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Any references to people, places, businesses, etc. are entirely fictitious.

7.6 Better Things To Do



Abby looked up quickly from what she was doing. Her blue eyes widened as she saw a magazine fly across the living room, landing with a thump near the wall.

"Connor," she started slowly, "What's wrong?"

"They've cancelled me favorite show!" he grumbled.

"Which favorite show?"

"You know, the one with the dinosaurs," he responded.

"Oh," said Abby, trying to remember which show he was talking about. "Well," she suggested, "You may just have to watch something else."

"Can't. Doctor Who is on hiatus and the new shows… ugh! There is nothing else on telly worth watching."

Abby picked up the plate and carried it into the living room. Setting the toast covered in raspberry jam down in front of Connor, she looked into his eyes.

"Well," she began speaking slowly as ran her finger through the jam and touched it to her lips. Licking the jam from her finger, she continued, "You may have to find something better to do."

Connor looked up at her. His brown eyes met her blue ones. He lifted his eyebrows suggestively, the frown quickly changing to a grin. "Right you are Mrs. Temple," he said.

Standing, he quickly scooped her up into his arms. She giggled and kissed him as he started walking towards the bedroom.

"There's lot's of better things to do."