ME: Alright, time for some more spywork.

JASON: Staring me!

ME: Are you OOC or a Gary-Sue now? Note there is descriptive violence.

"Jason to HQ, radio check. Over."

Hopefully he would get a response. Weather wasn't being kind to him as usual durin assignments.

"Agent Jason, this is the Director. Somehow I read you. Provide sitrep, over."

He drew a cold breath. "I'm in position to infiltrate the hostile stronghold sir. Repeat, ready to commence with the infiltration. Over."

"Copy Jason, but hold your position!" Something was up. "We have new intelligence on the security of the hideout."

Now they tell him this? "Alright boss. Please send intel, over."

"The Russian middlecat sent a unknown number of armed goons to protect Fang and his fellow traitors. Avoid contact unless there is no alternative, over."

He nodded to himself. "I copy Director. Interrogative: When will the Russkie show his ugly face? Over."

"Tomorrow, I say again, tomorrow. Do what needs to be done Jason and he wont get those codes. Good luck, out."

At this Jason shut down the link. Now he set off on his trek, rifle at the ready. There were a few guards manning posts or on patrol but he avoided them.

Slipping into the main building of the abandoned base he dodged a few triggermen and found what he was looking for; a out-of-place desktop computer in a history museum exhibit.

"Jackpot," he whispered. Pulling out the flash drive he inserted it into a open USB port and got to work.

"Warning:," the virus program cautioned him as he moved it from the flash drive to the computer, "upon activation of this virus, EVERY item of data on whatever computer system is being used will be destroyed, including this virus. Please confirm you wish to activate this virus."

He affirmed. Making sure to remove the flash drive first.

Suddenly Jason heard footsteps. Drawing his twin knives he turned around just as two cats with AK-47s walked in.

He had no choice. Just as they noticed him the Grim Reaper threw his KA-BARs at the guards.

The one to Jasons right was hit in the heart and went down without much of a mess. The one on the left however was subject to less precise aiming and took his knife to the neck.

Jason sighed as he moved to finish off the less-fortunate target. The Russian pulled out the knife and screamed in pain.

Grabbing his neck and twisting he put him out of his misery.

Afterretrieving his knife he looked to find the other one having gone into shock. Or something else. He still did him a common courtesy and made sure he didn't have to suffer any longer than necessary.

The true villain would pay the price. And it would not be an accident.

Never looking back Jason left the base, reminding himself as his role as a sniper.

The only targets that absolutely had to be eliminated were high-end guys, the head of the serpent. Decapitate it and the body went down quick and easy. Everyone else was a victim of circumstance.

"HQ," he reported, "this is Agent Jason. I need to be connected to the Director ASAP, over."

"Copy sir," a young voice replied. "Patching you through now, standby."

After about a minute a certain Beagle began to speak to him. "Jason, I'm here. What's your status?"

He cleared his throat. "Sir, primary objective achieved. Repeat, enemy ability to access our orbital assets compromised. Over."

"Roger that-anything else?"

"Sir, I had to take down two guards. Say again, I had hostile contact."

"You realize what this means right?"

"It means my job just got a lot harder Director."

ME: Looks like someone's in trouble.