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If there was one thing Lou was grateful for, it was the highly-advanced control center that made monitoring missions easier.

"Confirmed visual on hostile helicopter," a technician suddenly said. "Repeat, a helicopter is inbound on the area."

"What type?" Lou asked.

"Sir, hostile aircraft is a Mil M-I-Twenty-Four, codenamed 'Hind.'"

The Director sighed before tapping his headset. "Jason, it's me. Heads up, the Russian cats coming in."

"Roger," was the cool response.

Lou then focused on the screen, which tracked the Hind as it moved.

"Boss," Jason reported in his ear, "Fang just stepped outside. Say again, target in the open."

"Hold your fire," he ordered. "Two more minutes and your real target'll be on the ground."

Finally the chopper landed, its rotors still turning as the Russian stepped out with four armed guards.

"Cat's in the open sir," Jason said as the traitor approached the Russian.

"Take out the Russian Jason," Lou responded. "Fang's no threat without the data."

"Copy," Jason said, "target acquired. Neutralizing now."

He then fired and the Beagle could only watched as the round penetrated the cats skull, killing him instantly.

One of the technicians belatedly reported the death just before Jason suddenly fired a second shot, this one hitting Fang.

"Jason!" Lou shouted. "What were you thinking?"

"Both targets-."

"Never mind!" He told the Anatolian Shepherd. "Get to the extraction point now!"