Chapter Four, everyone! And, thank you to those who read my Fallen Angel and gave it a review. In one day I got eight reviews. Thank you so much. Well, this is a chapter that will actually get the ball rolling for Allen and Kanda's budding and dying relationship. So, just a little longer. Just a little. Two, maybe three chapters. Some small hints will start popping up soon, maybe in the next chapter. DISCLAIMER: I don't own it. Just saying.

It was a long, and very awkward drive back to Kanda's house, in which Allen, and, well, everyone else in the car, was dead silent.

As soon as the car was parked, Kanda ran upstairs, and slammed his door shut. No one dared go after him, not even Allen who was very concerned.

Tiedoll just looked at him with a sad smile. "He'll be fine. He just needs to sleep all of this off, and he'll go back to being aloof tomorrow. He won't remember a thing." he promised, looking at Allen.

Allen seemed astounded that Tiedoll was so calm. Why didn't he ever try to break the cycle? Did he fear breaking Kanda? Did he fear hurting the male? Allen did too, but, he wanted Kanda to know what was happening in his life. He had a plan in mind.

"I do hope Kanda-san feels better. I hope to see you all again, but, on a little bit better terms." he said, bowing to Tiedoll, and Marie. Daisya had gone inside soon after Kanda, claiming he was hungry.

Allen sighed quietly as he walked down the road, and down to the small restaurant where he had first met Kanda. He sighed and walked in, thinking about how he could help Kanda.

Lenalee looked at the white haired teen and smiled. "Hello, Allen-san. How are you?" she asked, reaching to hand him a menu as he sat down.

Allen looked up. "I'm just thinking. Kanda-san has life so hard. I wonder if I could make things any better for him to find out he has brain damage." he stated, folding his hands under his chin.

Lenalee smiled slightly. "Well, why not try a video diary of the things he's missed in the past year? Maybe that would help him a little?" she suggested, smiling still.

Allen looked up and smiled some. That sounded like a great idea! Why hadn't he thought about that?

He had noticed a lot had happened. Why didn't he just take that to video, and inform Kanda about his accident at the same time? It was a great idea!


The next day, very early, there came a knock at Tiedoll's. Tiedoll went to the door, quickly and quietly, so as not to disturb his still sleeping kids. When he opened it, he was surprised to see Allen standing at the door, something in a black case in his hands.

"Hello, Tiedoll-san. I've brought something I want to try for Kanda, to help him. I want to see if it will help him at all. Do you have a DVD player?" the silver haired boy asked, smiling.

Tiedoll nodded. "Um, right in the living room. I'll get the family up." he said, disappearing upstairs. Allen walked into the living room and set up everything. All that was left was to press play on his creation.

As he turned and looked at the stairs, Kanda was the first to descend, followed closely by Marie, and Tiedoll, with a trailing Daisya behind the older man.

Kanda was the first to sit, while the other four remained standing, even Daisya, even if he was leaning lazily on a wall.

Allen hit play, and stepped away from the screen.

The screen was black for a moment, before two white words popped onto the screen, along with some flute music in the background. The words said, "Hello, Kanda."

Slowly, pictures and news clippings found their way onto the screen .The first was a picture of Kanda with his sword. Then, more words. "Kanda, this maybe hard to understand… But here's a few things you missed in the past year."

Kanda looked confused, and transfixed at the movie. A picture of a baseball team popped up, and Kanda recognized it as his favorite team, the Chunichi Dragons.

The Dragons looked happy, and under it, in the same white letters, it said, "Chunichi Dragons win Japanese Series!" Kanda cracked a small smile, until the picture went dark, and the white words were there again. "Actually, no, they didn't. Sorry."

Kanda's smile went to a frown, and he glared at the silverette.

But then, Kanda noticed a man he had known before, not personally, but he knew of him. Yoshihiko Noda. He was the man who'd been close to getting Prime Minister of Japan before his birthday.

"Yoshihiko Noda becomes Prime Minister. Very true." the white words said.

Kanda was shocked. Then, more words came onto the screen. "The reason you don't remember all of this is because…" The words trailed off, and the screen went black. Then, a newspaper clipping with the headline "Car hits tree after swerving to avoid child." popped onto the screen. It was the same one from Tiedoll's scrapbook. Allen had found another copy.

After, more pictures from the accident, all the way up to Kanda rehabilitating in the hospital flashed. Then, the screen went blank, and Allen collected the DVD. Everyone was silent. No one had expected that.

Kanda looked ready to break into tears again. He quickly got up from his seat on the couch, and ran out the nearest door. Daisya was the first to actually say anything.

"Wh-what the hell? Do you think it's funny scarring my little brother? You think it's funny to see him cry? Are you sick in the head?" he shouted, and Allen instantly backed down, holding up his hands in defense.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to try it. But, if this doesn't work, then, it's only one day wasted, right? We can try something else. Can we just wait for his reaction?" Allen asked, shrinking down and away from an angry Daisya.

Tiedoll held back his son and nodded to Allen. "We will wait for Kanda. See how he reacts to this."