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I probably could come up with like one point six million excuses, but in the end I just kinda back-seated this until recently. The good news is I've made a rule that I can't write anything else until I finish this.

Still can't believe they canceled young justice.

And killed off wally.

like wtf I thought this was a kids show.


Anyway here's the long waited for update. Enjoy. (Just a heads up Jason swears sorry not sorry)

It was strange, this was Flashes city, and it was being totally trashed. He should be furious. He should be really worried about the civilians who were caught in the middle of this. He should be feeling what he always felt when his city was attacked, but he didn't. Even though the entire street was in ruins. Every window was broken, every store looted in some way. A firehidren was somehow broken open, so along with being completely trashed, the street was flooded too. Police sirens could be herd in the the only emotion The Flash could possibly feel was… relief. Because right in the center of it all, was the kid he had come to see as his son.

"Wally!" He shouted, because secret identities could really go to hell right then. The teen turned, and for a moment, locked eyes with his mentor. Flash didn't know what he was expecting, joy, happiness, for them to run into each others arms then off into the sunset. He sure wasn't expecting the fear that was within his nephew's green eyes, and he defiantly wasn't expecting Wally to turn around and run as fast as possible in the opposite direction. That didn't matter though.

Because Flash was faster.

A lot faster.

Wally didn't even make it to the end of the street before he caught up.

Mostly because Wally tripped.

Cause the kids kinda klutzy.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry Uncle Barry! I-I don't want too! But they-they know our secret ID's. I-We-people can't know-" Wally began crying, which was NOT okay with himself. The Wal-Man did not cry. He was to manly for that. Who was he kidding, he was sobbing.

"Shh, kiddo it's okay. I honestly couldn't care less."

"Re-Really ?"

"I've spent the past 48 hours out of mind worried about you. If getting you back safe and sound means the world knows I'm Barry Allen, so be it. I also have a few things on Cold that might make him think twice about exposing us. So what do you say kiddo, wanna come home."

"Yes." Wally sniffled as Barry helped him up and pulled him into a hug.

"Uncle Berry?"

"Ya kiddo?"

"If you ever tell Artemis I cried I will never speak to you again."


When Conner arrived at Wayne Manor, he was still yet to figure out why he had actually came instead of just making a break for it. He still didn't know why when he opened the door and walked in. Or when he marveled at the size and grandness of the place.

"Mr. Kent, Master Bruce is currently out. I do recommend you leave now and use the gotham zeta tube to go to the watch tower."

"Wh-what, how, who, what?" The krypton was shocked silent. How did this guy know his name, or about the watch tower, or that he'd come to see Bruce Wayne. Okay so maybe the last one was a bit less shocking as he was currently standing in WAYNE manor. The british butler just smiled, and walk back into the kitchen.


the sky was a inky black when Batman landed at the Al Ghul's fortes, but he knew better than to assume everyone or even anyone would be asleep. Both ninjas and assassins alike do their best work in the dark. Especially when Bruce Wayne's arrival was expected, and just as he anticipated, two of Talia's guards were waiting for them at the landing pad.

"Our Lady", the bigger of the two stepped forward as he spoke, "is expecting you, and gave explicit instructions to bring you to her immediately. She said nothing about your child though. He must stay here."

"If you think there is any way in fucking hell that I'm-"

"Jason, stay here and watch the plain."

"What! No! I'm not-"

"That was a order." Batman's voice strayed from it's normal monotone, becoming even more cold and demanding. He followed the guards without waiting for Jason's answer or a glance back to see if he was obeying.

Jason did follow orders. For the first 15 minuets.

Wait in the car. It's my first big mission and he says I need to wait one the ca-plain. Same thing. I bet he wouldn't make Dick wait in the plain. Nah, he and golden boy would have some plan were he would sneak into the place and grab the kid while Da-Batman flirted with Talia. I sure Dick would go steal some files while all the ninja's were focused on B. Or even better, some ninja's would see the golden boy, but he would fight them of and B would be SO proud. Mean while, I'd just get grounded for that kind of shit.

Jason glanced up at the door into the fortress, a smirk slowly growing on his face. He was already grounded (long story including a chicken and charity event), so B couldn't do much else. The door was still guarded, but there was a window near by Jason was pretty sure he could get to and through undetected.

It was his first big mission.

He be damned if all he did was wait in the passenger seat.

I really hope I didn't totally fail in portraying Jason's POV with that. I'm trying to wrap things up. There will be only one more chapter, two tops. Endings are hard though (as perfectly described by Chuck). See you all next time.

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