as he saw who it was. Better pick up now he thought if you don't he'll just keep calling and calling until he decides to visit in person, and he was still cleaning up after the last 'visit'.


"Vanny" a crackle came from the other end of the line.

"Joker" Savage growled. He did not enjoy dealing with the Joker. Too much of a handful.

"Why so serious Vanny? Are you still upset about what happened in Tokyo, because let me tell you buddy, that was not my fault."

"Why are you calling me Joker." Savage was growing annoyed with Joker.

"I heard that you were in possession of a certain bird boy and also that birdie was for sale. Name your Price, cause I would love to be able to take boy blunder of your hands." Joker said

"I know longer have Robin or any other member of his team. I was the one who kidnapped them yes, but as soon as word got out that I had young heroes out for sale they were all sold within 10 of the announcement. Every member of Young Justice has been sent off to their new home to be retaught in the way of villainy. Soon I would expect us to have some new little villains in our mitts. So sorry Joker, Robins gone." At this Vandal Savage hung up the phone, not wanting to hear Jokers response. Then he smiled, it had all been too easy. He simply had to rig nock-out gas in their mountains A.C and boom, instant kidnapping. Truth be told, he had not originally planned on selling them, but when the League of Shadows offered quite a lot of money for Green Arrow Girl, well he was open for businesses. All the money directly funding The Light. Some of the Lights board even got in on the fun. All buyers seemed to have the same goal, reeducate the children and make them their new protégés.

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