Shortland Street fan fiction one-shot

Ladies' night.

Drunk on ladies' night, Nicole suggests spin the bottle.

Bella: "Oh my gosh, spin the bottle? I haven't played that since I was 9…" At her mother's shocked look Bella revised the end of her sentence. "…teen. Nineteen. But I couldn't possibly play that, my heart still belongs to Brodie. And, no offence, but you're all girls.

Roimata: 'Bella's got it right, not a good idea. I've been conned into this before and I'm not about to do it again."

Nicole: "Do tell…"

Roimata: "Mm–", swallowing a mouthful of wine, "Ask Jill about that one…"

Nicole looked at Jill, the amused smile still on her face. "Hmm, I think you two have a few stories to tell…"

"Yes!", said Sarah, clapping her hands together once, "why don't you tell us your sordid stories." She grinned enthusiastically.

"Ah, no no no no. You're just trying to get out of the game," laughed Nicole.

"I'm far too old for this kind of thing," Sarah replied.

"Well if you're too old, I'm definitely too old," said Wendy

Shall I continue…?