Title 07/10/2011

Blinking, the man sat up, unsure of what had happened and what he was doing. He was leant against a tree, the sun shining up at him, the sound of children laughing close by. He had no idea what he was doing there. Pushing himself up, he suddenly looked at his left arm. He flexed his fingers and felt a tingle run down his arm. Making a fist he looked closer at his hand.

Why is it covered in blood? He thought to himself then moved to stand up. Half way up, he grabbed his side and fell back down. He found where the blood was coming from. A large cut was in his side under his right arm. He covered it with his other hand and tried to think how he got such a wound.

Nothing came to mind.

He sat back down and took a deep breath, trying to clear his mind.

But there was nothing to clear. He didn't have anything in his mind. His memories were a blank.

He sat there, the blood from his side trickling down to the floor. Oddly, it didn't bother him as much as the emptiness in his mind.

"Hello? Hello sir? Are you awake? Can you hear me?" Opening his eyes again he saw a woman was knelt next to him, looking at his wound. She took a deep breath. "Oh thank goodness. Are you alright? What happened? You're bleeding."

The man looked at his blood covered hand again. "I don't know."

"Are you in pain?"


She looked at the wound again. "It doesn't look that serious." She looked up at the trees. "I live across the road, I saw you sit down and… well… that was a few hours ago. I was worried so I came down." She looked at him, smiling. "Listen, why don't you let me patch you up? This is nothing to worry a doctor about. I have a first aid kit at home and I know what to do. Won't take long."

The man looked at her again then nodded once.

The woman smiled and stood up, holding down her hand. "Alright, come on."

He took her hand and used it to pull past the pain to his feet. Holding his arm over her shoulder, allowing him to lean on her, the woman smiled up at him. "I'm Renetta but everyone calls me Rin." She looked at him, smiling. "And you are?" she prodded.


The word left his mouth before he even knew it.

Rin smiled at him as they crossed the road. "Funny name." They reached the other side and the woman lifted a key from her pocket. "I'm on the eight floor. Ohh… the lift's still here!"

Sesshomaru looked at her, curious as they entered the lift. "You talk a lot."

"So I've been told." She chuckled as the lift began on its way up. She shifted his arm so it was less on her. "You're heavy." Instantly, the man leant of her, standing on his own but Rin jumped back at it. "I wasn't complaining! You're hurt."

"It's nothing."

Before she opened her mouth, the lift slowed to a stop and the doors opened. Sesshomaru walked out himself, Rin following. There were four doors on the landing, one in each direction. Rin went to the west facing one and opened it. "It's not much but its home. Come on in and I'll get you seen to."

The door opened into a long hallway with an opening at the end. She led him to one of the doors to the side where a large double western bed was pressed against the wall. It took up most of the room. "Sit down, I'll get my first aid kit."

As she left, Sesshomaru caught his eyes in a large flat mirror. He turned to face it. His skin was a dark pink, his eyes dark brown, his hair short ***, messy around his face. He was wearing a white shirt and trouser, stained with blood. Slowly he lifted his hand, his nails neat and rounded.


He blinked. Why did such a word make his heart skip? Why was it wrong?

Rin came back to the room and blinked. "Oi, I told you to sit down! Come on, sit down and let me see to you."

With a soft sigh, Sesshomaru sat on the bed and allowed her to pull his shirt up and see to the wound. She wiped the blood away with something that stank and stung before putting a large bandage over the cut. It took less than ten minutes. "There, now. That wasn't too hard was it?"

Sesshomaru looked at her, pulling his shirt down. "No."

Packing up the green box, Rin pouted playfully. "You're welcome." She stood and sighed. "So, where do you live? I'll get a taxi for you."

For a moment, the human sat and thought. "I… I don't know where I live."

"What? How about family? Friends? Where are you staying?"

"I… I don't know."

"Do you know anything?"

"My name is Sesshomaru. That's it."

"Strange… did you hit your head?" He shot her a look that made her laugh. "Well, it sounds like you have amnesia."


"Yeah, memory loss. Happens when you hit your head."

"I don't remember."

She held in a giggle then her face went flat. "Well… why don't you stay here with me for a bit? Maybe something will come back to you." She looked at her watch and sighed. "I was about to start dinner. You hungry?"

"I think so."

"Well come on, maybe cooking will help you remember." She turned and laughed, leaving the bedroom and going to an even smaller kitchen. She stood by the window, reaching to a cupboard. "I keep meaning to go to the store… I guess… this will have to do." She pulled out two packs of instant noodle, a wide smile on her face. "Boil and go!"

Sesshomaru allowed a smile to creep onto his lips as he watched from the doorway, the kitchen not big enough for them both to stand in. Soon she decanted the noodles from their plastic containers to two bowls, making the meal seem more than it was but with the boiled egg and cooked meat on top, it was quite a good attempt at a meal.

She held one out to him and walked down the corridor to the room at the end. Sesshomaru blinked as he entered the room. It was filled with paintings, many of them leant up against the walls in stacks but some stood on the walls. An easel rested by the window, a canvas on it, facing away. Rin was making her way around the room to a large sofa facing the TV. "Ah, sorry about the mess. I don't get many unexpected visitors. Come on, sit down and eat up, it will go cold."

As he walked, he looked at the paintings. They were detailed and beautiful, as if looking into a real image frozen in time. "You painted these?"


"You're very talented."

Rin looked down at her dinner. "So I'm told. But enough about you… what do you do for a living?"

"I told you, I don't remember."

She smiled, taking a bite of food. "Don't try and force it. Just answer quickly, don't think. Do you have any hobbies?"

He paused. "I don't know."

With a deep sigh, Rin closed her eyes. "Don't think about it. Just say whatever comes into your head. Ok… siblings?"

"A half-brother." He said instantly.

"AhHa!" Rin cried, almost knocking her food over. "So, you have a half-brother! Maybe that's why you're here! To see him?"



"I… I don't think we are close."

"What of your parents?"

"I don't know. Let's stop this, my head hurts."

Rin looked at him then sighed. "Well, we have something. Perhaps I can help. I have a friend in the police… with a name like Sesshomaru, maybe he will be able to track you down."

"Maybe." But I have a feeling, I don't belong here.

After they ate, Rin turned the TV on and they sat watching in silence. Then Rin looked over at him. "You know… you're gonna need some new clothes. You can't go around in that shirt, it's all cut and bloody."

"These are all I have."

She looked at him then stood up, walking to a chest in the corner of room that was covered in paint pots. Once they were moved, she opened it and began rummaging. "Humm…" she said, picking something up and holding it to the light. "This might do." She said, holding out a shirt to him. It was a little frilly around the top and sleeves but white and clean. She smiled at it then at him. "I keep these around when I'm doing costume portraits. They are in surprisingly high demand."

Sesshomaru took the shirt and held it at arm's reach. It looked like it would fit him.

Sitting back down, Rin smiled at him. "Why don't you have a shower and try it on? Get the rest of the blood of, just be careful of that bandage, I don't think I used the waterproof tape."

Once clean and redressed, Sesshomaru walked back out to Rin as she stood by the sofa, shaking a blanket over it. He held his hand to the side. "Well?"

She looked at him and smiled, a blush coming to her face. "Well…" she chuckled, covering her mouth. "I think we need to go shopping tomorrow." She laughed freely and ignored the cold stare he gave her.

"I like it." He said flatly.