"L there is 'K' on the webcam requesting a chat" Watari said threw the computer.

L and the task force plus light and Misa all looked up confused.

"Who is K?" Everyone but L asked.

"Weird, K never calls, well except to chat with Watari" L said while plopping a strawberry into his mouth.

The screen of the computer went black, then static, then finally a video started loading, with a black haired girl and blonde haired boy on it, both looking like L.

"Yo Elle" The girl said waving.

"Um, K, Who is that boy next to you?" L asked pointing at the blonde boy.

"You seriously can't tell who this is, think dyed hair and strawberry jam obsession" K said while waving around.

"Wait; aren't you supposed to be in jail, B?" L asked finally figuring out who it was.

"Yah, K bribed them to let me go" B said shrugging while pulling a jar of jam out of nowhere.

"Ryuzaki, who are those people?" Matsuda asked from his seat on the couch.

"Hm, these are K and B, my siblings" L said pointing to the screen.

"You have siblings!" Everyone chorused together.

"Yes, now why did you two call?" L asked, monotonous as ever.

"Well, someone kinda broke into Wammy's, stole the files on everyone, kidnapped Linda, and set one wing of the building on fire, which was where the classrooms were" K explained using multiple gestures at a time.

"WHAT!" Could be heard from ten floors down.

"Well, Watari just learned about it" B said bored.

"Okay, I will be back in a week" L said while clicking off the computer monitor.

"What do you mean you will be back in a week?" Mr. Yagami asked L while trying to control his anger.

"Going back to England, I actually want all of you to come with me and help" L said calmly while walking down the hall and grabbing a suitcase out of the hall closet.

"Okay, we get that now but what is Wammy's?" Aizawa asked in all of his afro glory.

"It's the orphanage for children and people like me" L said while throwing the suitcase into a random room.

"Now I suggest you all go home, pack, and spend time with your family, then come back in 5 days" L said while walking back to his computer.

Everyone left the room, and then L clicked the W on his keyboard 3 times.

"So you heard?" L asked when Watari's face showed up on the screen.

"Yes, but they didn't tell you everything the person stole" Watari said grimly.