A sharp knock caused both king and queen to shoot from their bed. Sif's reflexes allowed her to assess no immediate threat in the room. After she decided the room was safe though she was right back amongst the pillows.

"Charming," Loki grumbled as he pushed the covers from his body and stood. He made his way to the door and became murderous seeing one of his guards standing there. "What are you doing here do you have any idea what time it is?"

"Yes sorry my Lord but your mother has demanded it."

"You are my servant not my mothers," Loki hissed.

"Your mother insisted," the servant looked nervous.

"Stop making his life hard," Sif draped a robe around Loki's shoulder. "Shall we go?"

"I'm sure you aren't required," when Loki saw the hurt that appeared in Sif's eyes he quickly back peddled. "If you wanted to sleep or something."

"I'd like to come," she said.

"Ok then let's go," he wrapped his arm around her and led her towards the throne room.

"Mother," Loki was clearly upset.

"Loki Odinson!" Frigga yelled upon seeing her son enter the room. "Sif please wait in the hallway."

"Sif will remain by my side," Loki glared at his mother his rage was stirred further when Thor was brought into the throne room.

"Remove those hateful cuffs," Frigga instructed.

"You will do no such thing," Loki's voice thundered around the room. "Mother you are no longer the queen. You will not order around my subjects or my guards. I am the king mother and you will not order my subjects around."

"Loki Odinson I am your mother!"

"Yes you are and that means I respect you but you did not want to be ruler of Asgard mother I will not tolerate you ordering my guard around. Take my brother back to his holding room and you will not bring him out again until the nobles arrive tomorrow to judge what his punishment will be."

The guards bowed and once again removed Thor. Loki noticed that his hand was rubbing Sif's back in a rather violent manner but she said nothing.

"I will not deal with these shenanigans any longer. Good night mother," Loki said as he turned with Sif and headed towards the door.

"Loki!" Frigga screamed. "This is not how you speak with me. This is not how you deal with family issues! Your father would never handle a situation in this manner."

"Father beheaded the man who attempted to woo you while you two were engaged," Loki narrowed his eyes and glared at his mother. "Do not tell me how to run my country mother. The reason I am dealing with this matter in this way is because I don't wish to behead my brother for his advances, however I believe that no matter what I choose I will be too harsh or lenient on him so I will place this decision in my noble's hands. Good night," he opened the door and led Sif through.

"Frigga is just trying to help," Sif whispered as Loki led her back to their room.

"My mother's intentions favor Thor. I will not have her favoritism get in the way of what is best for Asgard," Loki paused for a second, "Or their queen," he kissed her hand.

He stopped and turned to her. "Sif I'm sorry that I've treated you so atrociously. You are my wife and I was very lucky to have you, I am very lucky to have you."

Sif smiled and a blush crawled on her cheeks, which she wasn't accustomed to. The couple walked back to their chambers and both felt their bodies begin to flare with heat. Sif felt Loki's hand begin creeping up her back, when it reached her neck he dipped her down and singed her lips with a kiss. Sif's throat graced his ears with a soft moan.

The two began backing up towards their room. Loki pushed the door open for Sif and the two were ready to head for the bed when someone cleared their throat.


Loki snarled in distaste, "Amora."