Dick was not used to having houseguests. Especially not girls. ESPECIALLY not pretty ones. The night she arrived was quite a fright from him, he tried his best to keep the manners he was taught, but often he caught himself starring at her. It wasn't the inappropriate type of starring, but she fascinated him. He liked to look at how the ends of her hair lightly curled so that it bounced lightly when she walked, the way she would sometimes part her lips and let loose a sigh. Yes, this is a wonderful creature indeed to have in one's own home.

There were still some things that concerned the young boy, such as when he offered her some of his candy she would always refuse, then go to the bathroom and run the faucet for a couple minutes. Then there was the anger. Sometimes the girl would get pale and start to sweat, and she would spend a week lying on the couch eating chocolate chip cookie dough, and if he offered to cook the dough for her she would scream and throw her pillow at him, then yell at him to give it back.

But the thing that confused Dick most of all was how she made HIM feel. Sometimes at night he would be fast asleep, and then he would hear the door creak and would see her standing in the doorway watching him. The first time this happened he jumped out of bed to help her, only to realize he was in only his boxer shorts. He started to apologize profusely, but she just started giggling, and ran over and hugged him. Being so close to her made him feel so… cozy. Since that night she would appear at random, sometimes with puffy eyes remaining after a cry, and she would quietly slip into the covers with him, nuzzling into his chest, and he would put his arms around her, so she knew she was safe.