Would It Be So Terrible to Love You? (ItaSasu)

"Nii-san," the young raven whispered as his older brother slept. His only response was an incoherent 'go away.' Frustrated, Sasuke flicked his tail. Sasuke was getting too old for this, he admitted, but he wanted his brother to go with him. "Nii-san!" he whispered a bit louder, carefully nudging one of Itachi's shoulders and pulling a barely visible ear.

"What do you want, Sasuke?" came the low voice of his brother.

"Walk with me?" the ravenette asked quietly. It wasn't that he was scared to walk to school alone, that was hardly the purpose the small boy wanted to walk with his aniki. Sasuke wanted to walk with Itachi because he got to hold his brother's hand as they walked. The calloused feel of Itachi's flesh and the warmth radiating from within caused Sasuke's heart to flip every time, without fail.

"Not today, Sasu," came the reply from Itachi. Swiftly, the elder Uchiha rolled onto his other side, blocking Sasuke from seeing his face. His hair was in utter disarray and his clothes were from yesterday, completely rumpled from the night's rest. Itachi sighed dramatically, rubbing his eyes as they stuck together from sleep. Sasuke sniffled quietly and attempted not to let himself feel betrayed.

The attempt was in vain.

"That's okay, Nii-san, we can walk together tomorrow, hm?" With that, the small boy hustled out the door, feeling empty the entire way to school. His hand felt cool to the touch; his heart felt heavy with distrust. Itachi seemed to enjoy walking with his younger brother just as Sasuke enjoyed walking with him. The whole day through, Sasuke's ears remained flat against his head, blending in with his midnight hair and his tail curled around his waist, hidden within the folds of a borrowed tee.

Shoving his nose into the familiar neck, he sniffed that scent similar to his own. Its more intense incense brought a strange sensation to Sasuke's body, one that he wasn't accustomed with. Mewling quietly to himself, the ravenette began the short walk home alone. The tee fluttered around his chest and brush against his skin softly. The fresh scent of blooming flowers and newly cut grass reached him, signally the beginning of spring. Sasuke was passing the nearby park with blooming buds and hidden paths. All around him were couples whispering and holding hands, completely in their own little worlds. A tug at his heart told him that it wouldn't be so terrible to have someone to murmur nonsensical things to. There was only one person in mind Sasuke wanted to share such things with though. But that person seemed to not want anything to do with him lately.

Sighing, Sasuke turned from the park of lovers and headed back to his original destination: home. When reaching the front door, the ravenette greeted Father and gave a quick peck on the cheek to Mother. Slumping up the stairs, he reached Itachi's door. The cold door felt smooth under his palm. Slowly he raked his nails down to form a fist against the wooden door.

"Would it be so terrible, Nii-san?"