Summary: This will be a 'drabble' (varying lengths) series of things that I love reading. Things that make my heart go doki-doki, thus the title. I haven't drafted a full list so I will update as I think of each idea and write a little piece on it. If you have any ideas, please feel free to PM them to me, or write them into a review. I will try my best to "fill" requests. I accept anonymous reviews. Thanks!

(I may put some Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi drabbles in here too, in future).

One: Kissing The Jaw

"I will just... err... start here."

Misaki descended, lips gently pressed against the side of Akihiko's face, right by his ear. The youth was not quite bold enough to nip at the lobe like Usagi-san often did to him, so that was his compromise.

For Akihiko, having the opportunity to lay back and feel both the weight of his beautiful lover perched over him, and his warm gusts of breath so close was heaven. Misaki was a nervous sort when it came to trying to initiate, but the author found that each small gesture had a rippling effect throughout his form. It was no so much what Misaki was doing but the fact that he was doing it at all that enticed him.

Loving Misaki as he did, the phrase 'it's the thought that counts' resonated heavily with such rare encounters.

The boy slowly shifted, placing small pecks along the author's strong jaw, tickling the skin while simultaneously being tickled by the remnants of the man's clean shaven stubble. He smelled of soap and sweet skin, and Misaki breathed him in, feeling a buzzing content growing, low in his belly, as he continued on.

Akihiko reached up to rub his partner's shoulders, encouraging his forays.

Although his hands shook, his kisses were certain.