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Allen sighed as he walked along one of the streets in a small town in Japan. He'd been released from slavery five years ago, and had spent three of those five years travelling. Two years ago, he decided to permanently live in Japan. He didn't know what it was, but he was drawn to this small town.

He was working at an antique shop that was owned by two people. Lavi Bookman Jr. was Allen's best friend, and had been since he'd started going to the high school. Sure, then, Lavi was two grades ahead, and by now was graduated, and Allen was in his last year, but, who cared? They were still best friends.

Lavi was the kind of friend who just put a spark into Allen's life, a friend who could make Allen just laugh. And Allen needed every laugh Lavi got from him. He hadn't laughed at all in his ten or so years in slavery, as a sex slave.

And now, he had to make up for those ten years.

Starting with a job he hadn't gotten from his best friend. He had an interview at the aquarium that day.

He sighed. He was feeling quite hungry. He'd forgotten to eat breakfast. How stupid of him. He looked at his watch. Ten thirty. Still time for breakfast.

He looked around and noticed a cute little Japanese restaurant. "Perfect! Just somewhere quiet to eat!" he cheered to himself as he walked in and sat down in the nearest seat. A small, skinny girl with green tinted pigtails came up to him and handed him a menu.

"Anything to drink, sir?" she asked, with a smile.

Allen smiled and looked quickly over the drink selection. "Hot tea, please." he ordered, looking up at her.

She smiled and nodded, walking back into the back. Allen looked over the menu and decided upon a dish he'd never heard of, even in Japan.

When the girl came back, he smiled. "I'll have some yakisoba, please." he asked for as she set down his drink.

She smiled. "You know, you'll be the first one to try it. It's a new dish on our menu, and not many people like trying new things here." she said as she took back his menu.

An exclamation came from the kitchen, and made Allen jump. "There's someone trying yakisoba? Finally!"

The same girl came back out. "Our chef, Jerry, wanted me to thank you. He says, now that someone's trying our yakisoba, things might change." she said with a smile.

Allen smiled. "I just really like trying new things." he stated.

The girl smiled. "I'm glad. Maybe now these people will stop being so stubborn." she sighed as she looked at one customer in particular.

Allen's gaze followed hers, and he caught sight of a person with long, bluish tinted black hair, a gaze that could kill, and a sketchpad in front of him. Beside the sketchpad was a tray of what Allen assumed was soba noodles. He'd only seen them once or twice, and that was a while back.

Allen instantly saw the sapphire eyes the person had, and he turned away, afraid that he'd been caught staring. He didn't even know the other's name.

As soon as the girl left him, he walked over and smiled. "Hi, my name's Allen Walker!"

The dark haired person just growled and looked away. "Baka Moyashi." he stated, looking back at his sketchbook.

Allen tilted his head. "Japanese?" he asked himself. Then he smiled. "Aren desu." he tried again.

The Japanese male looked up at the white haired man in front of him. He was quite impressed. He hadn't expected this obviously not Japanese boy to even come close to understanding him. "I speak English just fine."

Allen smiled. "Good, because that's about all I know how to say. What's your name?" he asked.

"Kanda. Yu Kanda." came the very blunt reply.

Allen smiled. "So, uh, do you mind me joining you for breakfast?" he asked, noting the empty seat across from the man.

"Actually, I do mind, but, I don't really care, as long as you're not too bothersome." Kanda stated.

Allen smiled and sat down. "So, Kanda-san, what are you drawing?" he asked curiously.

Kanda looked up, impressed. This outsider knew all of the customs. Not only to call Kanda by his last name, but to put an honorific on the end.

"Nothing really. I'm just sketching a few ideas. If I was really drawing something, I'd be more focused." he stated, sighing as he quickly set out to pick up his chopsticks and finish off the small amount of noodles still left in his bowl.

Allen smiled. He liked this Kanda person. He was very straightforward.

Lenalee smiled as she brought Allen's yakisoba to where he had been previously sitting, but gasped when he wasn't there. She quickly walked over and bowed to Kanda. "My apologies Kanda, but, may I speak to him alone for a moment?" she asked, pointing at Allen.

Allen looked up as if he was in trouble, and he probably was. Kanda waved them away with one hand, and took out his pencil set.

Lenalee pulled Allen up out of his seat, and outside, where it had begun to rain.

"I beg forgiveness, sir, but, please, don't bond with Kanda-san. He's… Er, special." she said, for lack of a better word.

Allen tilted his head, as if he didn't understand. "Special? He's not… Mentally challenged, is he?" he asked, paling slightly. Kanda didn't strike Allen as that type of person.

Lenalee shook her head no. "He's not mentally retarded. He's… Mentally handicapped, however."

Allen tilted his head. Lenalee sighed. "About a year ago, Kanda-san, and the man who adopted him, Master Tiedoll-san were driving to a place where Kanda-san liked to go every year for his birthday. They were in a terrible accident. Master Tiedoll-san escaped with a few cracked ribs, but Kanda-san didn't escape so well. He was in a coma for three months, and lost the ability to turn his short-term memories into long-term memories. He still thinks it's June sixth of last year."

Allen gasped. "That's… Horrible. He… His father must be devastated."

Lenalee sighed. "Master Tiedoll-san visited Kanda-san in the hospital for weeks, even after he woke up."

Allen looked down.

Lenalee sighed. "I just thought it would be cruel of me not to warn you." she admitted, smiling as if she hadn't just delivered life changing information to Allen.

Allen smiled. "I'd still like to get to know Kanda-san. I won't hurt him." he promised with his smile.

Lenalee sighed. "Alright, sir. If you wish to put yourself through trouble for Kanda-san, I won't stop you. However, be warned. He's hard to deal with, even on a good day." With that statement, Lenalee left Allen outside.

Allen hurried back in to his yakisoba, and took the bowl back to Kanda. "I'm sorry, Kanda-san. Would you like to continue our discussion?" he asked, noticing Kanda was busy in his sketchbook, with his various assortments of charcoals around him.

When the dark haired male didn't respond to Allen, he wondered what Kanda was drawing that would take his absolute attention. But, after a few minutes, it appeared that Kanda was done drawing, and he looked back up at Allen, only to seem a little stunned.

"When the hell did you get back?" he asked, in the most blunt way possible.

Allen smiled. "About five minutes ago. You were busy drawing. Can I see what it was you were so focused on?" he asked innocently, smiling sweetly.

It almost tore Kanda apart, Allen could see that, but, the raven-haired male gave up the sketchbook to Allen. The silver haired boy looked into it, and gasped. There, on the page, was a perfect profile of him with the smile he always wore. He blushed.

"It's not perfect, since I barely had any time to catch a glimpse of you from the side, but, I had to put you in my sketchbook." the deep baritone voice cut into Allen's thoughts.

Allen smiled. "I think it's really amazing. Did your adoptive father teach you how to draw?"

Kanda tensed up. Hearing about Tiedoll always did that, since the man was so annoying. But, he sighed, and nodded. "Yes, Tiedoll taught me how to draw. He told me to draw important people I meet and write their names down. I never know when I will meet them again. So, I do." he explained why he drew.

Allen nodded. "May I look through your drawings?" he asked, smiling at the obviously taller man.

Kanda nodded, then hesitated. "Only if you tell me how you got that scar on your face." he stated.

It was Allen's turn to freeze up. "Well, it's a really long story. I'm not sure it's one you want to hear." he stated, as he flipped to the beginning, and the first picture was of his best friend Lavi. He smiled. "You met Lavi?" he asked curiously, looking at the picture slowly and noticing it had bunny ears.

Kanda scowled fiercely. "That Baka Usagi? Yes, I met him; he came to visit me in the hospital after Tiedoll told the little shopkeeper that I was hurt. The old man told his grandson, and in comes bounding a red head with more energy that there is people in Japan."

Allen chuckled, and Kanda cleared his throat. "I have time. B-Before Tiedoll comes calling, painting canvas around his neck and all." he frowned some and sighed.

Allen sighed. "Well, um, I was a sex slave for this man named Cross. When I was eight, I made a… Customer mad, and the man had a knife on him. He carved the star, and as I was screaming in pain, Cross came to see I wasn't damaged. When he saw the star, he flipped out on the customer for hurting his slave. Then, he beat the customer, and made him leave. He came back, and I hoped it was to check on me, but, instead, it was to deliver the rest of the scar for not defending myself. I managed to find a bandage to cover my face for a few weeks until it healed, and I didn't get anyone, so, I was relatively safe. But, Cross was mad that he had to put me away for a bit." he explained.

Kanda was shaking. It seemed… He was… Angry? But, why would a total stranger feel bad? "Um, Kanda-san? Are you okay?" he asked.

Kanda growled dangerously, and shook his head. "You let that happen to you? How could you? I figured you for an idiot, but to take that? You are… No wonder I didn't like you from the beginning!" the raven stormed, livid.

Allen paled, if that were possible. It seemed he'd angered the man. "I'm sorry, Kanda-san! I was young! I didn't know what was good and bad. I wish I had, I'd have tried to leave." he sighed, looking down.

Kanda's anger diminished. This little teenager, no more than eighteen, was put through a hard life. He was too, but, this boy… Really had it hard. It made Kanda's heart twinge a little when he saw the happy expression on the silverette's face break into pieces. He wasn't sure why, but, it did.

Allen put on a smile. "Well, I think that's enough about me. What about you, Kanda-san? How was your childhood?" he asked, stretching his smile in mock interest.

Kanda sighed. "I don't remember much. My memories begin at about nine, maybe ten. I'm not sure. And, then, it was terrible. I met this annoying boy in our orphanage. But, a few weeks after I got there, he slaughtered everybody in the night, including trying to kill me. I… Had to kill him to survive. When I was questioned about it, I only said it was self-defense, and they let me off. After that, I roamed for a while, until this man…" here he paused, and pulled out another sketchbook. He flipped to the first page, and gave it to Allen. The drawing was of a Chinese man, mid twenties, with a beret, and glasses. "Komui, found me, and took me in until he found me a home. At thirteen, I was adopted into my dysfunctional family by Tiedoll. I have two older brothers, and Tiedoll." he stated.

Allen nodded. "Wow, it sounds rough. Not knowing anything. Are you worried maybe… You don't remember your real family for a reason?"

Kanda smirked slightly, and this irked Allen. "I've never wondered that. It's interesting." he stated, sighing.

Allen checked his watch, then scarfed down his food. Kanda watched in shock. "Sorry, I have a job interview in ten minutes. I have to leave. Will you meet me here tomorrow?"

Kanda nodded once. "Hai, Aren. I'll be here. Ten sharp. As I am every day." he stated, gathering his sketchbooks, but, not before writing Allen's name in fluent handwriting. Allen noticed it was noticeably nicer than the handwriting Kanda had used for the others.

As he gathered up his things and scrambled out the door, he thought to himself: 'Calligraphy? Why did he use that on only my name?'